Esteban goes behind Christina’s back to sign a check to settle his hotel bills and other things but unfortunately for him Christina bounds on him and he becomes nervous but in the end after Christina had inquire from him to give her an explanation about why he did that and what he was going to use the money, he was able to convince her to the maximum and all scores where settled.
11377239_852533241484144_7774230846231859524_nAfter Danilo called Esteban to come defend him from the police at the association, he and Alejandra goes home and on reaching the room, Alejandra asked and plead with Danilo not to try involving Esteban in his business least think of asking him to stand for him but Danilo tells her that, he needs Esteban involve in the business because this is how he is going to breakthrough in his business because with Esteban, everyone will know that he is also an honorable man.

She again asks Danilo on his reason for accusing German as being the brain behind his false reportage of him committing a crime to the police and Danilo tells Alejandra that, with that he wanted to frighten to tell German about what he is capable of doing to him.

11390201_850890711648397_7240079977550121400_nAcacia still feels hurt with Esteban’s coming back to the ranch to be with her mother and she continues to speak rudely towards him but Christina who is still ignorant about the affair between them constantly ask Acacia not to behave in that manner towards Esteban but rather request that she get closer to him and put away that resentment in her heart nonetheless acacia then questions Christina that she prefers not talking to Esteban at all.
The police go to the ranch to have German arrested since Danilo mentioned his name as a suspect behind the false report the police have receiving concerning the criminal works of Danilo. The police get to the ranch and they saw German and start to interrogate him on the issues and whiles German was speaking they detect from his speech that he is actually innocent about the accusation made by Danilo and they excused German and left him alone. German was actually shocked as why Danilo will accuse him about that so he called Ulises to inform him about the circumstances.
1558572_852533264817475_7000660166161524043_nAlejandra feels endlessly feels hurt inside after learning that German is about getting married to Lizzy and not having any one to share her sentiment with, she goes to see Estrelia in her room and pour her heart out to her about the situation and how she is dying inside because that means she has lost him forever and Estrelia consoles her. she make it known to estrelia that, deep inside her heart, she always wish to run out Danilo’s house and go back to German but that is never going to happen since now there’s no hope for her again as German is at the verge of getting married.
Danilo tells Perla that, there is no more encounter with the police since he was able to escape them again this time. Perla then ask him if in any way he thinks that it is Alejandra who alerted the police about his dealings but he tells her that, he doesn’t think so because he thought things over and he thinks that it was the police own investigations which brought them there and they were just caught because of bad luck. And he stated again that he is not going to clear that doubt from Alejandra mind that he still believes that she was the one who gave the police the tip off so that because he wants her to still feels that she is his suspect. Perla encouraged him that, she thinks Danilo is right not to trust Alejandra and ask him to trust her alone since.
11350543_852533558150779_6242627353710720827_nChristina meets with Hector at the restaurant and she blows the information to him about she making up with Esteban and the news made Hector very much nervous since he thought he was about to make his way through into Christina’s life but even in his hurt, he congratulated Christina and use the opportunity to tell Christina that he is going to stay away from her from now on to prevent any more hurt.
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