Flower Boy – Episode 43


(Make Anthony loose his memory)

Anthony’s POV

I have no idea what happened next. But by the time I opened my eyes , I saw myself laying on an hospital bed.

I stared to the left and I saw Scot and Brian sitting on a chair beside the bed I laid. They were bowing their heads on their hands

I turned to the left and I saw Nancy bandaged from head to toe. Then I remembered what happened last. The car blew. That was what I remembered last

But where is Brandon and that Romeo? I wanted to stand up but there are many medical gadgets connected to my body

I find it hard to even speak but I tried to voice out few words

“Brian, Scot” I called cus I assume they were probably sleeping or lost in deep thought

They rose up all of a sudden and walked closer to me.

“Thanks goodness you are alive. The doctor said your chances of being alive is 50/50. We aren’t so sure that you will survive that terrible accident” Brian said

That was when it dawn on me that the accident we had was a terrible one

“Where is Brandon?” I asked hoping that nothing had happened to him

“I’m here” He said as he entered the ward I lay

I exhale happily that we didn’t lose anyone.

“Where is Romeo?” I anxiously asked

“I’ve kept him in my custody ” He replied

“Oh! But how come you aren’t injured?” I asked

“Cus I’m a robot and not a human. ” He replied briefly and smiled

“How are you doing now?” He asked as he took more steps closer to me

“Not fine yet. Is anything wrong with any part of my body?” I asked

“No. Just that something strange happened” Brandon said

“There is nothing strange there Brandon , forget it.

“You did not need to tell him” Brian said and I looked at Brian wondering why he did not want Brandon to tell me

But I’m anxious to know really

“I’ll tell him anyways. When the car blew. I was quick enough to escape and hurriedly find a way of making Nancy and you escaped but you both had lost consciousness.

Some part of Nancy’s face got burnt. After bringing you to the hospital here . The doctor performed a series of test on Nancy and you.

The doctor made us understand that Nancy’s real face was covered with a strange skin by a surgical operation.

The doctor said that kind of operation is usually performed in criminals who are trying to escape the punishment of the law.

Another facial skin will be placed on their face so they look like another human being already. He asked few questions about Nancy and I told him the few I know. What the doctor is insinuating is that Nancy is actually another person” Brandon said and my face dropped

“You talk of the fact that one Donna that you use to date is dead. What if she is Donna” Brandon suggested.

“Keep your f*cken mouth shut. What the hell are you talking about? We all know that Donna is dead and even if Donna is alive , that will be Karen. How can you compare a common babysitter to our Donna” Scot said to Brandon

“Don’t mind this Brandon of a guy. Brandon , you know I dislike you. You are too forward , you talk too much .

Must you tell Anthony all these ? How does it add or remove to the pain he is suffering now. Can’t you just focus in your life and stop tryna help everyone like some kinda god .

You just a robot that does not have any life. So because you saved Anthony, you think you can behave anyhow.

You must be intentionally crazy. I disliked you so much ever since the day I got informed that you staged Anthony and Nancy into kiss .

You such a jerk Robot. Is that what you are made for ? You made Anthony Betray his love for Donna.

You know what? The flower boys dislike you so much . Get the f*ck out of our lives” Brian said Brandon bowed his head slightly and rose it and stared at Brian and Scot

He walked out sullenly and embarrassedly

“Fool” Scot muttered and I tried to reason with my brothers for disliking him.

Yeah! The crazy robot made me betray my Love for Donna

“Anthony, do not mind him. Yes, Nancy has two faces according to the doctor, we will have to investigate her to get to know who she really is cus it seems she has being pretending all along with us” Brian said and I nodded gently

“Anthony, you will be fine now . Regaining your consciousness is the most important thing and now I’m happy that you are conscious ” Scot said

“Brian, according to what I heard. it was said that Brandon gave you a test and you prove him right that you have feelings for Nancy by kissing her .

Wanna ask, do you really have feelings of Love towards Nancy?” Brian asked me

“Yes I do to be sincere . Seems her seductive worked on me” I confessed

“Do you like the feelings ?” Brian asked

“It’s kinda complicated. I use to hate it but not anymore. Ever since I kiss her , I began to have deeper feelings for her ” I replied

“Anthony, wake up . What has gone wrong with you?

You use to tell me that I should never fall in Love with that commoner . you are doing the same thing now ” Brian said

“Brian, I no longer have the feelings of love I use to have for Donna. If I play music’s for Donna , could you believe I no longer feel her presence and energy around me . Everything just goes dry” I replied

“I said it. this girl got into your head like she did to mine again. Anthony , can you stop this feelings you are having towards Nancy?” Brian asked

“What if I tell you that I Love her ” I said

“Then I will force you to stop loving her” Brian said with an angry face and brought out an injection from his pocket

He filled it with a brownish liquid.

“Anthony, I’m sorry for this but I can never let you fall In Love with Nancy under my nostril. Nancy is mine . When I inject you now, you loose your memories and hopefully forget all the feelings you having towards Nancy too. Anthony, I’m sorry . My Love for Nancy made me want to do this , I’m not being cruel” He brought the injection closer to me and I closed my eye in pain

I can’t yell, I can’t stand, I can’t struggle to survive.

