In The Dark-Season 2 Episode 20


“WTF” Was the only statement i could make has my jaw dropped. I was lost for a moment. I already had thoughts my relationship with kelvin was in a rush and to make things more complicated, my foster parent were talking about getting married in a month time just after their first meeting with the president.
I knew my foster parent loved me as much as they could love their child but again, i could not help but wish that my parent were alive. Seeking their opinion and having the go ahead from them would have been nothing but the perfect thing to do.
“Baby, what is wrong? Are you not happy?” Mi mom’s voice interupted my thought. I only looked at her without a response. “I thought you are inlove with kelvin.You should be happy you are going to be his bride” Mi dad added and he asked me to sit beside him.I slowly walked up to him with my eyes fixed on my toes.
“did you have a misunderstanding with kelvin? If you do not love him enough to marry him, let me know. I can never support anything you do not like because am doing everything just for your happiness” Mi dad said has he lightly caressed my hair.
I felt love from my foster parent after Mi dad’s statement and i saw the need to confide in them and let them know my fear.I took my time to express my feelings to them and They gave me a listening ear.When i was done, I felt a sudden relief.
Mi mom came closer to me after taking a deep breathe, she touched me lightly and said
” I know your fear baby but i do not want you to be scared of anything, just go with your heart.I want you to know that their is nothing like Mr.right and their is no human that is perfect, only God is.It’s fine for you to think you are rushing things because everything came alittle faster than expected, but i want you to know that even if you date a man for ten years, court for five years and get married after fifteen years of a good relationship, it doesn’t guarantee a happy marriage.Moreover, we are all destined with different luck. It took Josh more than five years to propose to khole but it took kelvin less than a week.That does not mean that khole will have a more happy home than you just because of the long relationship before marriage. though i wish the both of you a happy home.Am advising you like a mother Nancy, its not how long the courtship lasted but how productive the relationship is.Once you are sure you love him enough,we are solidly behind you and if you think you need more time,we will always consider your opinion dear.Just don’t keep me waiting, i need babies”
Everything Mi mom said was the truth and i digested all her words.I thanked my foster parent and promised to get back to them.I left for my room after hugging the duo.
I called khole immediately i got to my room.I took my time to make her see my fear and i told her about my foster parent opinion.Just has i expected Khole adviced me to go on with kelvin.According to her she saw kelvin in a completely different view from Jordan and she believed that kelvin loved me enough not to hurt me.Khole’s words came has a relief and i felt i was on the right track.Putting khole’s, my foster parent opinion and the fact that kelvin was there for me even in need, into consideration.I looked forward to walking down the aisle with kelvin.
I took my bath and said my prayer, after receiving a goodnight text from kelvin.
Time checked 6:00am.I lazily got out of bed and did the necessaries before having breakfast with my foster parent after which i left for work.
I was addressed strangely at work and lots of my co workers were nicer to me.I gussed the event of the previous week was still fresh in their minds.I settled in my office and got occupied.
I was on my way to get lunch at about 1:00pm,when i received an incoming call from kelvin.I accepted his call and said “Hello”.
“Hi miss, kindly bring your gorgeous self down for lunch”was kelvin’s response. At first i disagreed but i eventually got my bag and left with him after much persuasion.
Kelvin already had the V.I.P section reserved at a nearby restaurant and i was woahed by his arrangement.
Kelvin ordered a bowl of ice cream while we waited on the main course,immediately we arrived the restaurant.
I was about to take a spoon of ice cream when kelvin said “Is a month okay for you?” i feigned ignorance and said “What?”
kelvin held my hand and said “The thing is that my family love you and dad can’t wait to have grand children.If possible, am ready to marry you right now but i do not know if a month is fine by you.I just want you to live your dream, have things done your way and be happy. I promise to love you with all i have and be the best husband if you will let me Nancy…. I do mean it”
I looked into kelvin’s eyes and i saw nothing but passion and love.I did not have the right words to express my love for kelvin that moment.I only pulled him to myself and kissed him fully on his lips, as a sign of my love for him.
