Heart Of A Woman Season 1 Episode 9


“so what are your plans?” I asked hours later as we lazily lay beside each other on my bed. He breathed deeply, kissed me and smiled. I really was on top of the world, I haven’t felt so happy in a long time. I stared at the beautiful ring on my finger, my head swelled with satisfaction.
“I have a whole lot of things going through my mind at the moment. I feel like marrying you right away but I still have a long way to go” he answered and bit my ear softly. “you know I’m still a nobody?, I can’t just walk up to your dad and tell him about my intention. He will be disappointed, seriously” he added with a sense of humour. I eyed him, saying nothing.
“I plan on renovating my dad’s house this December, and equally start up a more fitting building in the village, plus bills and everything. But then I will deprive myself of buying my dream car and it’s a very painful sacrifice to make. You know how the city of Abuja works, without a good car you are nothing, moreover due to the kind of deals I’m now into, I badly need to upgrade my status at least to give the impression that I am not a hungry Nigerian. Besides I equally need to impress your friends you know” he poured out seriously, sending me into deep thought with his feelings.
“maybe I can be of help. You are already a big boy and we are now into this together. How about I get you your dream car while you fix other things with the money you have made so far” I offered innocently. He quickly sprang up and stared at me with disbelief.
“you mean you can make such expensive sacrifice for me?” he asked with excitement,
“why not, you have already proven your loyalty and love. The best I can do is to help you out” I answered quietly. He instantly fell on me with joy. He undoubtedly was overjoyed by my offer. So was I, because I was head over heels in love with him.
Two days later, Just like I promised, I got a very expensive Toyota SUV for kelvin. He almost ran mad with happiness which meant a lot to me. I was never bothered about spending so much money to make him happy, moreover the surprise and envy I saw in Amara’s face when we invited and told her about our engagement made me very satisfied. She really was highly impressed by what she saw, and for the first time acknowledged our relationship.
“jeez you are one persistent lucky b.itch. Kelvin is now a big boy and all yours to enjoy” she commended with a naughty smile.
Movenpick hotel had a remarkable restaurant downstairs  its building which was next to heavenly.  The well- arranged cutleries, seats and sparkling neat covers told much about the meals they served. A neatly dressed waitress in a white and green uniform approached and took orders from us. The kids were finding it hard to settle and control themselves- they were over excited.
“Dad…can i order vegetable pizza?”; Maria asked her dad expectantly in which he tactfully declined. I bet she needed to keep her weight under control, but her dad found something convincing to say.
“Maria you are allergic to cheese and green beans, would you love your face full of bumps?”.so that statement simply ended the pizza saga. I ordered vegetable fried rice and fish. The kids went in for Jollof rice and their dad settled for potato chips, turkey and ketch-up. My joy knew no bounds when we started eating. I felt as if we were one family. The kids popped in questions here and there on why jollof looks orange and not blue. Why pizzas are triangular and so much. I couldn’t help but laugh my heart out.
“A minute guys…” Mr Duncan said in between  meals and made way to the restaurant bar. He came back within 10 minutes and looked somewhat tensed and expectant; i saw him looking tactfully at the bar as if he was expecting something. I was busily savouring my red fish. The part of the fish i loved most was the eyes  but was perfectly cut in by a ” Ta  daa:….” from the Duncans. My eyes moved swiftly in their direction only to find a waiter holding a big teddy bear  together with some cards and  champangne wonderfully enclosed in a bamboo basket.
To be continued…..
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