“I’m Obinim” Season 2 Episode 6


My heart just got broken. This is too much for me. How long will Jojo continue to be in my way. Ok, you have Shela who I can’t be with because she is my sister, then Paulina my crush, you have also got her pregnant, I can settle for that . But now the Doctor too? Somehow he just keeps getting in my way. As long as Jojo remains in the picture, I will never find my suitor.

Now I could see the hate in Shela’s eyes when Doc. Efua revealed herself to her. It was as if old wounds have been opened. If Shela is still bothered about who Jojo dated then it means she really loves him.  But I thought this whole relationship was built to honor my father. I guess blood is really thicker than water. Shela is more confused than myself.

I just laid on the bed in my misery and watched them as these two ladies figured their past over Jojo.

“Oh I see, what a small world we are in, you know what, I have always wanted to meet you” Shela said looking very furious.  I have never seen her in such angry state before.  Trust me if she Doc. Efua wait any longer,  I won’t be surprise if Shela ends up giving her some dirty slaps.

But from what Shela was doing, I could see she is interested in Jojo. But hold on, what at all does this Jojo guy have that I don’t have, he always have a way with the ladies even though he always treat them bad.

“Same here though. Anyway I need to go now. Take good care of your brother And Obi, I will see tomorrow.” She said and left without paying any particular attention to Shela. What a matured way to avoid further confrontation with Shela.

I loved the way she handled the issue. That made me more desperate for her. Now I needed to get Jojo out of the way.

“What was all that about Shela? I asked

“I will make arrangement early tomorrow for you to be changed to a different hospital. I just can’t keep up with her” Shela said.

You must be crazy, make arrangement for who? Did I ever tell her that I want to be changed from this hospital. Shela must be very crazy. I am the sick one here not her. If I had my own way I would stay at this hospital for the rest of my life. Just because of your personal and selfish reasons you want me to be changed.

That will be over my dead body. Not after I have met Doc. Efua. It’s never going to be possible. I will never allow that. Never.

“Shela, I am going to stay here until I’m healthy enough to be discharged, I’m not going anywhere Shela. You can decide not pay me visits any longer, I am not going anywhere.” I said.

She was really surprised that for the first time I spoke to her in that manner.  She couldn’t believe her ears.  I always agreed with her in everything even if its not in my favor.  I always looked for her best interest.

“Obi, Did you just talk to me that way? Do you know the pain am going through just because of Jojo” She asked.

“But I thought you said you don’t have any feelings for him, so why now. It’s about time you start dealing with Jojo himself than these girls. It won’t help you Shela, it won’t” I said.

I couldn’t even believe myself saying all these things to Shela. For the first time, Doc Efua, have indirectly brought out the man in me. I knew I was right, Shela needs to deal with Jojo than to do this childish stuff.

As at now, I was just interested in getting to know Doc. Efua more and see how I’m going to get closer to her but as long Jojo remains in the way that is definitely going to be a problem.

To be continued.