Flower Boy – Episode 42


(The car blew )

Nancy’s POV

“Keep quiet young girl. I’ve being in this game for long, no mortal man can bring me down” Romeo said while I kept having the greatest shock of my life

Tears rolled from my eyes and I feel broken. I felt empty. Is this how he’s gonna die. After all the good he had done for me. My head aches and my body quivers in pain.

I dislike this man called Romeo and it’s too obvious with what I remembered that he was the one that caused the plane crash that lead to my being burnt. But what I can’t fathom is if my parents were in the plane with me or not.

If by any chance I remembered that my siblings are in the same plane with me and he caused the death of my parents. I must fight him with my last breath.

I watched Anthony to see his expression. He was shocked too but he wasn’t crying. This man called Romeo must have being after me for long. But why? What have I done? Why does he want me dead?

“Hey Nancy, why did you slap Karen?” He asked and I watched him with a a face full of fear

“Sir…” i tried to say but I was so broken that I can hardly compose a simple speech. This is the first time I’m seeing a dead body. He killed someone before me and he is not even feeling guilty.

“I ask you young girl, why did you slap Karen?” He asked again and I can’t stop myself from thinking on what relationship he had with Karen

How did he know in the first place that I slapped Karen. Is he about to take revenge for Karen cus I’m yet to comprehend why he is asking me

I exhaled heavily as I closed my eyes. I opened my eyes but the imagination of the dead man on the floor keeps appearing before me

I can’t believe this is how people kill. I can’t also believe that this is how people die.

I opened my eye

“She slapped me first” I retorted him

“And what if she slaps you first. And what if she slaps you five times. Did you not know who Karen is? Were you not told that she is untouchable and someone that you can not dare.

Well , if you did not know, I’m telling you now. So get it straight. You having issues with me before though. You worsen your case by slapping Karen.

How dare you” He said and moved closer to me

He brought his head with an evils smirk on his lips and look into my face squarely

“Let me see who else is coming to save you” He said and smirked wickedly

He sat down on the chair while Brandon, Anthony and I kept watching

This Brandon of a guy is disgusting the hell outta me. I gave him a simple command and he refused.

He was even brought here with us yet he can’t do anything.

I thought Larry says Brandon will obey all my commands. Why has he suddenly refused . If he can’t help me can’t he at least fight for himself

“And you , I can’t believe you single handedly beat all the stupid bodyguards I sent to bring me Nancy”

Romeo said facing Brandon

Brandon kept looking at Romeo with no expression on his face

“So why don’t you dare this new men I sent?”

Romeo asked and Brandon kept mute

“Are you deaf ?” Romeo asked but Brandon keep mute still

Romeo giggled and stood up. He walked towards Brandon and raised his hand to angrily slap him but Brandon held his hand all of a sudden and twisted it.

I heard cracking of bone. I arched my brow in surprise and fear.

The bodyguards inside pointed their guns at Brandon.

Brandon released Romeo and Romeo staggered backward. His hand had being disfigured. The part of the hand that is suppose to be facing upward is the one facing downward and vice versa

I watched as Romeo groaned in pain , he kept trying to twist his hand to balance it but it’s stuck already . With the way the hand is. I need no one to tell me that he will never be able to use that hand again

He angrily used his left hand that is not yet disfigured to bring out a pistol in his pocket. He shot twice at Brandon. Brandon walked closer to Romeo unaffected and stood behind him abruptly while he used his left hand to pull Romeo’s neck.

Brandon used his right hand to collect the gun in Romeo’s hand and made him kneel.

Brandon pointed the gun at Romeo in what look like milliseconds while the other bodyguards set their guns at him

The expression on their face is that of shock that bullet isn’t affecting Brandon.

“Drop your guns all of you or I’ll blow this man’s head off” Brandon threatened and cocked the gun

Romeo signaled with his left hand for all of the body guards stretching their gun towards Brandon to drop their gun and they did

He signaled for Anthony and I to walk outside.

He followed us still holding and dragging Romeo with his neck

We finally got outside

“Anthony , can you drive?” Brandon asked Anthony

“Sure” Anthony replied and Brandon signaled for Anthony to step inside one of Romeo’s car

He did and sat in the drivers sit.

“Nancy, sit at the back sat” He said and I obliged

The bodyguards watching us should be more than forty. They were all holding guns but they were not stretching it at us , that must have being because Brandon was still holding Romeo their boss hostage

I find it hard to imagine how we will all escape from this place.

Brandon opened the door and entered the front seat roughly with Romeo.

“Drive now” He yelled at Anthony and Anthony reversed slowly but series of bullets are being shots at the car already by those body guards

Brandon went to the drivers seat and Anthony found his way out of there to the back seat where I was, He did a left turn towards the gate of the house and drove out

“Thank goodness , they are stupidly forgot to shoot the tyres. The car is bullet proof for all I know , their bullets can’t penetrate” Brandon said and drove faster

I turned back and saw series of cars running after us. I know at once that they are Romeo’s car

“Brandon, this people are after us” I said fearfully

“Don’t worry. If I’d left Romeo with them, they wouldn’t have being chasing us . I know they will chase us so I had a plan for that” Brandon said and I Sighed

Then I quickly remembered the man that Romeo killed. I ask Brandon what we are to do about the corpse of the man.

“He is not so dump. I do not think he died. I noticed his stomach moving up and down. He just had to pretend like someone who died , I’m going back for him” Brandon said

“But why did I give you a command and you refuse ?” I asked Brandon

“I wanted to know who the head of the enemy is . For me to know that. I need to surrender myself to the enemies so I can know who their overall head is.

I’m gonna keep this man called Romeo with me” Brandon said

“Is that necessary?” I asked

“Yeah, if not, you and Anthony will never know peace . There is little to what the bodyguards can do as long as their leader is not there ” Brandon said confidently while Anthony just keep watching without saying a word

“Sir…please who is Romeo to Karen. Cus Romeo is asking me why I slapped Karen” I asked Anthony

“Romeo is her father ” Anthony replied

“Like seriously?” I asked

“Young lady. I’ve answered your question. Let me be” Anthony said

“I’m sorry sir” I said and turned again to see those cars. We had driven faster than them but they are not ready to give up anytime soon

Brandon increased the speed so much . The car started going faster that I can hardly see what is outside the car

I turned and I couldn’t find Romeo’s men cars again. It seeks we finally escaped their sight

I turned happily and I noticed Brandon struggling with the gear of the car . The car was running speedily than usual

“Is everything alright?” I asked fearfully

“No, seems the break is having fault . I can’t control this again” Brandon said and my heart beats faster

This car may have a terrible accident anytime from now. We may all die or at least loose some parts of our body

The car almost fell to the left and Anthony was forced to fall towards where I sat

Brandon was trying so hard to balance the car but I’d already fallen backward to the car’s door while Anthony was forced to lay on me. He was trying to avoid falling on my body by all means

The car fell leftward all of a sudden and Anthony fell on my body but the car stumbled a number of times and blew…

To be continued