Words could not express my love for kelvin. At that moment, all i could do was to to pull him to myself and give him a full kiss on his lips.
With my lips on kelvin’s and my eyes closed, i was so lost in our world. All i could do was to inhale his saint and enjoy the moment with the only guy that made my heart beat increase.
“Hmmm… Enjoy your meal sir and ma”
The waiter’s voice interupted my moment with Kelvin. I opened my eyes and saw that our table was full already, the waiter was also walking back to the kitchen with an empty tray but he had a funny look on.
I looked at the table, then looked at kelvin and we both started to laugh.
“We had our lips locked together for like how many minutes? I managed to ask in between my laughter.
Kelvin stopped to laugh and said “Actually i don’t know but am sure i loved every bit of it. Why is the waiter pained though? You really need to flaunt this ring everywhere we go”.
I only hummed and kelvin kissed the ring on my finger.
We had our meal with lots of joy in our hearts. We made lots of sweet promises and kissed at interval as well. Just like every other outing with kelvin, i had fun.
Kelvin took me back to the office after lunch and i left for home after spending an extra hour to complete my day’s work.
At exactly 4:00pm, i cleared my table and signed out.
“Mom! Dad! Am back” i shouted immediately i got home.
“Over here honey, we are in the study” I heard Mi mom’s voice from within.
I rushed into the study and hugged the duo on sight.
“What happened? Why are you so excited? Mi dad asked as he held my hand.
I released my hand and walked round the room in a funny way.
I then faced my foster parent and said “Mom, Dad am getting married to Kelvin!”
I could see the excitement in their faces as Mi mom kept on muttering “Woah” and mi dad jammed his hands together in excitement.
“Tell me, what happened? What changed your mind?” Mi dad asked as he hugged me tightly.
“Did you think it over?” Mi mom also asked before I settled in a chair and narrated what prompted my decision to them.
“Actually, i had lunch with kelvin today and contrary to my fear and doubts, i saw the truth and i felt the love. I love kelvin no doubt but i just confirmed i love him enough to give the rest of my life to him. Mom, Dad, i can’t really thank you enough, because of you I am who I am today. I owe everything to you both and now i realise there is nothing more important than family. I love you both so much”
I said and i took turn to hug my foster parent. They both took me into their arms one after the other and showered me with blessing.
” Now let the wedding plans begin! I want the whole world to be present” Mi dad shouted and we all laughed.
I took a sit close to mi mom and we all discussed about the introduction arrangement. According to plan, the introduction would take place in a week to the wedding and the family members of my late parents were to be present.
Since Mi mom was the only family left from my paternal family, the only family members that could cause trouble was my mom’s.
To avoid disagreement, Mi dad took it on himself to inform my late mom’s family of my wedding arrangement and they would be allowed to make most of the family decisions since Mi mom could be addressed as a weaker s-x, been a woman.
Mi mom agreed to Mi dad’s decision for the sake of peace and we all agreed on Mi dad visiting uncle mike the next day.
I excused myself to my room and placed a call through to khole. I felt how excited she was when i informed her of our plans and she also promised to come around the next day. I layed on my bed after ending my call with khole. I faced the wall and refreshed my memory on all that had happened in my life. I realised everybody can move on and let that unforgettable past havs little effect on them. When i lost my parent, especially my mom, i thought it was the end for me, but with God, faith and the people around me, i was able to walk past that dark part of my life. I also believed there was no limit to chasing my dream, do you?.
The ringing of my phone woke me up and i realised
I slept off while thinking about my past. I slowly opened my eyes and reached for my phone. I accepted the call without checking the caller I.D and murmured “hello”.
“When were you planning on telling me?” The caller from the other end said.
I checked my phone to confirm the caller and i saw it was Jordan. My heart skipped a bit as i said “Tell you what?”.
“You are getting married to him, right?” Jordan asked and my mouth went dry. I was able to slowly erase Jordan from my heart, but i was never able to get rid of the guilt of betraying his love whenever we talk.
To be continued