Gift Episode 35


My Uncle was just looking like bulldog throughout that day, wetin concern me? Odele was just disturbing my life even after I warned him to vanish with the wind. I wonder who curse that guy with 1.5 centimeter kulikuli, I pleaded with him to leave me alone.

Am suspecting Ahmed oh! Anytime I walk pass the gate, he will run inside his security house. I wonder why, I go catch am one day sha.. For now I dressed up with long gown covering everywhere and followed my aunt’s to the hospital. When PHCN took light in the hospital and everywhere was dark and terrifying, I asked myself wetin bring me come here. I nodey plan to be any doctor, biko. The most scary thing that happened is when a woman mentioned that there is a mortuary close-by, I clung to my aunt like some ghosts are after my life.

My aunt chided me to stop and be brave, how human being godey brave for burial ground in the night? My aunt eventually regretted why she brought me to the hospital with her, she vowed not to take me along again. No be that one dey bother me sef, na when one man died that night. I started crying, eventually they restored the light and some nurses were just teasing me, I slept off after I made fool of myself.

My aunt and I went home the next morning, I still dey recover from the shock of the previous night when a strange number called. The voice sounded like that of Ezekiel, the idiot later confirmed himself that he is the one. That he wants to see me, that he missed me and he loved me very much, I simply answered him to come to Abuja if he missed me and ended the call.

I opened my text message icon and find tons of messages from Gideon, the kulikuli boy that puna took to Abuja. He called and I picked, I wan hear how em dey cope with em hard-on and excitement with all the plans he had for my sugar-pot.

Gideon: baby, why you dey do like this? I dey wait for you.

Me: I no be baby, I dey fourteen years and fourteen years no be small pikin again.

Gideon: c’mon, you be my baby.

Me: if you need baby, impregnate that your white witch girlfriend, leave me alone.

Gideon: ahh! aahh!! You be my only girlfriend, we fit see talk about everything?

Me: how many times I go tell you, I nodey Abuja.

Gideon: where you dey?

Me: I dey different State, bye. I quickly ended the call and I barely dropped my phone when it rang again. I realized is nearly impossible to convince ho-rny guys, I switched off my phone.

One day I pretended to be going out when I sighted Ahmed running into his security house. He has two windows, one is facing the compound while one faced outside the confine of the compound, attached to the fence. The moment he saw me and ran inside his security house leaving the bench and radio he was listening to. Like the way male fowl dey pursue female fowl, I went to the opened window in the compound and peeped, I saw Ahmed glued to the other window wall fumbling with his agbada.

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He produced very long and thin kulikuli from his agbada. The longest I have ever seen. So my yansh don turn to wetin go make men go crazy, I went back inside hopefully he can find a way to cu-m. Gift no wan buy anything today, my uncle was chasing me all over the house like someone who was possessed. The moment my aunt went for night shift, he pounced on me while I was washing plates in the kitchen sink.

I wore short skirt and a handless top, he grabbed me from behind not allowing me to turn.

Me: uncle stop, I go tell aunt oh! wetin you dey do no go *I struggle*

Uncle: I know, I no know why I nofit do without putting the cap for your thing.

Me: na wetin you talk that time say na only cap, you go put.. You chuk all.

Uncle: you too sweet na em make. *pressing my bre-asts*

Me: ooohh! hooo! uncle sto…p.

Uncle: only the tip, I go just put am commot am. *raising my skirt up*

Me: I go shout wake Ella

Uncle: shiiii… shiii… you go enjoy am, no shout. *shifting my pa-nt*

Me: I go shout oh! *start fi-ngering me* assshh! I … go sh…ou oohhh!!

Uncle: *thru-st in* aahh! aaahh! chaaii! you too sweet. He started pounding me from behind, destroying my sugar-pot. His big balls sac slapping my cli-t, making me to moa-n louder as he ravaged my sugar-pot with his hard kulikuli. Pressing and moa-ning as he roared like mating lion behind me, he pulled out after five minutes of thru-sting and cu-mmed on the floor, he quickly put his trouser on and left the kitchen begging me not to tell anyone that it is the handwork of devil, I still dey wonder if na devil make em kulikuli hard or na devil help am shift my innocent pa-nt.

I called my dad and told him that I want to go back home, he went mad that I want to have second pregnancy and humiliate him, he ended the call and warned me not to misbehave and stay with my aunt. I wanted to tell my aunt wetin dey happen under her nose but the wahala be say, my aunt trusted her husband more than anything and the man na leader for Church. Jeez… I no know how to take fight the man, I nofit dey fu-ck my aunt husband is a taboo. I think Ahmed will help me, because I no trust myself, small touching I don we-t my pant.

Our Elder say is only a fool will run back to a problem because it looks like the solution.