The medical gadgets had made me static


(I have the solution)

Anthony’s POV

“Brian, did you think this is right?” Scot asked Brian

“I’m doing this for Love. He had always told me to stay away from Nancy and now he is falling in Love already with Nancy and he is even bold to say it ” Brian said

“I’m kinda scared of the future. If he remembers his memory in the future, how do you think he will feel about it?” Scot asked

“The future will think about itself” Brian said and injected me with the injection.

After many hours, I got discharged from the hospital and I was led home by two guys

On getting home, I was made to sit. I kept staring around the house I am in cus I had never seen that house before.

I kept wondering who the guys that brought me here are . I never stop imagining who I am. What my name is and how I find myself here

“Anthony” One of the guys called and I watched him wondering who he is referring to as Anthony

“Your name is Anthony, do you know that?” The other guy asked and I nodded my head

“Well, I’m Scot and this is Brian ” Scot said introducing themselves to me

So my name is Anthony. But who named me Anthony. Anyways , who is Brian and Scot ?

The door flungs open and someone entered . I turned to see who it was and it’s a gorgeous damsel

The lady walked closer to where I am sullenly , examining me from head to toe like I’m some kinda experiment

“Are you fine now sir?” She asked

Who could this pretty lady be?

I nodded in response to her question

“Anthony, I remembered everything. Please believe me now. I’m Donna for real.

The accident that happened made me recovered my true memory, we were once lovers.

You loved me so much and I do. We did some secrete things together, I will tell you more than a hundred memories of you and I together, right from the first day we met till the last time I told you I was traveling out of the country with my family.

Only for my father’s business competitor whose name is Romeo to orchestrate the plane crash of my family and other innocent folks in the plane. I escaped the plane crash but my family didn’t .

My face was changed to save me from enemies and the dot was re drawn on my new face so close friends and family can easily recognize me. I’m Donna for real my Love.

I’m so sure of everything I say and I can give you a thousand prove” The girl said and I just didn’t understand all the rubbish she was talking about

What’s wrong with this girl ? Who the hell is Donna ? Who the hell is Romeo? What’s she saying cus all what she’s saying does not even make a single sense to me

I kept staring at her in amazement

“Anthony, please believe me” She pleaded

I set my gaze at the two guys that called themselves Brian and Scot. I noticed that they were looking at me pity fully

Whom did I use to be? How was my past like, why can’t I remember anything?

“Nancy, please let Anthony be. The accident he had made him lost his memory” Scot said and my face dropped.

Does that mean they all know who I am truly? That implies they I lost my memory as a result of an accident

I must have lost precious memories. I watched as tears pour from the eyes of Nancy. Who is she and why must she cry?

I kept watching all of them and I felt like a stranger amidst them

Nancy’s POV

And I regained my memories and he lost his.but why? Why is our love life so complicated

I feel so broken right now. Even Anthony does not recognize me.

I cried so hard as I sat painfully on the floor.

The door flung open and I turned to see who it is.

It’s Brandon

He walked in and sat down without greeting anyone. No one spoke to him neither did he speak to anyone.

“Brothers betraying brothers because of Love. I will ensure that the truth is unfold , I don’t care what the guy that intentionally inject his brother does. Evil brothers. Nancy, can you imagine . A brother made his own brother loose his memory because of love” Brandon said

“What are you talking about?” I asked

“Don’t worry, they understand” Brandon said again in parables

“Who are the they’ please?” I asked

“Never mind. I have the solution to his memory loss” Brandon said and I arched my brow

“Are you serious ? Thanks so much Brandon. I like you. Please where is it?” I asked

“Not here with me. The ‘they’ I’m talking about may not allow me administer it to him here” Brandon said

“I really do not get you. Anyways, how do you plan helping Anthony regain his memory?” I asked

“Anthony and you should follow me to my laboratory, I’ll perform all the necessary stuffs there and he will be fine” Brandon said and smile formed on my lips

“Thanks Brandon, can we start going now ?” I asked Brandon as I stood up ready to pull Anthony up too

“Anthony is not going anywhere ” Brian said gently and I shot him a curious gaze

“Yes, he is not. Nancy, don’t be so gullible to obey some foolish robot.

Oh! You really think I’ll stand and watch Anthony follow this Robot. Of course not.

He is a lier. He simply wants to use Anthony to carry out an experiment.

Come to think of it. Have you ever heard of a solution to heal someone that has memory loss.

Be smart Nancy, for all I know. He might do something worse to Anthony and you ” Scot said

“No! Brandon is not like that. He has saved Anthony and I a number of times. If he wants to hurts us then, he would have” I said

“The thing is that, he is not planning to kill you. He is doing all that so he can gain your trust and he has successful gained it now .

Robots are not to be trusted . They have no emotions nor feelings of Love. So wise up Nancy.

He probably needs a part of either you or Anthony’s body. Think of this. Why must he take you to a lab before he administers it , why didn’t he administer it here before us ” Scot said while Brian nodded in agreement

I am confused . I do not think Brandon is insinuating anything evil for Anthony. I just need to find a way of convincing Brian and Scot that they should allow Anthony follow me to Brandon’s laboratory

Brandon faced Scot and Brian and giggled.

I wondered what the giggling was for

“Just teasing though. If they can’t follow me to the lab. I have the solution here with me” Brandon said and opened his briefcase

To be Continued