Gift Episode 10


Me: *I start crying and begging* daddy, don’t beat me please.. I will carry first.

Daddy: beat you? you no even talk say make I no kill you. You dey waste my money.

Me: daddy, please na.. I will not do it again.

I was just crying and begging seriously. Is like the more I cry and shout is the more I got beatings, my papa beat me ehnn.. I see five different stars that day. He used koboko on me that day, I saw heaven and returned back.

Aftter he finished dealing with me, I got ill and he took me to the hospital and then skin care for my skin treatment, because the koboko don draw tribal marks full my body.

Grace was already exposed, she became stingy again, wicked girl. She no gree give me her phone to watch po-rn, I was terribly ho-rny and Grace wasn’t helping matter. My dad was so mad at my position that he decided not to bring any home teacher that he can’t be spending on a block head, no blame me oh! no be say book no wan enter my head, is just that sweet kulikuli no gree. I wish school will just open, and I couldn’t go to Linus Mechanic to enjoy his long pri-ck. My school is very far from my home and Linus mechanic is close to my school, and my dad stopped giving me money. He only gave money to Grace and the girl hand strong, I beg and beg for where, she was really acting like a witch.

My puna was always scratching me for satisfaction, I tried fi-ngering myself in the bathroom no way. Grace sent me to buy Vitamin C for her one evening like that, I met Adeyin on my way to the clinic. The girl I caught Papa Tabara smooching away her destiny, I threatened her that I will tell her father that she aborted a baby for Papa Tabara if she didn’t tell him that I like him. Sha… When she got pregnant she pointed at one useless noisemaker Joseph in the Estate, I pity the boy ehnn.. I doubt if he had seen her pan-t talk more of entry.

Joseph was advertising everywhere that Adeyin is his girlfriend, so boom when Papa Tabara netted a goal like Okocha, na him all fingers point go. He is still doing labour for his father for the abortion money he brought, Joseph the big time community service boy.

Yesterday em go clean that very dirty Estate gutter that mad people are even scared of, eyaa… wetin puna nofit do.

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After shaking Adeyin up she promised to tell Papa Tabara. I was so excited and I even imagined Papa Tabara ramming hard into me that night when I was fi-ngering myself and it felt good. Our elders says A mother hen didn’t cover her chicks out of cowardice, but she did it in order to keep them together and not wander off.

I was playing with Tabara in their shop when Mama Tabara asked me to check up on her husband, I was so excited when I ran to their house with my tiny legs, my bre-asts was growing fast, at Eleven I have a big bumbum all thanks to Grace.

I entered the house and met Papa Tabara bare body and just wrapper tied around his waist, he was watching news. I told him that his wife want to see me.

Papa Tabara: you tell Adeyin anything?

Me: *I nod shyly* yes.

Papa Tabara: you like me?

Me: *I start playing with my fingers* yes.

Papa: come sit down for my laps *I walk over to him and sit on his laps* you no go tell Mama Tabara bah?

Me: *he start pressing my bre-asts* no, I no go tell her.

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Papa Tabara fu-ck me ehnn… that day, he took off my shirt and start pressing my small breasts, telling me that he like how beautiful my ni-pples is. He started su-cking and smooching them, I was just mo-aning and rubbing his head. He said my breasts milk will be very sweet, Papa Tabara pulled off his wrapper and brought out the smallest di-ck for a matured man that I have ever seen in my life, no wonder em dey pursue all the small small girls for the estate. He pulled my skirt up and pulled down my pa-nt, he made me s——-d him. I gave my first ride at Eleven years, ama rider jare… He thru-sted in and was surprised I swallowed everything and remained.

Our elder say a child who couldn’t compete with his age mate will always blame his village people rather than his laziness.

Papa Tabara: aahh! this your thing sweet oh, but em no too tight.

Me: Humm… I no know why oh. He held my waist and started making me to move up and down on his ha-rd s—t, I was enjoying how deep it was going in. To ride di-ck sweet oh, suddenly we heard voices outside.

Voice1: aahh! Mama Tabara, this one you nodey shop, na who dey?

Voice2: my sister, na toilet oh! I tell Gift to call Papa Tabara since oh, em never come.