In Love With My Best Friend’s Fiancee episode 2


Queen’s side of the story continues”
I managed to avoid Val the next day and the rest of the week. He too didn’t bother checking up on me and I couldn’t help but wonder if all he wanted from me was the sex he just got or if he actually cared about me like he said. Of course I was greatly surprised he never bothered to check up on me, not even a single call or message from him showed up on my phone.

It’s pointless describing the state of my mind that moment. I just wasn’t reasoning well and it was best I stayed away from him even though it was hurting to know that he wasn’t making any effort to get in touch with me.

Weekend soon approached with the event I so much dreaded. Clara arrived town in her usual lively spirit, trying to involve me in all her plans. I managed to avoid her on Friday she arrived town but on Saturday morning, she showed up at my apartment. I had no choice but to reluctantly let her in after allowing her to bang on my door for several minutes.

‘’don’t tell me you are still sleeping by this time’’ she asked as she walked in. I forced out a smile.

‘’you look somehow, is it stress or sleep?’’ She asked inquisitively as I shook my head.

‘’anyway Val told me you took good care of him as usual. Thanks dearie, at least knowing you are close by settles my mind even when I don’t show up for weeks. I know he can never misbehave or carry any woman under your watchful eyes’’ she joked. I forced out a smile.

‘’guess what? We are going to see Mercy Johnson’s latest movie and yes you are coming along with us. So if you have any plans for today better cancel them for me’’ she poured out happily. I just didn’t know what to say at that moment. My conscience was hurting, the idea of staying close to Val again was frightening, my composure was so in disarray.

‘’I hope all is well?’’ I heard her ask one more time. I nodded with a forced smile.

‘’yes of course there is something else I wish to seek your advise on?’’ she suddenly added, drawing up my curiosity.

‘’is it wise getting pregnant for Val before white wedding?. He’s insisting I get pregnant before any other thing is done since he has already done the introduction but you know I have always been against getting pregnant before wedlock. I have always preached against it and now I’m facing a similar situation’’ she opened up.

‘’well if he’s ready to go ahead with the wedding plans as soon as your pregnancy is confirmed. As in he’s ready to get married within one month of confirmation. I don’t think it’s a bad idea. Nobody will notice’’ I managed to advice.

‘’I don’t know. I’m not comfortable with the condition’’ she shrugged.

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Seeing a movie with Val and Clara by my side was one of the most uncomfortable experience I had ever been in. the movie was an interesting one but my heart kept pounding all through that I regretted accepting to go out with them. I just had to because of my friend. I just had to behave like I used to in order for her not to notice the tension between her fiancée and i. Clara was a very sensitive lady and I knew any mistake from my part could send her curiosity high. Val in his own part acted as if all was well. He managed to even compliment my outfit and with his behavior, no one would ever suspect we had sex a couple of days ago. Men could be deceptive no matter how innocent they looked. I felt sorry for Clara, a part of me wanted to open up to her but I needed no telling that it was suicidal.

What I did was an unforgivable sin no lady would ever take. Notwithstanding the situation, I still secretly yearned for him, much to my disgust I wanted to experience the feeling I had days back one more time.
In summary I felt disgusted over the sin I committed but couldn’t help but want the feeling once again, just like an addict. If only I had a boyfriend at that stage perhaps I wouldn’t be feeling how I felt but my last relationship left a terrible taste in my mouth, I never knew I was dating a married man till three months into the relationship and since then had kept all my male friends and admirers at arm’s length till Val’s temptation.

After the movie as we left the cinema, Clara excused us to go to the ladies room, leaving Val and I together. I tried my best to keep cool.

‘’I hope you feel better now?. I just had to stay away so you could have your moment, cool down and let what happened between us settle’’ I heard him say softly. I looked away, saying nothing to him.

‘’am I still free to call, text and check up on you occasionally?’’ he asked. I said nothing.

‘’I know I did wrong and I’m so sorry. Just say the word and I will never bother you anymore unless Clara is around’’ he pleaded. I still said nothing. He smiled.
‘’your silence means I’m free to check up on you’’ he added after some seconds of silence between us. I still said nothing. Perhaps it would have been the right moment to shut him out of my life, to tell him to keep his distance but I didn’t.

‘’Clara is leaving tomorrow, I will come over to your place as soon as she leaves. I really want us to sort this thing out’’ he added. I still said no word.

The next day, just like he promised, at exactly 3pm the next day, I heard a knock on my door and it was no other person but VAL and I let him in.
The feeling was growing, the passion getting higher and the fire inside of my privates getting hotter. Who else to be blamed but Val. He was taking advantage of my urges and getting careless with everything. We both deserved each other and Clara deserved someone better. I soon started having ideas. 

How do I expose Val to save my friend while appearing innocent and finally cornering him for myself afterwards??

To be continued