I’m Obinim” Episode 9



I wondered how or who showed him to my place. I don’t need him here for anything. But somehow he came at the Right time enough to stop me from messing up the more, proposing to my own sister.

But all along, Jojo have been stalking me ever since he met me at my father’s house. He knew I couldn’t be trusted around Shela. Well that was right though. He even thought we were having an affair. So his intention for coming to my house was to actually warn me to stay away from his wife.
He is still not aware that am Shela’s brother and he will have to treat me like a friend than the enemy we are. I now have influence in this marriage of theirs not forgetting that, he has also impregnated my crush too.

Well when he entered my room and saw Shela there, he just read meanings into it.

“I thought as much, you such a useless harlot, sleeping with any guy you see around” Jojo said.

Shela was stunned, but she knew she hasn’t done anything wrong, she has the upper hand already, so she just allowed herself and listened to the words that came out of Jojo’s mouth.

I did the same, I just stood there, and watched him messed himself up. He just kept rattling insults on Shela and I as if he actually saw us having sexual intercourse.

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“I can’t believe you even fell for such a guy who can’t even take care of himself, look at this shitty apartment he calls a home” Jojo said.

That was it, I couldn’t take it anymore. He has no right to come to my house and talk to me like that. I could virtually feel my blood rushing through my veins and could hear my heart beating faster. I became furious, I wanted to pounce him and just use my fist on him. But I didn’t have that guts to even slay a chicken, than to fight and besides, Jojo was a heavily built guy who was way taller than me. I dare not try this, or he is going to end up beating the hell out of me in my own house. I dare not try.
The only option I had was to use my words also against him.

“hey you better watch your mouth, you have no idea of what you are talking about” I uttered.

Surprisingly, shela just sat there and watched as if nothing was happening. Her conscience was clear, we had a plan and what Jojo was doing now was just making his matters worse.

“You can’t even defend yourself because you have nothing to say” Jojo said.

“Wait till your father hears what’s actually going on with you two” He continued.

Shela smiled as Jojo angrily left my room banging the door behind him.

“Obi, I’m very sorry for what happened” Shela said.

“Oh don’t worry, you know we got this worked out already” I said.

“I have to go, now, don’t forget to be on time, Paulina will be there as early as 7 am” She said as I went to see her off.
Paulina was to meet us at my father’s house, by then Jojo and my father would be there.

I spent the rest of the day figuring it out how Jojo is going to take it when we finally show up with Paulina.

I slept late that night and woke up very early. Took a quick shower and set off to my father’s place.

As soon as I got out of my door, that was when I saw Pozo, a very close friend of mine and a neighbor as well. He was like a real brother, helping me in difficult times. Apparently that morning he was really upset and was on his way to see someone who owed him a lot of money.

He then asked me to accompany him. I initially refused though, but he insisted i had no option than to go since it was going to be a quick one. Well I also felt I owed him a favor though.

Upon reaching there, it was a different story all together, their conversation got heated up to the extent of exchanging words. When I got in the way trying to separate them, out of furious, Pozo pushed me so hard that forced both the guy who was owing Pozo and myself onto the ground. The next thing I saw was blood running down from the guy’s neck.

He just laid there motionless. I stood up and to my surprise, Pozo had already ran off. I called the guy several times, no response. This got the attention of the neighbors who all came in to me and the guy.

The picture wasn’t a good one, It seems the guy was dead.

Oh my God, what have I put myself into. The next thing I heard was big bang on my face, someone just gave me fist blow on my face, the next thing was the crowd on me, beating the hell out of me.

To Be continued.




  1. I noticed some few spelling errors in some of the Episodes. For instance in the season 3 episode 9 I found “speachless” instead of “Speechless”. I love this piece of work and I’ll be grateful if it’ll be reviewed once more to amend such errors. Thank you.

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