Heart Of A Woman Season 1 Episode 11


Alighting from the taxi when I got to my destination, I called Kelvin on phone.
“hullo dear, how are you doing?” he greeted as soon as he answered my phone call,
“I’m cool, hope you are at home?” I asked sweetly,
“sure, I’m just resting” he answered,
“beautiful. I’m right at your door” I informed him with a laugh,
“huh!” he exclaimed,
“serious?” he managed to ask,
“just open the door jare” I commanded and hung up with a smile.
Kelvin was extremely shocked to me. The expression on his face as he welcomed me said it all. Of course he had every reason to be surprised but shocked?, no he had no reason to be shocked.
However he tried his best to act cool and loving by making sure I had a very wonderful evening. He took me out for a lovely dinner and later wrapped it up with a very memorable sex..
I must confess that his behaviour played down my fears but as a woman it never stopped me from noticing how nervous he was and how he fidgeted each time his phone rang. I felt he was hiding something but then I waved my fears aside In other not to be too nosy since I was being treated nicely without anything serious to complain about.
“I know I haven’t been caring as I used to be, but it shouldn’t have stopped you from notifying me on time that you were coming. At least it would have enabled me to prepare and set things right for your visit” he whispered as we held each other after making love. I smiled without saying anything. All that was going through my mind that moment were prayers. I was praying for happiness. I was praying for our relationship. I was scared, terribly scared.
“so how long do you intend staying with me?” he suddenly asked, surprising me with the question. I breathed deeply and closed my eyes.
“one week dear” I replied calmly, even though I felt the question was a bit insulting, since I just arrived barely seven hours ago.
“wow that’s wonderful” he murmured and kissed my forehead, leaving me extremely clueless on what next to expect….
The door to his bedroom was half opened. I slipped in slowly and noiselessly. Tonight i was more than determined to get what i want. With his back towards me, i walked towards him noiselessly, i saw him touching his chin and mustache. He turned by instinct and saw me standing. He was too surprised to utter anything, hence i made the move.
“Mr. Duncan, don’t tell me you don’t feel anything for me..for these past months i’ve been here fantasizing how to make yr bed, how to make you happy and make you feel like a man”. I said and moved closer to him. I was completely closer now. Somehow he understood the language and came closer as well. He drew me close to his chest. I could feel his heart beat now. He ran his hands into my hair and slowly brushed his soft lips over mine. I felt numb and weak thus my body surrendering. He kissed me, his tongue busily searching for mine. I moaned, groaned and held on tightly to him.
I wanted every part of him. He swept me off my feet as if i weighed nothing and gently placed me in his soft bed. Slowly, carefully, he undressed me living me bare. he moved his lips  on my neck and gently took hold of  my nipple. I gasped and sought for more air.  He sucked it hungrily like a  baby latching. Moments of ecstasy. I kept moaning
“Baby.:…. Don’t stop it” you are damn good.”  He spread my tights wide and  his  soft hands working its way into my hot chambers. I didn’t even realize how wet  i was.  I was completely lost from the  land of the living; but somehow i managed  to come back  because of the interruption from the door:
“Dad!!!!!! What are you doing  with aunt Audrey!!! ; Maria called out   from the door her eyes depicting disappointment and lost of trust .
To be continued….