Have you ever wondered how the great things, edifice and wonderful automobiles came into being? Big question, but simple answer. It came from within wonderful men who were not super humans but have chosen to think.

There will be people telling the reason it can’t be possible. Do not mind them because they don’t know what God has whispered into your ears.

Let me tell you a little story about how Coca-Cola came into being and is now a global brand. Coca-cola was invented by one chemist called John Pemberton in the year 1888. He started serving it in glasses and sold it at a pharmacy. Business was not good so he sold the right to Asa Candler for $2300. Asa also severed it in glass and still sold it in a pharmacy. He was one day approached by two men, Whitehair and Thomas who challenged Asa that coca-cola can be severed in bottles. Asa didn’t believe them and sold the right to them for only $1. Quit interesting right? It was all about good managerial skills to push coca-cola into bottles which Asa didn’t know. The two, Whitehair and Thomas started bottling coca-cola and sold them outside the pharmacies and today, the rest is history. A drink which used to be severed to 8 persons per day is now severed to 1.5 billion people per day. This story really educates us on the fact that we must cherish our dreams no matter how small it is.

In life, you would have to deal with rejection and people who writes you off. When people write you off and you don’t prove them wrong then they are right.

Consider life like a Rich man who has given you a blank cheque to write any amount on it for it to be cashed for you. The choice now is solely yours now. What will you write on the blank cheque? The tragedy of life is that we write small an amount of money on it. Can’t we shun fear and write bigger amounts of money on them?

What are you ready to take the ridicule of life for? The irony of life is such that those who ridicule us are no near us. Serious people who are ahead of you do not have the time to ridicule others. If anybody laughs at you, do not get upset, the person has indicated he is behind you. There are possibilities around us. Let us search around us and within us and we will find them.

Do not give up on your ideas no matter how small that is. Be ready to start small, think great and you shall succeed.

GREAT THINGS, SMALL BEGINNINGSwpid-father-and-son.jpg. May God bless us and all our ideas.

Delicious de Diplomat,

Akwasi Boakye.