Heart Of A Woman Season 1 Episode 12


I woke up early the next day, probably around 4:30am to hear Kelvin making a phone call in the sitting room. His voice was very low, preventing me from getting much of what he said, but the little I heard almost exploded my heart, bringing up my suspicion to a very alarming level.
“yea you know I’m just tolerating and pretending because I feel grateful and indebted. I’ll call you later” were the exact words I picked up and it left me wondering if he was actually discussing me over the phone. He returned to the room seconds later to see me sitting on the bed. He drew close and stared at me with concern.
“hey what’s up?, are you alright?” he asked,
“yeah just woke up. Couldn’t find you” I answered with a fake smile.
“I was speaking to a colleague concerning a little deal that didn’t go right. I had to make the phone call in the sitting room in order not to disturb you” he explained convincingly, but my mind told me he was lying. “so let’s go back to sleep my dear. I really have lots of engagements to honour later in the day” he said and forced me down on the bed.
After breakfast, he left me all alone in the house and headed out. I really felt bad watching him leave, but had to wear a smiling face and pretend as if all was fine with me. I had no reason to stop him since he claimed it was work related, but I knew better than to believe the silly lie.
“Work issues on a Sunday morning huh???”. However I took the opportunity to visit Gen. Johnson later in the day, using the visit to thank him for the help he gave to me by getting a Job for Kelvin. I spent close to an hour with him before heading over to Lydia’s house in Kubwa. Lydia was my age mate and a family friend. She was lucky to get married at the peak of her youth. She married a naval officer at the age of twenty five. A marriage blessed with two cute kids. She equally was the person who arranged and set up Kelvin’s apartment when he moved over to the capital city the previous year and as a true friend kept minute tabs on him, though the information she supplied weren’t much nor anything appalling.
I showed up at her house at exactly 3pm that fateful Sunday. She was very glad to see me.
“I truly don’t understand what you see in that boring Owerri you folks called the Eastern heartland. Move over here jor and set up a restaurant, I bet you will make much more than what you earn in Owerri over there” she joked as we hugged.
“hmmm madam knows all. Leave me jare, where will I get legit land or a decent site in this Abuja without getting scammed a hundred times over. Abeg free that matter” I laughed,
“as if you don’t have connections in the right place to buy even Aso Rock” she joked.
“I came to see how well my fiancée Kelvin is doing. I came into town yesterday” I informed her seriously. She breathed deeply and shrugged,
“hmmmm how much do you trust that guy?.” she asked curiously, making me nervous with the question.
“well we are engaged. Have you forgotten we chatted about it all through Christmas” I answered with a smile.
“well, there is this girl who works in his office, he usually hangs out with her almost every weekend. But I’m not sure if anything is actually going on between them. They always look serious together, so I don’t know if it’s just work things or something else. I have seen them a couple of times at Mrs. ladipo’s eatery. Emmm Oh God I have forgotten the name of the place. It’s just in front of my hair salon. I don’t know why it always skips my memory. You know Mrs. ladipo nah? The woman you once gave things to bring for me some years back in U.S” she explained carefully, piercing my heart with the little information she gave me.
“why then did you keep such information away from me” I asked, instantly feeling dizzy and sick.
“are you okay? You don’t look too well” she asked, jumping to my side and holding me with concern. I just didn’t understand what happened to me that moment. The sitting room began revolving around me. I had difficulty breathing while body slowly drenched with sweat…
She ran back the where ever i don’t care. Ow shit!!!! Damn!!! How could  this child interrupt like that. I sat up heavily embarrased. Mr Duncan however got up hastily and searched for his shirt and made effort to follow her. I was furious now. I could strangle that little witch any moment from now.how could she do this to me. Shamelessly i siipped the gown on and left for my room.
“Maria.!Maria! Where are you?” he called out whilst searching behind the couch at the living room. There was no sign of her… “Maria….please come out for me to make things clearer.”..he called slowly walking into the kitchen and there she was. She was seated on the floor. She had hugged her knees and was sobbing uncontrollably. Mr Duncan knelt down and made an attempt to touch her  but she moved swiftly from that direction.
“Maria..you don’t understand what you saw”…he said pitifully hoping for some kind of understanding from her,but found none.
” D:…dad i did, you were having sex with aunt Audrey…H..How will mum take this when she comes back from the workshop?” she retorted in between sobbing. He ran his hands through her hair and came closer. “Maria for Christ sake your mum doesnt’t give a damn about me and you guys. Your mum wants a divorce and so has left us”, he said and stood up, waiting for a response. He had none, she only gaped at her dad as if to say
“Really? Since when?”. He left the kitchen..
To be continued….
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