Flower Boy – Episode 39


(Karen has stripped herself Naked)

Nancy’s POV

“Why did you kiss me?” Anthony asked while I watched him in amusement

For all I know, he moved his lips closer to mine and kissed me, and now he is asking why I’ve kissed him.

But really, I’ve actually received my first kiss from flower boy. This has being my long time dream.

I had hoped and imagined several times for a time like this. Wow! I’m more than happy. Flower boy’s lips on my lips.

Funny enough, he is the one giving me my first kiss.

“Answer my question young lady cus you have made me betrayed the Love of my life and now I hate you so bad for seducing me

“I do not think you hate her actually , I really do think you Love her cus for you to kiss her , you definitely have feelings for her , don’t deny it. Anthony , treat this girl right” Brandon advised

“You caused all this. What happened just now can as well happen between any two adults who are opposite of sex , even though I was tempted to kiss her , I must confess that I do not have any single feelings for her . The person I’ll forever love is Donna . So Mr. Brandon, think well before assuming please” Anthony said and Brandon smirked

“As a robot, I can easily detect your feelings , I have another test for you if you did not want to believe this cus it’s obvious you failed this test I gave you.

You prove to me that you have some feelings for Nancy even though you are still denying it with your mouth.

As far as I can think, the words of your mouth are far from the feelings emanating from your heart” Brandon said

“Whatever you are assuming might be wrong , and I wont let you to think foolishly and give yourself false hope. Don’t spread unnecessary rumours . Get this clear, I dislike Nancy but I like Donna. Anyways, what’s the second test, I’ll have love to prove it for you this time ” Anthony said

“Good! The second test is simple, according to you, you said what happened now can happen between two adults , am I right?’ Brandon asked

” of course I did said that ” Anthony replied

“Good. How about I bring Karen here , If you kiss her , then you’ve got some feelings for her , If you do not , then you have no feelings for her ” Brandon said

“We might kiss cus it’s two adult in a room alone but that doesn’t imply that I have feelings for her” Anthony said

“Anthony, I can bet it with you that if you use 300 hours here , you won’t kiss Karen” Brandon dared

“See bro, I had my first kiss with this poor girl already and I’m really regretting it.

My first kiss is the most precious to me. I should have had it with Donna when she was alive.

I will definitely kiss Karen just like I kiss Nancy, there is nothing precious in second kiss anyways ” Anthony replied confidently

“Alright, let’s see how it goes ” Brandon went out and came back seconds later with Karen

Karen stood with us watching what is going on

“Karen, something saddening happen right now, I won’t want you to feel sad but could you believe Nancy kissed Anthony” Brandon said

“What the hell? She is such a jerk , she is a slut too, good at seducing men , does that mean she gave flower boy his first kiss?” Karen asked

“I won’t answer that , But we will leave the room for Anthony and you right now. This is the deal. If Anthony kisses you , then he has feelings for you. If Anthony does not kiss you, then he does not have any feeling for you” Brandon said

“Brandon , you still haven’t get it , have you? Anyone can be tempted to kiss any seducing lady’s lips” Anthony said

“I plead to disagree, It’s impossible for any man to kiss any lady affectionately unless there is love. You can have sex with a prostitute that you did not love.

But watch all this slut, they hardly have an affectionate kiss with each other , swallowing your partners saliva takes love ” Brandon said

“She is not my partner anyways , I’m not here to argue either, let me prove the f*cken feelings for you so you can know that it’s all about being seduced not about any crazy feelings” Anthony argued

Brandon signaled for Helen and I to leave the room and we all did leaving Karen and Anthony behind, Brandon closed the door on them.

“There is a small opening here where one can watch them, but Nancy, I want you to see for yourself what is going on in between the two adults in the room” Brandon said and I moved closer to the door. I peeped through the opening and I’d already seen Karen stripped herself almost naked

Just a pant and a bra left

To be continued