I’m A Hitman Episode 50


Kimberly’s pov
I got to my bed and lay down it. My phone beeped and I quickly took it from the lamp table.

The caller was unknown which made me creased my brows. Who’s this caller? Cause this phone is new and I’m sure Jayden didn’t put any numbers into it.

I shrugged and picked the call. “Yes, who’s this?” I said softly.

“Hey! Its new.” The voice replied and I immediately knew. He’s here. Finally.

“Jayden?” I called to confirm.

“Yes. Miss me already?” He let out his calm voice.

“Yes, Jayden. You’re still in the country?” I asked.

“Yeah. I won’t be going back for now.”

“What of your mother?” I questioned.

“She’s doing fine. Uhm…..I told Sarah to take her to my Father’s hideout.”

“Why? They are after her too?”

“Kind of. Any one who’s close to me can’t be left out. That’s why I asked you to go. I don’t want you to get hurt.” He groaned.

“I get it. Jayden, do you care so much for me?” My eyebrows arched, waiting for an answer.

“Yes, I do. Anyway, I’m just here to call you and asked if you’re at home already. Gideon got an information that you’re home already. I don’t know how.” Jayden spoke.

My heart skipped a beat. “What are you going to say to him?” I inquired worriedly

“I have my ways, Kimberly. You don’t have to get worried. Kimberly……” He paused. “Don’t go out, please. I don’t want you to get hurt. I’ll be worried if you get hurt.” He concluded.

I smiled when he said that. I couldn’t help but smile broadly. Oh! God! I wish I was with him.

I want him to be in hia hands, hugging me, cuddling me and giving me a kiss. But those things are impossible.

He doesn’t want me to be in his life any longer.

“I’m happy you care for me.” I managed to say.

“I need to go. Stay indoors amd don’t go out. Bye.” He hung up.

I breathed out and slept off afterwards.

The noise downstairs made me jumped up from the bed.

“Leave the way!” I heard.

I came down from the bed, opened the door and met my dad in a pool of blood.