In The Dark-Season 2 Episode 3


Nelly sat on khole’s bed and looked down at her feet, i did not know if i was doing the right thing listening to her but i wanted to clear things ones and for all.
Nelly cleared her throat and said “Am sure you that my genotype is SS,my parent told your late mom the day we had dinner with your family.They also told her that i inherit it from my dad and i was going through some serious treatment.Yes i was going through treatment then but the treatment did little or nothing to help my health condition.The fact is that I am a chronic sickler and this has lead to a lungs injury, which is called “Chronic acute injury”.The chronic lungs injury causes a fibrotic lungs which causes the right side of the heart giving out from pumping against the higher pressure. (cor pulmonale). Due to my lungs injury, i was also diagnosed with asthma as well, which is also a disease of the lungs caused by the swelling and production of mucus by the bronchioles and tiny airways.
Five years ago i was diagonised with this two diseases and my world crashed.I am an only child and the thought of leaving my parent behind made me want to cry myself to death.I was a walking corpse but you would’nt know that” nelly said with a teary voice.
I felt for her and the fact that she was crying almost made me cry.I knew she had more to say since all she said had no connection with the reason why she had to cheat with Jordan but she was silent for awhile, probably trying to get a hold of herself.
“sorry about the silence, that how i react whenever i am talking about my health condition” Nelly said with a sad smile and i noded in return, she adjusted herself and continued. “When i found out about my health condition, at first thought that was the end of the world for me but after a period of time i decided to fulfil all my desire with the little time i had left instead of going around like a walking dead. You might remember i once told you i was into a forced relationship without love? The major desire of mine then was falling inlove and making love. I really wanted to feel love, i looked forward to finding love and the day you introduced Jordan to me, i felt like my world was complete”
At this point i felt like slapping nelly but instead i walked to a corner of the room and faced the wall, backing her in the process to suppress my anger. “I know you are beginning to get angry but please you have to listen to the end” Nelly said and i nodded without turning back.
“After introducing Jordan to me at the gym, i also met him in a super market the following week. Knowing i was your friend, he was friendly with me and that was when i was able to have his contact. At first i took Jordan’s friendliness for love but after days without him getting serious with me, i became desperate. I asked him out and confessed my love for him, hoping he would’nt turn me down. Unfortunately he did and that made my condition worse. He told me i might have the same physical feature with you but i could never be you,that really brooke my heart.I could’nt imagine making love with any other guy apart from him and the thought of him not wanting me made me sick. The following day, you told me in school about Jordan asking you out and kissing you at his party, if you noticed i was not happy and that only made me more desperate. I decided to stay calm for a while and make my advances later. Not long after then your mom died and jordan had little or no time for me,he was bussy taking care of you. The care and love he showered you made me seek for love the more. Since Jordan did not tell you about my advances toward him, i concluded he was a good guy and he could fulfil my desire out of pity. I came strong on him that fateful sunday afternoon with my medical report and told him my story in tears. He felt bad for me and in a bid to console me he hugged me. I held him tight and told him about my heart desire, i pleaded with him to help make my dream come through and with much pleading he fell for my tears and he made love to me out of pity.Unfortunately, you caught us and that made me realise my mistakes, the fact that i implicated Jordan made me regret all my actions. He was too scared to come for you knowing how betrayed you would feel but he never stopped loving you, a feeling he never had for me. After that incident i felt seriously ill and he stood by me.On one of his visit he held my hand and said ‘Stop blaming yourself for what happened and concentrate on your health, its not entirely your fault and i hope you believe in fate.I hope you know that i can never be with you,but if my fate is to make you happy throughout the time you have left,i promise to stay with you’ his words made me feel love and we agreed to be friends.That was why you saw us together at the supermarket. Jordan is innocence and All the blame is on me. Am just a sick girl trying to get the best out of life before i wil say my final goodbyes”
Nelly ended her story in tears. The anger that was boiling in me knew no bound. I rushed at her to give her a hot slap and she shut her eyes, i stopped my raised hand half way when i remembered her last statement “Am just a sick girl trying to get the best out of life before i will say my final goodbyes” that last statement she made, subdued my anger. Beating her might lead to her fainting or her condition might get worsened and i was not ready to let a murder case tie me down half of achieving my goal in life.
Nelly opened her eyes and i was sure she was shocked at me not hitting her but her next statement shocked me. “Go ahead and hit me! You think you are the only one been hurt? How do you think i feel carrying this guilt with me for the past five years? How do you think it feels loving someone that can never love me back just because he loves you? How do you think Jordan feels? You tagging him guilty all this while? He never had a relationship for the past five years just because he believed you are the only one that can occupy the space in his heart? It took him five years! Five good years Nancy to gather his act together and come searching for you. If not for the love you shared, for the sacrifices he made, for the friendship we once had which was approved by your late mom, for me to finally die peacefully whenever death comes knocking, please forgive Nancy, I am begging of you” Nelly ended her speech and went on her kneels. I was close to her but i could not help her up, there was alot going on in my head and i could not place what to do. She brought my late mom into the whole of this and now i can’t go back disrespecting my mom. When she was alive, i never for ones disrespect her or go against her wish when she was alive. I would not start to disrespec her because she was six feets below the ground. I decided to let go and allow peace to rein. Wherever my mom was, i knew she would be proud of the baby she raised.
I helped nelly up and wiped her tears. I could see the surprise in her eyes as i took her into my arms. She wept like a baby and i was able to treat her like a baby since she was smaller now. I released her from my grip and said to her “Everything is over, welcome back twinny” Nelly could not utter a word, she only hugged me tight again.
