In The Dark-Season 2 Episode 9


“No! No!!, this must be a dream” I murmured, my body became weak and my leg could not carry me any longer. “Nancy, are you okay What’s a dream?” that was dtobs voice bringing me back to reality. Not until he stretched out his hand, giving me back my report did i realise that the report book had fell off my hand. I quickly composed myself and collected the report from dtobs. He asked if i was ok again, i replied yes and told him i need fresh air. I could feel his eyes on me as i walked out of the event venue, escaping to the car.
On my way to the car, i came in contact with Mr.larry, he questioned me on where o was heading and i told him i was weak and dizzy, he then collected the report from my hand and told me to rest in the bus.
I could not take my mind off who i saw as i relaxed in the official bus. All my thoughts revolved around him. If he was really who i saw, then it must be a miracle. The feeling of inferiority creeped in at a point and i thought he would’nt want anything to do with me. Instead of getting mad at him, i believed he would have a story to tell because everybody sure has a story to tell over the years. Its been five good years.
Jordan’s call interupted my thought, i accepted the call and we talked for a while. Jordan was all loving and caring, he asked if i had eaten or if he could take me out for lunch, but i declined telling him i was bussy with work. I almost made a slip telling Jordan who i saw and the position he held but i controlled myself and kept everything to myself.
Less than an hour later, the event came to an end and all the important personal that were in attendance filed out to their respective car. I wished he would come for me and hold me close to himself, i wished he would single me out of the crowd, i wished he would take of to a quiet place and narrate to me all that happened but he never did. With heavy security, i watched him pass me by and left in his car. All in all something so strong in me made me believe he would come back for me again, someday. The day ended on a boring note, i could not perform well at work and i carried a heavy heart home, with so much worries.
Two weeks later, i was yet to hear from him. I was at the verge of giving up but i consoled myself with the fact that he might be bussy.
Its been a beautiful relationship with Jordan all the way, we would hang out and have fun together but we never had s-x after he deflowered me. Jordan was always romantic and protective of me, i loved him and he loved me as well.
I was at work on a friday afternoon when i received a call from Jordan. “Hi babe” he said. “Hi honey” I replied. “I want to take you out for dinner tonight. I wanna make you a queen and feel special. Don’t say no,cos am not gonna take a no from you baby. I will come pick you up by 6:00pm.” Jordan said. I chuckled and said no to his request. He jokingly told me to get ready to be kidnapped and ended the call. I could not help but smile at my phone, thanking God for love.
I was still packing my bag and ready to go off work when a call came through from the office reception. I accepted the call and said hello. “Nancy, you have important guests,leave what so ever you are doing and go to your office, they are on their way up” the receptionist said. “What? Who is it? Am off work……….. Hello? Are you there?” the receptionist ended the call and i shouted “Damit! I have a date!”.
I sat in my chair and continued to pack my bag, waiting for the so called important guests with an angry face.
“Its been a while Buddy!” I heard somebody say from the door. I raised my head up from my bag and i could not help but scream out his name. Words could not express how surprised i was. “Kelvin!!” I shouted!. He smilled brightly at me, revealing his beautiful dimples and i flew from my chair into his arms. He held me close to himself and ran his hand over my hair. I got emotional and soaked his shirt with my tears. “Why did you leave me?” i managed to ask in between my tears. “I never left beautiful and i never will. Come with me, have missed you and we have alot to talk about” he said and lifted my head from his chest. He wiped the tears in my eyes and kissed me on my forehead before holding my hand and leading the way out. His security got my bag and drove my car to the unknown destination.
We drove into a big mansion with security everywhere, saluting kelvin as we walked in. Kelvin took me to a room i gussed to be his bed room, everything in the house smelt money and power. Immediately we got in Kelvin sat me down on a couch and he sat close to me. He asked if i would love to have something to drink and i replied no. He then held my face and said “I miss you Nancy, i really do” I smilled and told him i missed him too before going into his arms. God finally answered my prayer.
Kelvin released me from the hug and held my face. He looked deep into my eyes and said “how have you been Nancy?” I smilled and told him i was fine. He asked if i would eat before we would discuss and i told him i was not hungry, instead i wanted to know everything that happened to him over the past five years. I accused kelvin of running away and leaving me behind. He smilled and said “You know i would never do that, i was never a coward and i never will”. “Then why did you leave?” i asked. “It is a long story Nancy and i do not want to bore you with it” kelvin said as he went to the fridge in the room. I scoffed and said “bore me with what? Are you kidding? You should know i can listen to you all day. Common i need to know why you left without goodbye”.
Kelvin opened a can of soft drink and said “Alright your majesty, anything you want i will do. Ehmm… Where do i start from?”
“start from the buttom” i said, crossing my leg.
Kelvin sat close to me and said “You are the first and last person i will be telling my story because i trust you and when i am done, you will tell me everything about you. No secret remember?” I smilled and noded. Kelvin stood up from the couch we both occupied and sat on his bed. He dropped the drink and said “This is my story ma’am. The darkness i carried for more than 20years of my life.”
