Flower Boy – Episode 40


Karen’s POV

Omg! I’v being looking for this opportunity for months. How in the world will Anthony even resist me . A cute and sexy girl like me. Tall and slim.

Beautiful to any sensible eyes. Adorable to any beautiful heart, I’m the beautiful Karen that every guy adore .

Anthony! Can’t believe I finally get to be in the same room with Anthony and now he must kiss me

My lips and longing for the kiss already. I can’t wait for him to kiss me. I’ll tell the whole world that I kissed flower boy. Everyone will honour and envy me.

If the media asked flower boy about it , I’m sure he would not want to lie

“Wao! But… I really feel jealous of that girl called Nancy. I’ve always known she is a slut and that is why I dislike her. How can she seduce Anthony easily, we all know flower boy doesn’t like female , his Love for Donna had taken over him

I stripped myself naked leaving only my pant and bra. Anthony keep watching me like I’m an actor acting a movie

I wink at him seductively , I twisted my body like a snake. I cat walked to him like a model while Anthony stood still like a ghost

I placed my spread fingers on his chest, I plunged my tongue out stylishly . I rubbed my fingers on his chest down to his stomach

I’m sure his stomach must be rumbling and his heart must be beating , I licked my middle finger like a slut and bent before him like I’m a porn star ready to suck his d*ck

I raised my head up slightly and he just stood still like a ghost

I turned my a$$ at him and shook it like when Nicki Minaj twerks in her videos. I tweaked so hard before him and turned at him hoping that he’ll be turned on

But what am I trying to do actually? Am I not just to kiss him on his lips, why am I trying to behave like I wanna seduce him to have sex with me . oh no!

He’ll probably be thinking that I’m a slut right now.

Of course I’m still a virgin

But with this act of mine, he might begin to see me like some kinda slut, I’m just gonna kiss him now and hopefully wish that he returns the kiss too

I exhaled and move closer to him. His scent is driving me crazy. Just too sweet. I watched his well shaped and sexy lips. Pink and gorgeous.

I moved my lips closer to his and planted a hot deep kiss on him. He retorted it and we started kissing so hard. He placed his two hands on my cheeks while kissing me affectionately like he would swallow my lips. I’m enjoying every bit of it.

He used his hand to pull of my bra and my br*st fell off on it’s own. I feel shy cus It has never happened to me . No guy has ever seen my br*ast.

I tried to cover my br*ast with my hand but he pulled it off and began to fondle my breasts

Omg! I’ve always known that he loves me. But who taught flower boy this act of fondling. I began to moan as he fondles my very hard br*ast.

Anthony bent towards my br*ast and placed his lips on it. He began to suck each nipples like he own the br*ast. I’m kinda scared. I’m still a virgin

Hope this foreplay won’t lead to s*x. Anyways, giving my virginity to flower boy is more of a blessing to me.

So he really loves and he has being pretending all this while.

He carried me in a bridal style and placed me on the ground.

My body was now naked except my pant.

He unhooks his belt and I arched my brow in shock. Is this the flower boy I use to know or another flower boy.

He pulls off his trouser and he is left with his trouser. He massaged my stomach with his right hand straight to my brea$t then to my neck.

He kissed me on my neck and I moaned softly in pressure.

He planted his lips on my lips again and kissed it passionately

This should not even stop cus I’m enjoying it.

Seems Anthony has finally fallen in Love with me and I just don’t want this moment to stop

He pulled off my pants and I closed my two legs in fear , I was so shy of what is about to happen.

Like seriously, flower boy is about to do what? Have s”x with me. Jeez!

I’ve always imagined what it means to loose a Virginity. If I tell my dad that I give my virginity to Anthony , I’m sure he’ll be glad

Anthony spread my legs wide while I covered my eyes, he pulled out his cock from his boxer and I could see it through the middle of my fingers

It’s hard and straight. Averagely long and obviously good to suck. He placed his fingers on my p*ssy and rubbed it gently.

I moaned loudly in pleasure and prayed in my heart that he continues

But fear of how I’ll loose my Virginia keep making my heart beats

He plays with the entrance of the v****a with his thumb and finally placed his cock at the entrance.

He slides it in halfway and I felt a little pain and pleasure

He slides it again, this time deeper and I moaned in both pain and pleasure.

I felt loose all of a sudden and I knew at once that the hymen covering my p*ssy is broken, he slides his cock inside fully and started sliding it in, thrusting his cock inside my p*ssy and pulling it out

It went on and on till I felt someone walked away from me

I shook my head and blinked my eye.

Omg! I’ve being imaging all along.

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I’d stood before Anthony and I’ve being imaging stupid imaginations and now he has walked away from me when he realizes that I’m standing before him doing nothing, I shouldn’t give up easily right? But sincerely , I really screwed up. I’m suppose to be looking for a way to seductively plant a kiss on his soft and sexy lips and I’m here having a weird imaginations

I turned and saw Anthony leaning on the keyboard staring at me

I walked closer to him

“I think the game is that of a kiss, why did you have to strip yourself naked and start tweaking before me. You look damn ugly and irresponsible. Like seriously, Is this who you are? You are putting on a bra and a pant before a guy. Are you trying to lure me into sex? You should know that will not work.”

Anthony said and I shook my head like a kid

“You are now like a slut to me. Imagine ! Just look at yourself, stripping yourself almost naked just because of a kiss and I’m sure many guys must have slept with you right? I’m so disappointed in you and I’ve suddenly lost all the respect I have for you” Anthony said and I quickly went to pick up my gown and put it on

“I’m so sorry” I said as I walked closer to him

He maintained a disappointing expression

“I’m sorry” I pleaded again feeling guilty for what I’d done

“Okay, what else now?” He asked

I raised my bowed head sullenly and move closer to him

“Kiss me if you truly Love me ” I said as I stood so close to Anthony

“Who the hell do you think you are? I’v never confessed my Love for any lady except Donna .

Who gave you that assumption that I Love you . I think I should tell you this . I do not Love you” Anthony said and I feel sad

He didn’t have any feelings for me for real. Maybe he does and he is trying to hide it

“Anthony, kiss me” I said softly but he didn’t reply

I moved my lips closer to his and he shifted his head back. I brought my lips back and he balanced his head

I tried it again and he did the same thing. I tried it the third time and he did the same thing

“Anthony , what is wrong in kissing me ?” I asked feeling frustrated at his reactions

“Everything , you never stop smelling like a fish, I guess you forgot to use your perfume. It’s obvious you forgot cus when Brandon came to call you , you didn’t know it’s this kinda game he called you for” Anthony said

I feel hurt. I dislike to hear that I smell like a fish. It saddens me and spoils my mood.

My frustration turned into that of anger and I changed my face and shoot Anthony a angry expression

“Anthony , If you do not kiss me now, I’ll strip myself naked and scream that you want to rape me. I’ll tear my cloth into pieces and lie that you are the one that tore it . You will loose your reputation and everyone will mock you” I threatened

“No one will mock our flower boy, miss Karen. You sincerely need to change. I’m not surprised that Anthony did not kiss you. So you wanna threaten him to kiss you since he is not doing it willingly, see you! ” Brandon said to me and later faced Anthony

“Anthony, I won the game the second time. You couldn’t kiss Karen cus you gat no feelings for her , you kiss Nancy cus you gat feelings for her ” Brandon said

“No, I couldn’t kiss Karen cus he smells like a fish , but I kissed Nancy because …. I think is because..” Anthony said trying to find an excuse to kiss Nancy

“You kissed Nancy because of what, say it now?” Brandon requested

“Because,… maybe because…. ”

To be continued