Ghanaians Are The Most Romantic Long-Distance Lovers – Report


Ghanaians are the most romantic long-distance lovers, a report by a money transfer service World Remit revealed.
Based on a global data from 2014, the money transfer firm said Ghanaians abroad sent more money to their loved ones back home than any others, especially on Valentine’s Day.
“Romantics sending money to loved ones abroad tend to send £35 – £60 extra on average on Valentine’s Day.
“Ghanaians are the most romantic long distance lovers, each sending an average around £63 more on Valentine’s Day than on any other day of the month.
“Ghanaians were closely followed by Bangladeshis and Zimbabweans who spent an average of £54 and £52,” the World Remit report said.
According to the report, more women send money than men “on Valentine’s Day to countries such as Jamaica, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.”
WorldRemit’s service is available to senders in 50 countries. It offers transfers to more than 110 destinations across Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and the Americas.