My full name is Kelvin Smith. I am a native of kogi state or so i thought. I lived all my life with my mom, i never knew my dad. Ever since i was little, my mom avoids any question concerning my dad and i stopped to question her the day she burst into tears when i asked about my dad. My mom was a petty trader and her earning was not enough for our living. After my secondary school education, i decided to double my hustle in order to live a better life. I started with a dry cleaning work, i would wash and iron all sort of cloth for people, both the wealthy, the rich and the poor. Gradually, i began to save the little i earn. After the second year of my dry cleaning bussiness i had two hundred and fifty thousand naira in my bank account. I decided to write jamb and further my education. I could not gain admission into the university and eventually i was given admission by kwara state polythecnic. It was a happy day for my mom and I, the only woman i knew all my life. Life was not a bed of roses but with the help of God and my hard work, i finished my OND program with upper credit. Bussiness was no longer as good as it was after i finished my OND. I decided to quit school for a while and make more money, that was how i met your mom. One of my customers told me there was a vacancy in her friend’s house for the post of an house help and she promised to help me get the work only if i promise to be of good behaviour which i did. Your mom accepted me and welcomed me into your family, she promised to sponsor my education and i was suppose to further my education in the next academic year. My joy knew no bound and so was my mom’s. With full hope of a better future i moved into your house on the day, you had a fire accident.
Unfortunately your mom died and my dream was shattered. Am sorry for our loss Nancy. It was a period of trial for me when your mom died but i pretended to be strong. I planned on a better way to have a better future and i decided to get any available work after your uncle sent us out. I planned on coming back for you when i make it in life, i planned on taking care of you my whole life, but i never planned to appear in front of you as i nobody.
I started working with a bread factory, i would bake bread and distribute to the retailers. Life was not easy but i kept my hustle clean. My mom was worried about how we would survive,she often thinks and later had high blood pressure.She fell sick and i had to cater for her again. I went through alot trying to get a means of paying for my mom’s drug, our house rent, food, shelter and saving for my education again. Sometimes i envy the rich and wealthy.
I came back from work one day and i was bussy counting and calculating the little money i made when my mom came close to me.At first i did not pay attention to her but when i noticed she was crying, i left everything i was doing and focused my attention on her. I asked my mom why she was crying and she said “My child i am crying for you” i was surprised, i asked her what she ment and she said “This kind of life is not ment for you, you are suppose to be in wealth”.
At first i thought my mom said that because of our present situation and i told her not to worry about us, i promised to make her proud. My mom held my hand and said”You belong to the rich class, your father is stinkingly wealthy son”.At the mention of my father i wanted to know more about my father and my life. I pleaded with my mom and she said “no secret can last for ever, its time you know about you!
I did not know what my mom was driving at but i knew she would tell me about my dad (a story i have always wanted to hear). Due to my mom’s delay in telling me about my dad, i always had the thought that probably i am a rape product or the son of a drunk not worthy enough to call a father. I held my mom’s hand and asked if she really wanted to open up to me. She smiled weakly and said “Kelvin, I have to do this in order not to carry the sadness to my grave. Everyday you increase in age and struggle to give me a better life and yourself a better future. I blame myself for all you are going through. I need to clear myself son, please forgive me, i did everything out of love”
I could not utter a word, i just looked at my mom and waited for her to continue. My mom stood up from her sitting position and moved to the window side. She adjusted her glasses and started to tell the story of her life and my life.
Kelvin’s Mom
My name is Mary Adam and i am a native of kogi state. I came from a very poor family, we were as poor as a church rat. I had four younger sibling and i am the only daughter. My father was a farmer while my mother was a full house wife. An unfortunate event occurred when i was eighteen, the event that made me leave my father house with sorrow and tears.
My immediate younger brother was very sick, the herbalist requested for things to cure my brother. My dad could not afford the things requested for and he had to meet a popular commissioner in our local government. Back in the day, he was the commissioner for finance. Nobody meets the commissioner without going through his wife, his wife was know for her wickedness and cruel character. My dad met with the commissioner wife and instead of her taking my dad to her husband, she lend the sum of ten thousand naira to my dad and he was suppose to return the money in four market days. My dad collected the money with the hope of returning it before the appointed time. My brother was treated but he never got better.
Unfortunately for my family, the farm produce was not as good as expected and getting five thousand naira was a thug of war, talkless of ten thousand naira. My dad met with the commissioner wife and she gave him two options. It was either he would bring double of the previous amount with a week or he would sell his female daughter off. My dad was left with little choice agreed with the first option. Our family worked hard between the period of a week but we could not provide the required amount. On the Saturday of our week of grace, my brother died. I could remember how it all happened, it was just like yesterday. We were still mourning my brother’s death when the commissioner’s wife came to our house with two police men. She requested for her money but we could not provide it. We knelt down and pleaded with her for a grace of another week but she refused. Been the only female child, she forcefully took me away and told my parent to forget about the money.”
kelvin: I could not help but fold my fist in annoyance, i wished i could see the commissioner’s wife and throw my hard earn salary into her face. My mom had tears in her eyes already, i moved close to her and wiped her tears. She smiled weakly and thanked me before continuing with her story.
I wept out of my father house with the sorrow of my brother’s death and the slavery i was about to start. I cursed poverty and promised my parents to come back rich and powerful ( a promise i could never fulfil till they passed on).
I started to work with my new boss and her brutality was out of this world. Though we lived in the same locality, i could not visit my parent, it was a life i never wish for my enemy.
The commissioner was absent when i was brought in but when he returned a week later he was suprised to see a new maid. He got furious when he found out i was forcefully taken from my parents just because of ten thousand naira. He had a loud exchange of words with his wife and he finally said i should be taken back to my family. I happily went into my room to pack my bags but i was stopped by one of the police men on my way. He asked why i was happy and after telling him, he sighed and said “young girl i am advising you because i take you as a daughter. I will advice you to tell the boss that you want to remain here because if you leave. Madam will find you and waste you” I frooze immediately, i did not want to get killed so i decided to stay.I went back to the commissioner and I told him i would stay and pay my family debt. He smiled at me and promised to treat me like the child he never had because of my bravery. That was how i started my slavery under a kindhearted commissioner and a wicked wife. Life was filled with ups and down”
To be continued