In The Heart Of A Lady 18+~Episode 10


I kept everything behind me as i tried concentrating on the lectures taught in the workshop. The day passed almost uneventfully  due to the fact that the people who were present there weren’t really socially skilled, while i also kept to myself. We were lodged in metro hotel and suites to spend the night, and given a room each, with instructions to wake up early in order to meet up with the bus that would take us to the event place. I later received a call from Temi, who wanted to know how i was faring and how the workshop was going.
“Hello Becky, how was your day?” Temi questioned calmly greeting me also.
“am fine dear” i quipped ” although it has been really hectic” i added.
“well, that’s nice to hear, i just called to say hi and know how you’re faring” said Temi,in a caring tone.
“yea, thanx for your concern everything is fine here, we’ll talk later when i come back tomorrow, cuz i wanna sleep now,am really tired” i assured Temi.
We chatted for a little while before i hunged up. Honestly, i just lied to her about needing rest, but i wanted to have a nice chat with Kaycee that night. I tried calling his number,only to discover that my airtime balance on my phone was empty. I was totally disappointed at him for not calling to even ask about my wellbeing and how i was faring,or was he beginning to show his real character now that he had slept with me?” i pondered.
I slept that night with the thoughts in my head expecting a call from him but it never came through. I never nursed any thought that anything might have happened to him, as i cursed him in my mind, at least he was supposed to give me a goodnight call. But as fate would have it, i was awoken by a call the next morning, that sent waves down my spine and almost gave me heart attack.
“hello,is this Becky on the line please?”
“yes?,am Becky,who’s this please?” i replied in an effort to remember the voice, when he spoke out again. 
“it’s me Lucky,Kaycee’s friend” he muttered.
“oh oh,Lucky,how are you doing?” i asked, even when i was surprised at why he would be calling me in the early hours of the morning.
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“Please meet me at the the universities teaching hospital immediately!” he exclaimed rushing to hang up,but i quickly asked him to hold on.
“wait wait,what’s the problem,what happened?” interrupting him just before he hunged up.
“Kaycee was found almost lifeless at his residence!, please meet me up at the hospital immediately.” he said and hunged up.
His last words hit me hard!,i was shocked and almost fainted at what he just disclosed. Could it be that Ada had started out her plans against Kaycee?. I reasoned with shock, my brain had gone blank as i pondered over it.
Immediately he said those words and hunged up, my brain tried processing the magnitude of what he said and what it meant. “Kaycee was found almost lifeless”. That alone could make one slump and die. My mind quickly raced to the threats Ada had made to us. There was no doubts she was involved in this. And she would pay for it dearly” i cursed,as i hurriedly had my shower and left for the hospital without even informing any of my classmates that i won’t be going for today’s workshop.
” How is he,what is his condition?,what happened?” i wept as i inquired of his well being when i finally got to the hospital to see Lucky without even greeting him.
“it’s bad,his condition is really bad” Lucky announced shakily standing up from the chair he sat down immediately he saw me.
“what really happened?” i questioned him again as my legs trembled with fear.
“i don’t really know,the doctor is yet to…” Just then the doctor came out of the ward, where Kaycee had been admitted, while we both rushed to him, asking him questions about kaycee’s condition.
“Doctor,doctor,what’s happening to my friend?, what is his condition?” Lucky asked with concern written all over his face.
“Am sorry,but he didn’t make it” the doctor informed while Lucky immediately grabbed him by his collar pushing the doctor to the wall.
“What do you mean he didn’t make it?” Lucky cried.
“He’s dead” he finally revealed while i slumped and fainted.
To be continued….