I finally released myself from the hug and i told her we should go meet others and we left for our house in my car.
During the drive home, myself and nelly chatted alot, she did most of the talking and it was as if she had nobody to share her thought with for the past five years. In the middle of the talk i asked nelly why she could not travel abroad for treatment since they have better equipment over there, she gave a sad smille and said “only God gives health twinny, i have been to abroad for treatment more than ten times for the past five years, but the last treatment i went for made me stop going. The doctor personally told me they have tried there possible best and the best i could do was move closer to God because only a miracle can save me” nelly was in tears when she finishes talking, i was in tears too and i could not help but thank the lord. Although i went through rough times as well but nothing can be compared to having it all but health. I placed a hand on Nelly’s lap and the other on the wheel while i faced the road and said some comforting statements to her.
Thirty minutes later, we got to home. We met khole, Josh and Jordan in the living room. They were all staring at us and waiting for my next reaction, i knew khole would be expecting me to lash her with words for setting me up but reverse was the case. Myself and nelly burst into laughter and hugged eachother, i could see everyone of them smilling most especially Khole. I released Nelly and hugged khole, she held my cheek and said “I knew you won’t let me down daughter” i hit her playfully and moved to josh. Josh hugged me and said “You made the right decision” i smilled and said thank you. I moved to Jordan and stood infront of him, he held my hands and said “I am deeply sorry angel” i nodded and told him its okay before hugging him. Nelly and khole joined the hug while josh was clapping and screaming “Woah”.
“Its time to party!!” Khole shouted and ended the hug before turning the music player on. I got a bottle of red wine with five glasses and we all pop the wine open after spelling the word “Unity”.
“You are coming to my house tomorrow” Nelly whispered into my ears and i was happy to have my friends back…………. I wished Kelvin will appear in front of me just the way Jordan did. Its been more than five years!
The excitement in the house was more than anything i have witnessed before, everybody was bussy chatting and there was laughter everywhere, its was a beautiful night.
Myself, khole and nelly were sitted together while Jordan sat with Josh. We were still having our girls chit-chat when Josh cleared his throat loudly. We all turned our gaze on him, Jordan was also looking suspicious as if they had something up their sleeve. Since we knew nothing about their plan, we await the guys to open up. Josh cleared his throat for the second time and he stood up from the couch. He deep his hand into his pocket and did as if he was trying to find a pin. “OMG is it what am thinking?” i murmured. Josh came close to khole and held her hand. “My life can never be complete without you, you are my reason of existence. You came into my world and made it colourful. Words alone cannot express how much you mean to me. I have always loved you, i still love you now and i will always love you till eternity. Forever is just a start baby, there will be no end to this love. I want you to stay with me Khole, from now till eternity……….. Will you please……….. Ehmmm… I want you to please…….ehmmm…. I mean please marry me….” Josh said with a naughty wink and brought out a ring case from his pocket before going on one kneel.
Though i was not khole but the excitement i felt was beyond this world. Josh words are just so perfect and the proposal was just every girl’s dream. Nelly and Jordan were video recording the event while i stood rooted to a point full of excitement. Khole covered her mouth with her hands and i could tell she was crying, everything was too good to be real. Josh was on one kneel for more than ten minutes before khole got over her emotions, it was alittle bit funny but it was romantic. “Dont keep a gentle man waiting, he has been on his kneel for the past ten minutes” Nelly shouted. Khole smilled and streched out her hand. Josh fixed a beautiful diamond ring on her finger and hugged her. I never knew khole was this emotionally, probably it was because this was too good to be truth. Josh held khole hand and led her outside the house while we all followed the newly proposed couple out. “Oh my God! Josh this is too much” khole shouted.
“Woah! This is super beautiful” Nelly said
“You are the man Josh” Jordan said.
Me? I could not say a thing out of surprise. Standing infront of us was a beautifully decorated red Rangeover sport with the inscription “Marry me khole”.
This was the most romantic moment of my life, though it was not my moment but i was happy for my sister. Khole jumped over Josh and the dual kissed for some minutes before the proposed bride jump in and out of her new ride screaming “Yes!!!”
We took turn to congratulate the couple and we eventually went into the house. Khole was too excited and she could not wait to share the good news with her parent. We decided to talk to mom and dad on skype. We talked to mom first and she could not hide her excitement when khole show her diamond ring to her. Who would’nt be happy to see her only child getting an engagement ring from a man of her dream. It is every mother dream. Mom showered josh and khole prayers from the other end and she promised to throw a party when she arrives. We talked to dad after mom and he did alittle of shakiti bobo dance to show how excited he was. Dad told us the wedding would commence in three months time. We kept the range part away from mom and dad and intended to make it a surprise pack for the dual. We had a beautiful girls night together later while Josh slept in the guests room with Jordan. There was alot to be done in three months, i knew i was the unchallenged maid of honour. I was so happy for khole.
The following day was exciting as well, we had breakfast together and later in the day, i went to visit Nelly’s parent. Mr and Mrs Stanley accepted with open arms and they questioned me about my whereabout for the past five years. I told them i changed my location ever since mom died and they sympathized with me again. I still felt my mom’s absent but with everybody around me, they made me strong.
I had a lovely time with nelly, i missed the old days we had together. I did not remember work until late in the day, all that was on my mind was khole’s wedding.
I wonder how she would feel walking down the altar with the man of her dream. Love is a beautiful thing! Work can wait.
To be continued