Good Sin – Episode 7 – Two Wrongs


Her husband tried to explain but Eva interrupted. “Are you surprised? well if you care to know, I’m carrying a seed for him”. For a moment Dzifa didn’t want to believe what Eva was saying. The news also came as a surprise to Dzifa’s husband. This was totally a news to him and even if it was true, he expected Eva to at least inform him rather than busting out like that. 
“I am sure there is a misinterpretation somewhere” He said, then walking towards to his wife, Dzifa, he begun making funny excuses. “Erm, I can’t deny what you saw; we were just caught in the moment. I’m sorry” He said. 
Aside Dzifa’s unacceptable attitude, it was clear that he really loved her and was not ready to lose her over Eva. He went closer to her and tried to hold on to her hand. 
“Don’t you touch me, you cheat” Dzifa shouted out. Just then Eva came in again.
“Maybe, I need to leave the two love birds alone but it doesn’t change the fact that I’m still carrying your husband’s Child” Eva said and walked out on them, leaving Dzifa and her husband alone in the office. 
“Tell me what she said isn’t true, Patrick, tell me, is she carrying your child? Dzifa asked her husband now that they were alone.
Dzifa’s husband was not good at lying and when he was caught up in the moment, he will just be lost in his words and be fumbling all over. He knew very well that Dzifa knew this side of him and for that matter, there was no need of lying to her. 
“Baby, I am really sorry, this wouldn’t happen again. I don’t know what came over me” He smartly began apologizing trying to escape the question his wife asked. 
“That was what you told me the last time and you ended up doing the same thing all over again. Is she pregnant for you? Just answer me.” She asked again. 
“I…I …. I really don’t know, this is kind of news to me…” He said. 
“But you had something doing with her right” She asked. 
Then slowly he nodded affirming that he really had something to do with Eva, meaning it was quite possible that she may be carrying his child. 
That was the last time Dzifa’s husband set his eyes on his wife. Just after confirming that they had something to do, without saying anything, Dzifa left the office and never returned again. Dzifa was nowhere to be found, her phone numbers were all not going through. He thought perhaps, Dzifa had left him after he found her wedding ring on his pillow when he got back home to find his wife gone. 
All this while Eva and Patrick, her manager have been distant towards each other. Their relationship now was only job related. All this happened after Eva had confirmed that she was indeed pregnant for him. He then started depositing money into her account for her up keep and that of the unborn child. This indicated that he was ready to father the child and take up the responsibility irrespective of her wife’s neglecting. 
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This got her very upset and one quite morning, she barged into his office. 
“What do you take me for? She shouted at him. Patrick had never seen her angry in that manner.  “You think I’m after your money or something? I can take care of my child as far as am concerned; I don’t need your money.” She continued. She then took out a letter and handed it over to her manager. 
“I have resigned, I can no longer work for you or come between you and wife” Eva said. Somehow, she didn’t feel good and proud of what she was doing to her friend. Though they may have an unforgettable past, which demands a lot of explanation on the path of Dzifa, it still doesn’t justify for coming between her Friend’s marriage. 
“No, this is to the extreme, I still need you here. You can’t resign” He said. Aside everything, Eva was an asset to the company that they can’t afford to lose her for anything. 
“I can’t please, this is beyond me, already, I am tearing up your marriage which I am not proud of, I have to go” She insisted. 
Patrick got out of his chair and went closer to her. “What if I tell you my marriage is already over, it was only a matter of time” He said. “As I’m speaking to you now, Dzifa is nowhere to be found. After the incident, I have not seen or heard from her”
Eva became quite, just when she wanted to end everything, there came an opportunity for her to grasp. She had already succeeded in convincing Dzifa and her husband that, he was responsible for the pregnancy.  Now, she wasn’t in love with him, yet she wanted to be with him all because of how she felt during their first intercourse. 
“I need to be alone, I will be at my desk” Eva said, she couldn’t take it anymore. She went away and sat on her desk as she had said. Then she buried her face in her hand and begun to think about all that was happening around her. 
Just about a short while, Dzifa showed up with Ben at the office, Eva was surprised to even see them together in the first place. Just then, Patrick came out of his office and also met them. 
“Baby you are here, I have been looking everywhere for you” He said. 
Dzifa ignored him, yet kept her eyes on Eva. “Surprised, I guess. Well I hope you know who this guy is. Ben, the father of your child” She said. 
To Be continued. 
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