Flower Girl – Episode 4


Leonard’s POV

Miranda and I related yesterday as though we had known each other for very long time , first she helped me , then I helped her

I’m happy that I finally have a female friend ,in the past , I had tried to force myself on ladies but they always ignore and treated me with contempt . I do not have much respect from ladies of our class because I was not brilliant , I was dull , even though I came from a rich family , there are many richer people there in the school

I dressed and my driver drove me to school , my dad has not yet allow me to start driving by myself , he was always claiming that I was still too young

We got to school and I stepped down , I put on my schoool bag and waved to the driver to bade him goodbye and he left .

I was thinking if I should go to Miranda’s class first to greet her or go straight to my class. I oppted for the first option , I went to Miranda’s class and saw her unpacking some stufs in her school bag, i walked towards her and greeted her , she replied and smiled

“ I was asked to give you this letter from the principal a student said as he approached where I was standing to greet us.

The letter looked very official, I was scared because I was not expecting that kind of letter at that moment from the principal.

“ what could be inside this letter “ I thought as I lowered my head

Miranda watched me without saying a word
“ the world will not crumble if I open this letter now “ I thought

I tore the sealed part of the letter and opened it gently, so scared and anticipating at the same time to see what was in it.

I closed my eye and breathed in, I opened my eye and I read it with the little courage I had summoned

“If I may ask, what is in the letter “ Miranda asked just as I finished reading it

its a message from the principal telling me to show up by 12pm before the school panel

“ school panel !” Miranda exclaimed

“ yeah, I do not know why ?”

“ what if it is the work of Dalton ?”

“you mean Dalton can do this ?” I asked

“ you know what , let’s see Jan , he might help us “ Miranda said and looked at me expecting me to say Yes

“ yeah , let us go “ I replied

We went out of the class room and went straight to the Flower boys class room

They were all sitting down in their separate seats ; Dalton , Jan , Gus and Jack and the flower girls ;Stephanie , Erlone and Peggy too were sitting down in order

The class was in order

Miranda and I stood at the entrance , we looked at ourselves confusingly on what we should do

“ Leonard, I think you should stay , let me go in and call Jan out “ Miranda said

“ It’s alright “ I watched as Miranda walked inside the class

I didn’t know what she told Jan, but I know Jan stood up and followed her outside

“ Hey Leonard Jan greeted

“ I’m not fine , a letter was sent to me by the principal that I’m gonna face the panel by 12 pm today “ I said looking very worried

“ and is that why you are panicking ?” Jan asked

“ I think Jan is gonna help us , Jan , what are you gonna do?” Miranda asked facing Jan

“I’m not gonna do anything, I’m in the same shoe with you “ Jan said

“ what do you mean?” I asked

“ The same letter you received was sent to me this morning , I’m also gonna face the school panel by 12pm” Jan said and smiled

“ but you aren’t scared, do you have a plan ?” I asked Jan

“If I have one , I’m not gonna tell you” Jan said

“ why ?” I asked

“ you guys treat me like I’m not one of you , I wanna be your friends “ Jan said

“ That is not possible , how can you be friend with we commoners “ I said

“ No! I chose to be friend with you, just accept me “

“ and what about your friends?” I asked

“ you mean my brothers ?”

“ yes, the flower boys , are you gonna leave them and come to us “ I asked

Jan smiled and said ” I’m not gonna leave my friends , but at the same time , I’m gonna know how to manage it”

“ alright , you welcome ,I met Miranda yesterdy as well, we are just getting to know each other , you met her too yesterday , Miranda is not gonna reject you “ I said and faced Miranda

“ of course not , I’m not , Jan you welcome , I like you guys “ Miranda said

“thanks “ I replied while Jan smiled

“ Jan , what are we gonna do now?”

“ do not worry yourself , I’m gonna handled it

“, what do you mean ?”

“ do not worry , just come by 12pm , keep quiet and allow me do the talking “ Jan said and turned to leave

“ okay ..alright “ I said sluggishly and shook my head like I was trying to grab what he meant

“ lets go to our classes , the teachings will commence soon “ Miranda said

“ yeah , sure . I said and we walked from the flower boys class to the point in the school hallway where we departed to our various classes

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Miranda’s POV

This is gonna be interesting , being friends wiith one of the hottest boys on campus, he came to my class yesterday to give me some tips of advise about the dos and don’t of the school and I really appreciated it .

Leonard , my fantastic friennd , I do not want anything evil to happen to my Leonardd, whoever set up this letter of a thing , I hope he looses .

The teacher came inside and I brought out my notepad to write

“12 pm”

Jan’s POV

Leonard and I had being invited to the school panel, it is hard to suspect my brother because he had never done that before

I need to know what this is all about before I know what to do

“You welcome, John Leonard and Robert Jan, the school panel had invited you over some accusations you were given by people that are close to you. We will like to ask you few questions, can I go ahead and read the question ” The school secretary said , it was obvious he was reading it from a pamphlet given to him

“Very well sir” I replied

“Good, Are you aware of the school rules ?”


“Do you know that dating is prohibited in the school?”


“You were accused of dating, is that true?’

” No”

‘Tell us more ”

“More about what, I said No”

“Mr Leonard, what would you say”

“Whatever Jan said , I say, we are one voice” Leonard said confidently

“Alright , we have a video record of the two of you flirting with a lady”

“Bring it out, play it” I said cinfidently

“are you saying the accusations are false”


“I think we need to call the accuser here to give us concrete proof sir(s)” The secretary said

“We can’t just sit here and let one of this young boys play with our brain, let us invite the accuser here” A woman amidst the panel said

“Oh no!” The principal said

“What are we gonna do now” the same woman asked

“We gonna keep eye on them” The principal said, stood up painfully and walked out

I watched as he left the hall where we were being questioned and I followed him without he noticing

I tiptoed gently as he went to a corner of the school

I wondered what he wants to do there

I had dismissed Leonard to his class already after the successful school panel’s battle and told him that I have an urgent assignment which is to trace the principal

I placed my ear on the door gently and I knew at once that two people were there

I peeped a little and I saw Dalton waiting for the principal with his hand inside his pocket

He was conversing gently with the principal, but I didn’t hear what they were saying.

I need to let them know that I caught them red handed

it is obvious now that Dalton was the one that reported Leonard and I to the principal

“Fantastic” i said and clapped as I entered the room Dalton and the principal was

Even though I didn’t hear what they were saying, I still had to play along

“So this was a set up all along” I said and walked passed them a little, I came back to my brother and spoke to his ear

“Betrayer, when did u become like this?” I asked Dalton softly

“You are a fool Jan, and I’m gonna ensure you leave this school” Dalton replied angrily

“Not even this slim tall principal has the right to expelled me from this school , this is the school that is owned by government ” I said and smirked

“Jan, You are becoming a threat to me already, why would u trace me here, is this how u had being doing all this days , I could frame you up for different things against you , If you like yourself , stop all this ” The principal said to me with a serious look

“The two of you are the one that is supposed to be sacked by the government ” I said and turned to leave

I heard a loud bang on my head, It was like my head was hit, I fell to the floor and lost consciousness

To be continued