Recent studies across the world by a group of Christian Social Women Group has revealed that patronage of gyms are becoming a high risk option to sustainability of marriages.
The health and physical benefits of gyms not withstanding, the gyms are proving to be fertile grounds for infidelity and promiscuity.
Some of the observations made are revealing,
first, the gym instructors prey on vulnerable women. A lot of married women have adopted the gym as a panacea to reducing weight and looking cutely attractive. Presumably because their spouses could be more attracted to their new curvy bodies. This makes them vulnerable to predating gym instructors who take advantage and seduce them. Touching the women at their most weakest areas opened them up for abuses and lasciviousness. Women biologically respond to tickles and fondles depending on which part of the body you touch. Gym instructors cunningly and constantly touch these spots when they observed them to break the emotional stability of those women.
These over a period opens up those women for abuse. It was observed that these are prevalent with more affluent women and also lonely spouses.
Socialisation – the study also revealed that most marriages have suffered because the men or women have taken the gyms as their main centres of socialisation. When couples don’t find any reliable source of socialisation, they see the gym and the patrons as their most reliable friends, partners and joy. Most couples who attend the gym together do not face this risk. Couples who attend gyms alone are very prone these dangers. After a period of socialising with the same opposite sex for a time, bonding becomes almost unavoidable. The more they train, chat, drink and sometimes eat together after the physical exercises, they become used to each other and sometimes share their marriage challenges. Unsuspecting partners are taken advantage of through a show of sympathy and sometimes outright deception and ill advice.
Targeting – some men and women have intentionally joined gyms and clubs purposely to prey on a targeted victim. Many men and women have ignorantly fallen to wicked and deceitful men and women who have targeted them over a period. The targets may not know that these men and women have intentioned to have them for long and unsuspectingly opened up to them as gym mates and friends.
Conclusion – it is highly advised that no matter one’s presumed fidelity and moral values, Couples should avoid going to gyms alone. Couples could adopt going to the gym as normal family routine with their children. If you have to go alone for obvious and avoidable reasons, you should not allow the gym and patrons to be your second family. Our presence in the gym is for a purpose and that purpose alone. Note that you did not go to the gym to solve any other problem apart from physical exercise or weight loss. Don’t force yourself to be accepted as belonging or sociable. Married couples are already sociable and need no one to define for them realms of socialisation. Define for yourselves what as a couple you would live to do to entertain yourselves; Churches, Films, Dance or Sports, Leisure and Tourism among others.
Note that this piece has avoided the tendency to be religious article. Intentionally so because our aim is to look at the social lives of Christian couples and not their spirituality. However, we would emphasis that your faith in God, respect to your religion and yourselves, the dignity of your marriage is the surest and most reliable weapon to fight infidelity. The scripture says physical exercise is good but spiritual exercise is best. Save your marriage now!
We salute all women. You are the salt of this world. Copied from another platform