Flower Girl – Episode 3


Beatrice’s POV

I hurriedly scampered through the stairs and ran straight to the northern side of the school.

I had seen that Leonard was being dragged and molested amidst the crowds of student.

I got to the place and I was panting heavily, I hurriedly went to where Leonard was , his cloth had being torn , I found my way through the crowds of student and went beside Leonard.

Leonard was bending with his palm on his knee, his uniform had being turn and dirty. They stopped throwing garbages at him as soon as I went beside him

I bent a little and tried to help him up,I rapped my right hand around his neck and helped him out of the crowd

The crowds of student were watching us , I did not know why they stopped

I helped him to the private place he took me to some hours ago , I did the exact same thing he did for me then , I bought a new unifrom for him and told him to rest there before he heads back to class

“ Leonard , what happened ?” I asked him worried look

“ I was just heading to my class when four boys came to carry me to the midst of some crowds of students , I knew he was sent by either the flower boys or the X girls, Gus encouraged the crowd present to start singing and to throw some garbages at me , some went farther than that and came closer to me to tear my uniform” He said briefly and lowered his head

“ I’m so sorry Leonard “ I said sympathetically

“ Its alright “ he replied

“ I know you experience this because of me , what are we gonna do now ?” I asked him looking very worried

“ there is only one option” he replied

“ what is that ?” I asked

“ we are gonna have to beg both the X girls and the flower boys “ He said and look to probably see my face so he can observe my facial expression

“ I can’t even imagine myself begging someone , so ridiculous!” I thought

I watched Leonard as he squatted on the floor, I didn’t want him to go through this again , I’m gonna be left with no choice but to do as he has suggested

“ It’s alright “ I said after a series of silence

“ good , shall we do that now ?” he asked

“ did you know where they are “ I asked

“ yeah, sure , they should be in class now “ He said

“ what class are they ?” I asked

“ the flower boys and the X girls are the only one in their class, the school built for them a separate class” He replied

“ what! Anyways , lets start going “ I said and checked myself if I’m really fit to go to that class

He stood up and he led the way , I walked beside him and we walked to their class.

On getting to the entrance of their class, we saw the X girls inside the class and the flower boys were just coming

We decided to meet with the flower boys first before apologizing to the X girls

“ hey , sorry , we are sorry , stop punishing us “ I said with no iota of respect to the flower boys as they got to where we are

“ we are so sorry,please pardon us “ Leonard added

“ ha ha ha” Dalton laughed and the other boys smiled

“ I cant believe you can apologize” Gus said

“ well, for me to stop punishing you guys , you have to do something for me “ Dalton , their leader said

“ what is it ? “ I asked

“ you gonna have to come to our class every morning to sweep it and clean all the chairs and desk, I’m gonna have to tell the cleaners to stop working “ Dalton said and watched me intently

“You fool, who the hell do you think you are , you are gonna die like a commoner too someday “ I said and spit at him

Dalton raised his hand up like somone that wanted to slap me , but Jan the most gentle one among them held him suddenly by his arm and looked at him shaking his head

“ let me teach this daughter of a b***h a lesson“ Dalton said as he tried to free his hand off Jan

“ I’m not gonna stand here watch you continue to molest this innocent girl , they came to applogize, just keep your pride , accept their apology and move on with your life “ Jan said and released Dalton’s hand

“ young boy, what did you call your name again ?” Jan asked facing Leonard

“ I’m Leonard” Leonard replied

“ and you ?” Jan asked facing me

“ Miranda” I replied

Nice meeting you guys , your apology is accepted , you can now leave

“Thanks Jan “ I said and turned away

Leonard followed and we walked through the hall way till we departed to our various classes

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Dalton’s POV

I watched as Leonard and Miranda left , I felt so ridiculed

“why will Jan behave like that?” I thought

I ignored Jan and entered the class, I was having a very bad day already , Jan spolit everything for me , I went out of the class without informing my other companions Jack, Gus and Jan

I went to the rest room to relax and cool off my head , I thought of what I could do , I can’t hurt my own brother , Jan , but I must hurt either of Miranda or Leonard

I knew she is a new student , I waited till it was time for the closing time, I went to her class and stood at the entrance of her class watching to see what I can do to molest her.

But I saw a different girl entirely, she was joking with one of her class mate , I saw her laughed and her white teeth shows, I saw a perfect body that suits the girl of my dream , I saw her look at the entrance unconsciously as she laughed randomly, she didn’t notice my presence

I was lost in thought , her face looked like that of my beautiful dead mother, her red lips glow like a shinning stars , her unifrom was a perfect fitting on her, my body quivered and I wish I could hug her at that moment , cold sweeps around my body as my heart beat increased in fear of ‘if I’m loving the rude girl I met today’

My feelings are hard to explain because I had never falllen in love before, I had stayed from ladies all my life , Is this love or just a temporary feeling? “ I asked myself

I watched her as she packed her books, she was probably planning to leave the class

I wanna go inside but I do not know how to face her , she might insult me or create a scene there

I saw a familiar person entered her class

It was Jan

“ oh my ! what is Jan doing here “ I asked myself

Jan passed the second entrance to Miranda class

I watched as Jan moved closer to her and they discussed

“ what in the world is Jan discussing with this girl”

Jan left after saying whatever to her in two to three miniutes

I was curious to know what Jan had told her , so I summoned a little courage to go and face her

I was about to step in when I saw Leonard entering from the other entrance of the class

“ oh my ! what is all this nonsense?, what is this Leonard doing here again ?“ I asked myself

I stylishly turned back hoping that no one will see me

I hid at the entrance and watched Miranda and Leonard

I do not know what they were discussing but I guess either Jan or Leonard is up to something

A feelling of jealousy ovewhelmed me

I couldn’t control it again , I went away from the class and went to the principal’s office

“ hi Flower boy “

“ I’m fine sir and u ?”

“ good , you wanna have some discussions with me “

“ yes sir “

“ I’m all ears “

“ sir , I suspected something strange in this school ?”

“ tell me more boy”

“ some new students who were either oblivious of the school’s rules or chose to ignore it, I saw them together and with the way I studied them, it seems they are dating sir “ I said

“ the school rules had being sent to everyone’s email, claiming to be ignoranmt of the school rules is not an excuse “ the principal replied

“ what are you gonna do now ?“ I asked

“ tell me the names of those students , I’m gonna invite them over to the school panel “

“ good , I do not know the name of the girl they are fllirting with , but I know the guys name , one is my brother , Jan “

“ really ? Jan , your brother , he knows the school rules more than anyone here, why will he ? who is the second person ?”

“ John Leonard “ I replied

“ Good. I’m gonnna work on that, but you said you did not know the name of the girls they are flirting with?”

“ yes sir “

“ can you recognize them ?”

“ no sir , I only saw them maybe once or twice , but I see the guys often”

I said that to protect Miranda, I hope that something crazy would happen to Jan and Leonard , then I would be able to express my feelings towards her

“ you can now go , I’m gonna handle it “ the principal said

“ thanks sir “ I said and stood up , I smirked wickedly and leave

“ but am I really suppose to do what I just did ?why can’t I control my jealousy , have I gone too far? No. I think I love Miranda , Yes . I love her . I do and I’m not gonna allow anyone have her“ I thought as I walked through the school hallway down to where my car was parked and drove home

I did not bother waiting for my brothers , they knew I was angry because of what Jan did.

To be continued