False Pretense Episode 64


“Stop whining and get into the elevator jare!” Lucky scolded her friend who was making such a fuss about her sprained foot. “Are you first person ever to sprain your foot? Good thing they invented elevator so you don’t have to walk up stairs.” Kite eyed her

“I don’t know why you had to drag me out of the house, I was fine sleeping and watching television!”

“And soaking my pillow every thirty minutes abi? I wonder why you broke up a relationship when nothing was wrong and then come and begin crying in my house everyday, doesn’t make any sense to me at all.”

“I had my reasons, Lucky please, and I’m fine.”

“You’re fine? Who are you telling that one? Is it not me who consoles you when you’re at it?”

“it’s not surprising after my ordeal now, I was kidnapped for four days with my life threatened, isn’t that enough for someone to go into a nervous breakdown?”

“Oh please, spare me, if you’re lying to yourself , please don’t bother trying to lie to me. You know the real problem, you left the hospital abruptly and you can’t go back to the house you shared with him to even get your things, how long will you run from him?” Kite rolled her eyes not bothering to answer her friend, resting her back on the elevator wall, she got her weight off the crutch for a while. This damn foot! It had been two weeks already and it was still healing. There was still some swelling and she couldn’t walk without the help of the crutch.

“Doesn’t mean you should drag me here, what can I do here of all places? Silverbird entertainment centre? I’m no mood to watch a movie.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll soon see what you came here for.” Lucky said to her friend. Kite frowned

“What devious plan have you concocted now, lucky?”. Her friend smiled as the elevator doors opened and she began assisting her out. Kite was getting nervous

Lucky led her toward Bunna Cafe. She was quite sure Lucky wasn’t taking her to have a drink here or to hangout. They were definitely meeting someone, had she called up Ise? He’d promised he’d never bother her anymore, and he never went back on his word. Could this time be different? She found herself being hopeful but just as the hope had begun rising it was replaced by shock as her eyes settled on Jeje and none other than Ise’s mother.

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Ise had managed to fall into a fitful sleep for a few minutes when the knocking on the door began.

“What the hell?” Why didn’t Sal just use his key? Or else whoever was at the door wasn’t Sal, possibly Jeje but he’d only seen her the day before. He wished whoever was at the door would just leave and let him continue his sleep but the continuous rapping didn’t seem like it would end anytime soon. He got up from the sofa reluctantly, eyes quite heavy from sleep and drinking, why didn’t everyone just let him be? He would try to dismiss his sister as soon as he could.

Opening the door, he stepped back to let her in, not at all surprised to see it was her

. “Now is not a good time, Sis, I was in the middle of something.”Jeje raised a brow

“ Something….which would be sleeping, or drinking, because that’s all you seem to do these days. Anyway, doesn’t matter , I’m here with someone.” Ise turned frowning

“Who?” She didn’t need to answer, stepping aside he saw Kite limp in , crutch in left hand and he felt his heart skip a beat.

“ What ….” He rasped “What are you doing here?”

“Ise!” Jeje cautioned him

“What?” He snapped at her “Why did you bring her here? You think I’m some sort of pity case? You think I need her?”

“Ise? Please just listen to her.”

“No… , she wanted space and that’s exactly what I’m giving her, I don’t need you or any other person butting in.”

“Jeje, it’s alright, I told you this might not work.” Kite called her.

“Kite, you guys need to talk and that’s final.” She walked up to Ise and suddenly snatched the access card to the door from his unsuspecting hand.

“What are you doing Jeje? Bring that back now.”

“No, the both of you,” she pointed at them both “ sit, talk, yell at each other, whatever but just get this thing going on between you two over with, please! I’m outside, when you’re done let me know.”

“Jeje! Jeje! Come back here! “ Ise called but Jeje didn’t turn, she left closing the door behind her “I swear that girl will get it from me one of these days.” He muttered before turning to Kite who was taking in his living area.

It was a tidy, expensively furnished room, nothing out of the ordinary aside from the bottle of bourbon sitting on the coffee table.

“I see you didn’t waste time in hitting the bottles, did you?” She started “Did you find the solace you were looking for in there?”

“Please save me the self righteous speech, you’re not my mother, or my wife, fiancée….or even girlfriend anymore, so I don’t have to listen to you.” He said turning back and making his way to the sofa, pouring himself a healthy shot of the drink. “Matter of fact, you can just turn right around and leave, because I really don’t need to hear anything you have to say.” He heard her sigh as she began to hobble forward on the crutches, every muscle in him was screaming for him to get up and assist her but he steeled himself against it, he had to be strong, he wouldn’t give in. He had to show her that he could live without her, if she thought he would die just because she’d left, she was dead wrong!

“Ise, I understand you’re hurt but….”

“Hurt?” He scoffed “Hurt doesn’t even begin describe the way I feel, I’m pissed as hell. You think you can play with my heart, don’t you? Take me on a roller coaster wave of emotions, I’m done with it, Kite. it’s best you leave now.”

“But atleast ….”

“No, I don’t want to hear it, I’m tired of being your pawn, Kite, you’ve let Jeje convince you into taking pity on me, and now you’re here…how long before a little misunderstanding will send you running off again?”

“I won’t run off again, things are different now.”

“What’s different?” He asked managing a glance at her. She didn’t look too good, she’d obviously been through a bit of suffering, the way he had. “I spoke with your mom….we talked at length…she apologised for everything, trying to pay me off and her attitude toward me and she let me know she’s solidly behind us….”

“And that makes it alright suddenly, doesn’t it?” He said sarcastically shaking his head and downing the remnant of the alcohol in his glass.

“Ise, I’m sorry, I’m sorry for leaving you the way I did but I couldn’t continue the relationship knowing I would face adversity from your mother and friends. You know the story with my parents….” She was interrupted by a phone ringing, he presumed it was hers. Definitely a new number as he still had her former one. She ignored it and continued, leaving it to keep ringing.

“You know the story with my parents; I don’t want a repeat episode of that, I would rather end it now than have you leave half way into our marriage when we have kids and all!”

“I am not your father, Kite, I would never leave my kids or you….” She rolled her eyes taking a seat across from him

“Yeah, right I’m sure my dad made those exact same promises to my mother before….”

“I am not your dad, dammit!” he yelled before he could hold himself back “Okay, so now you have my mom’s blessings, what next? You think it’s over? You think you wouldn’t get the knowing looks from others, relatives, family friends? It isn’t over yet, Kite and it never will be. I thought you were strong……” Her phone began ringing again “I thought you were tough and like me, you didn’t care what any other person thought about us but I guess I was wrong… will you pick up the damn call already?” He asked, fed up with the noisy thing.

“Ise,” She started quietly “ I made a mistake, I…I thought I could get over us quite easily but….” Her voice trailed and he looked up at her, she was looking at her hands again and he suspected was on the verge of tears “the past two weeks haven’t been easy for me also, you know? You think you’re the only one… feeling pain? I’m sorry, I made a mistake, I want you, I love you for crying out loud!” She said as a lone tear slipped from her eye. He wouldn’t give in to the tears

“Well, like you said yourself, sometimes, maybe love just isn’t enough.”

“So… are you saying….” She started, her voice heavy. She was struggling to hold back the sobs, he could tell. The phone began it’s ringing again

“We’re done here?”

“Just pick up the call please.” She dug into her hand bag and retrieved the annoying device, checked the I.D on the screen and promptly answered it.

“Hi mom.”

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