“I’m Obinim” Episode 2


“Was wondering if we could go and sit somewhere and have breakfast”

Did she just say that or it was another day dream?

Who would actually reject such an offer, I took no time in accepting it but then again It wasn’t a good time.The reason being that first of all, I had not taken my bath, as if that wasnt enough, I had less than 4GHC on me. Who was actually going to pay for the breakfast?

“It’s better I come up with something before I end up disgracing myself”. As much as I wanted to go to breakfast with her, it was unfortunate I had to turn her down.

“Oh, hmm, I really would love to, but you see I have some urgent things I really need to attend to” I said.

“Like finishing off the waakye you just bought?” Shela said.

“Oh come on, I have to attend a meeting. Anyway, how about we making it tomorrow” I suggested.

“Don’t worry ok, I will call you” She said and went into her car.

I could tell that she was really disappointed. But “Chaley” it’s better that way than embarrassing myself later on. I’m talking from experience. She might have been the one who invited me though but I needed to go very prepared. Unlike Dzifa, this ewe girl I met last month. I budgeted for 50Ghc for a date with her, Breaking it further down, 10Ghc for transportation, 12Ghc for mine, making 22Ghc, 20ghc for Juice and a plate of Rice for her that will cost 15GHC, leaving me 13Ghc for my check out.

But guess what, I ended up buying two plates of rice, that was when she came along with another glutton girlfriend of her’s. How I managed to pay for the extra 2Ghc deficit, only God knows.

I wasn’t ready to go through that with Shela. It’s better I deceive her nicely than doing myself “Yawa”.

As she went into her car, I just waved at her and walked back to my apartment. Without even washing my hand, I spread opened the large leaves which covered the “waakye” and got ready to face my breakfast and lunch put together.

Before I took a shot, a knock came from the door. Chaley, that could be my landlord, coming for utility bills but upon opening the door, there she was, Shela. She had been following me all this while. I didn’t even know what to say.

“I need a listening ear, Obi, please just give me an hour of your time” she said.

It was obvious that she was really going through some difficult times. I had no option than to let her in to my room. My room, another problem all together. I wasn’t prepared so you can imagine how disorganized the room looked. With my bedsheet, lying on half side of the bed and my dirty clothes lying all over, I felt really uncomfortable.

To make matters worse, the room was a bit smelly however the aroma of the delicious “waakye” served as a refresher.

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I got surprised when she made herself comfortable and just went to sit on my bed, as if nothing was wrong. She really got my attention. I quickly washed my hands so that I could attend to her.

Before I could open my mouth, another knock came from the door. OH MY GOD, if this landlord decides to show up at this time, then another mixtape of “Yawa”. I prayed.

To my surprise, it was my crush, Paulina. “What the hell is she doing here at this time” I asked myself.

She was right in front of my door, with tears running down her cheeks. As soon as I opened the door, without even inviting her in, she just barged into my room.

“Oh what is this at all” I told myself again.

Then Paulina stood face to face with Shela. I had nothing to do with any of them, but at that moment I understood how it felt when a cheating guy came in between his two girlfriends, all hell would definitely break loose.

Without saying a word, Shela just stood up, took her handbag and said, “Obi, I will call you” and just left. I could imagine how she was feeling, first I denied her of having breakfast with her and when she took the pain of secretly following, there came in the “devil incarnate”, Paulina, who just destroyed all the “moves”.

With the way Paulina was crying, I knew Shela would think that she was my girlfriend.

“What are you doing here, Paulina, I had a visitor. At least you could have called before coming” I asked her. I was really upset with her visit.

She just burst out in tears the more as If what I said made her cry. “masa, masa, don’t even bring that oo” I told myself without her hearing me.

One of my weaknesses, the tears of a lady. I hate to see a lady cry. It just weakens me, making me look all emotional and concerned.

“It’s Joey, he slapped me” She said.

There she goes again. Do I even look like Counselor Lutterodt? But on a more serious note, for a guy to slap a lady or even lay a finger on her- that is childish.

Even though I didn’t even like her visit, I became sensitive to her call and understood. I managed to console and made her feel a little better.
After about 30 minutes, she was good to go. I walked her to the roadside for her to board a cab back home. As soon as she left, I saw four guys running towards me. They quickly by passed me and went away. I didn’t know where they came from, where they were going or why they were running.

Out of nowhere, I was grabbed from behind by the police.

“Finally, we have got you, where are the rest” They asked.

I had no Idea of what they were talking about. The next thing I saw was a handcuff on my hands and being led away in a vehicle to the police station. I had no idea of what I had done. This is where my Story begins.
To be Continued.



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