Identical Episode 31


Kim nana (Crazy)
“Who’s that?” Dad asked from behind and started coming close but at that time, the police were already walking into the house.

There was a woman with them – a woman who didn’t seem to be a police cause she looked different from them.

“Officers” dad called and stopped walking as they were already in the house. He was startled. And so were the rest of us.

“Is there a problem?”

“She’s the one!!” The different woman among them said raucously, pointing at the step thing – Rebecca.

Dad also turned and looked at her, then back at the police.

“Uh…officers, I’d really appreciate it if you could tell me what’s going on” dad said, asking the curios question.

“Actually Mr Gabriel , we have an arrest warrant for your wife here – Mrs Rebecca. She’s been convicted for the murder of Kira Soo-yin.” One of the policemen replied, arousing a wild gasp in the room.


I turned and looked at the Rebecca who was putting on a ghostly face.

“I…I don’t understand. What are you talking about?” She scoffed, batting her ugly lashes.

“don’t even try to lie about it, b***h!” The woman with the police said. “Kira didn’t trust you enough to meet up with you privately and she asked me to accompany her there.

“I was hiding by the window and had a clean record of your conversation with her and how you stabbed her!! You were scared because she knew your dirty secret; because she knew your pathetic son – Mal-chin – doesn’t belong to Gabriel. She knew he belonged to her brother who you killed because of the same reason. You’re evil, Rebecca – taking lives all because of a man’s wealth. You should be ashamed of yourself”.

The entire room was crowded with a deep silence as our eyes revolved around Rebecca.

Hold on; is this for real?

Dad turned in shock and also looked at her.

“Rebecca?” He called agaped, his voice coming out weak.

“Tell me she’s lying”.

“I have the video Mr Gabriel, In case you’ll be needing it” the woman with the police said.

“I didn’t do it” Rebecca shook her head in a whimper.

By this time, one of the policemen were already bringing out a handcuff.

“Please ma’am Rebecca, we’d suggest you remain silent cause anything you say will be used against you in the court of law” the police man said as he reached for her issues.

“No…” She tried to resist.

“I didn’t do it. I didn’t kill anyone. Gabriel please, do something. Don’t let them take me away. Please” she cried but the police was already locking the handcuffs around her hands.

“You’re unbelievable” I muttered, my hand on my waist.

“Gabriel please…don’t believe them. I didn’t do it. Please” she kept on crying while the police led her out of the house.

Dad was too stunned to move.

Oh my God! I thought such things only happened in movies? I can’t believe this.

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Gabriel’s Pov:
I closed the door weakly and silently and went to sit on the bed. But instead, I sat on the floor without knowing.

My right hand on my chest.

The fear of what had just happened replayed in my head and danced in front of my very eyes.


Rebecca? She lied to me along? She’s a murderer?

No; it can’t be

I ran my fingers into my hair and let out my agony in a muffled breath. I couldn’t bear to release the tears.

No; I couldn’t.

How’s this possible? How could this happen??

She deceived me! Made me break up with Ha-nuel.

Twenty years ago, she showed up with Mal-chin and told me he was my son. I believed her; thought she was right. Thought I had a son.

She misled me and made me had issues with Ha-nuel. She made me destroy my family and all along, I had no idea she was lying. She was no one to me.

I covered my face with my palms and whimpered.

Oh God!

She’s destroyed my life; made me lose everything! Everything!

What have I done?

Mi cha (Cold-hearted)
Less than 24 hours in this mansion and I’m already seeing hell.

I stood in the sitting room with mum and the rest of my sisters as they all talked about the previous drama.

“But mum” Kim ji called in her tender voice.

“Don’t you think we should wait a little longer? We…We need to talk to dad”.

“Talk to him about what, Kim?” Mum snapped at her.

“What exactly do we have to talk about? Whatever happened between him and his wife is his family business and not ours”.

“But he’s also our dad” nana said.
“He’s in a difficult situation right now. Don’t you think we should be there for him?”

“Aigo! What has gotten into you? So, do you prefer staying with him or coming along with me, huh?” Mum asked and they both looked at each other.

“But mum…”

Immediately, my phone beeped and I checked to see it was a text message. Mum and the rest were still talking.

?If you want your friend, Jeremy alive, pick up my call. The message read.

I checked the sender and discovered it was….Josh.


I gasped and looked at it in shock. No; this is not possible.

I looked at mum and my sisters and they were still arguing.

Then, his call came in immediately.

I shivered with the phone in my hand but tried as much as possible not to let it obvious.

“Um…excuse me” I said, referring to no one in particular and quickly rushed outside.

I got out to the passage and ruffled my hair before picking the call.

Oh my God!

?Mi cha
I heard his cold voice.

My breath wavered as I sought of what to say, but couldn’t.

?And here I was, thinking you were in danger, while I had no idea you were enjoying your sweet family reunion” He smirked but still left me speechless.
?Your new friend -Jeremy – took out time to explain everything to me; although it wasn’t easy getting him to talk.

Oh my God! What has he done with Jeremy?

?Did you really think you could run away from me, Mi cha? Huh?

?You have just 30 seconds to come out of the house and meet me in the black car parked outside the gate. 30 seconds, Mi cha, else, I’ll make sure I blow off Jeremy’s brain, right before I kill your parents and sisters. The boys are already awaiting my orders. Come out in 30 seconds or lose everything. Your time starts now”.

I tried to call but he ended the call already.

Oh my God!

This is not happening.

This is not happening.