Heart Of A Woman Season 1 Episode 15


“it’s really quite a pleasure meeting you. Seriously” Lillian said with a quick smile, drawing closer to me. I returned her smile and offered my hand to her, which she shook softly.
“it’s an honour my dear and I hope we can be great friends. How about we have dinner at my place tomorrow” she offered politely, surprising me a great deal with her superb acting skill. She was perfect with it. Her smiles and gestures very innocent and harmless, but I wasn’t a little girl who could be fooled by such a show.
“of course I’ll be more than glad to know your house” I answered and threw a glance at Kelvin whose jaw slightly tightened with worry. . I kept smiling and laughing to all she said even though I was dead with worry and jealousy. If not for my money, I knew I was no match for the bright eyed girl. It got me very worried and unsecured.
She left after spending close to thirty minutes with us. I tried very hard to conceal my feelings, but Kelvin soon noticed that I wasn’t looking alright. As we were about sleeping later in the night, he asked if anything was bothering me.
“nothing my dear” I lied, but he wasn’t convinced. He slowly brought down his lips on me and kissed my right ear softly.
“I know you don’t like Lillian. I apologized for bringing her over. I really thought I was doing the right” he said softly, his hand slowly going for my right bosom. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply.
“yea there is something in her I don’t trust. Well let’s just watch out” I said quietly, which kind of shocked him that he slowly withdrew his hand, saying nothing else to me…..
The next evening, I honoured Lillian’s invitation and landed at her house with Kelvin who had no choice than to accompany me. It really was a great moment and an opportunity for me to study the young girl who was bent on playing games with me. I took my time taking mental notes of everything. I slowly studied everything about her with the little time the dinner accorded me. I equally felt the young girl was up to something, but couldn’t place my hand on anything.
Unfortunately, I fell ill the following day. A simple running stomach slowly degenerated into a fever, keeping me indoors and bedridden for the rest of the week. I couldn’t understand what was happening to me. I slowly slipped into a shadow of myself…..
I tucked him safely in my bed and covered him with one of the bed sheets. This time i wasn’t dumb. I locked the door and cross checked again if it was truly locked. I stood beside him on the bed and untied my towel. It slipped down slowly depicting my nakedness. He only smiled peacefully and whispered.
“You are beautiful Audrey…” i smiled back and jumped on him unaware.
“Awww..that hurts”. I planted a moisterous kiss on his lips…he opened up , hugged me tightly and responded. We kissed  anxiously swallowing each others saliva. He pulled me down now, him facing me…he kissed my forehead and calmly lay beside me like an obedient dog. I turned towards him  our nose touching now.
“lets catch some sleep okay?. I feel quite exhausted.”  he muttered into my ears, his lips brushing my ear. I felt electrified and just closed my eyes.We held each other as if waiting for the unthinkable.
“Peee!!!!!  Peeee!! Peeeee!!!, the alarm blew incessantly. I woke up reluctantly; stretched and glanced  at my side: He was peacefully asleep.  I checked   the time. It was six oclock. I slipped into my morning coat and left for the kitchen. The kids were still asleep and needed to be prepared for school. A car horn that blew from outside drew my attention. A
“PATH FINDER” model   stopped infront of the house and someone quickly came out from it.  It was Miss Jane…she   wore  skimpy ash  attire  showing off her slender legs. Her lips were painted red as usual: She rushed into the house and started calling “”Duncan! Duncan!…where the hell are you? She by passed the kitchen.Before i could even notice,   she walked  into the bed rooms.
To be continued…..