False Pretense Episode 41


Ise was at the bar with a few friends of his having some drinks,they had just finished a game of bowling where he’d ended up at the bottom of the group. He was usually really good at the game but his mind had been pre occupied resulting in him playing poorly and the guys were not letting him hear the last of it.

“His mind is on his new girlfriend.” Lekan said

“He’s probably scared some other guy downstairs is chatting her up as we speak.” Ise had to laugh

“You no well.” He told his friend “Can’t a guy have some off days?”

“Off days, you? No way!” Prince shook his head

“You are always on your game, I agree with Lekan, it’s that fine girl that is on your mind, that’s why you can’t concentrate.”

“Guys abeg free Ise,” Dami came to his defence “what if his mind is on his chick? it’s allowed nao, the girl set die! Abeg Oga Ise, you are really the boss, isn’t she the one you came to Ola’s party with?”

“Yeah.” Prince said

“Claiming you guys were not together, see as you lie for us.”

“But we were not together then.” He defended


“I would have chatted up the chick if not for Kenny, he told guys to back off, the guy is such an ass. He can pick a fight just because of a chick, not worth it abeg.” Dami was saying.

“I wonder what happened between them that night sef, did she blow him off?.” Prince said and they all turned to Ise as if he knew something.

“Hey, don’t look at me, I don’t know what happened between them but I do know they aren’t overly fond of each other,” He really had no idea what had transpired between them that night but ever since Kenny never missed a chance to discourage him from the relationship “she probably blew him off.” He concluded.

“ And went for the boss.” Dami finished. Ise laughed, his friends called him the boss because he was the only one of them all who actually ran his family’s business, they all still worked under their fathers. They’d all been friends from childhood since their parents were family friends.

He’d introduced Kite to them earlier in the evening and they’d seemed to have taken a liking to her. Why wouldn’t they anyway? She was hot and that was the only requirement they needed.

“Olamide has been scarce though, where is he?” Ise was asking the guys noticing he’d hardly seen him all evening. The guys looked at each other in a strange way before Lekan spoke up

“ummm, possibly enjoying himself downstairs with some chicks at the poolside.”

“What was that look you all gave one another?” He asked them knowing there was something they weren’t telling him.

“Look?” Lekan frowned forming confused.

“What look?” Dami asked

They were such awful actors and he knew there was something they were keeping from him, he was about replying them when he spotted Vicki approaching them. Her long dark hair parked behind in a tight no nonsense pony tail. She wasn’t smiling either, was she still smarting from their last meeting?

“ Hi Ise.” She said pointedly ignoring the other guys.

“Hi Vicki.” He returned, she was obviously angry. “care for a drink?”

“I want to talk to you.” She said and then walked off to it down. Okay then, if she wanted it this way, fine. Excusing himself from the guys he went to join her, sitting down opposite her.

“You’ve not gotten back to me on the Hospital Project.” She said not wasting time.

“Oh, so it’s straight to business now, isn’t it?” He asked her. She rolled her eyes

“ Is there anything else to discuss?” He stared at her and she stared back defiantly,

“ Our families are friends, that means we are friends, we can atleast be….”

“Cut the crap Ise, I’m not interested in bullshit, lets just get on to it, what did your board decide.” She cut him off rudely. ‘Well, he’d tried but she obviously was taking whatever it was that was bugging her too close to heart, all they’d had was one lunch, for crying out loud. He decided to follow her lead and get to business.

“They didn’t back me up, they said something about ……”

“What?” She screeched and he stopped frowning. What was with this chick, he wondered. “What are they thinking, this venture is going to be very profitable for investors. Did you show them the plan?”

“Of course I did, they agreed it was a good one but there’s just too much we’re into at the moment, but then, I was able to send the proposal to a friend of a friend who I’m positive will find investors for the project and WOLCONSTRUCTION is also interested in helping with the building construction at a subsidised rate. “ He told her knowing that should make her feel better, the project was still very much on but it just might be delayed for a bit. She got up

“I asked for you to invest in my project, not pass it along to others. Thank you for nothing, I thought you were the boss, I was obviously wrong.”

“Vicky.” He called her, there was something really off about her today, he’d just given her great news and she was talking like this

“What’s come over you?”

“ What’s come over me? I just realised I over estimated you, you might be a young billionaire entrepreneur but you sure do make lots of stupid decisions, the first was ditching me for one trampy nobody and then backing out of this deal, Ise Williams, you’re a real disappointment.”

“What!” It was more of an exclamation than a question, he wouldn’t sit down and passively receive these insults from her, he straightened up to all of his six feet three

“ I just gave you a great news which you should be happy about instead of throwing insults at me, it’s seriously baffling that you aren’t seeing it as that, I can not invest at the moment because I answer to my board but I can assure you that you will get other interested investors and if you choose to keep acting up because I blew you off after one lunch date, that’s your problem. I’ve done my bit.”

“Well, you can take your bit and shove it up your-“

“Vicky!” He said her name as a warning.

“Thanks for nothing, Williams!” She said grabbing her handbag and taking her leave. He watched her strut away angrily. What was wrong with her? He’d thought she would think he was helping her make progress, instead she had taken it the other way around.

Had he not explained it to her correctly, she surely was intelligent enough to have understood what he’d told her, he really couldn’t understand why she’d acted out that way. Anyway, whatever! He was done. With the way she’d acted he was glad he’d ended whatever she’d thought they’d had when he had, the chick was obviously psycho.

He needed to find Kite, they’d been apart for a while now, he wondered if she was enjoying the party, being among so many unfamiliar people. He knew she was keeping stuff from him, and he had very strong suspisions it was something to do with her ex boyfriend.

He’d over heard her talking with him over the phone when he’d stepped into the house earlier that evening just before they’d left. He hadn’t heard most of the conversation, but she’d called his name and by the urgent tone of her voice he knew all wasn’t well, he decided he wouldn’t ask about it. He trusted her to come to him if she had any trouble, besides he guessed it was only normal for the guy to call, losing a girlfriend as wonderful as Kite couldn’t be easy for him.

He didn’t pity him anyway, he’d laid his bed and created an avenue for him to swoop in, Ise should be thanking him for the opportunity he’d given him. Now where was that hot girlfriend of his?

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Kite was surprised that she was having fun at Jeje’s party. These spoilt rich Kids could actually be cool, they weren’t the snobs she’d thought they would be. Although they spoke with so much phonetics that she could hardly hear what some of them were saying. Most of the girls were about Jeje’s age and were all in colleges abroad, they were really okay with the exception of a few whose problem she suspected was beef because she was with Ise.

She was presently with two girls from the office who worked in finance and were good friends with Jeje. Olivia, shortened as Olly or pwettyolly as Jeje jokingly called her and Thonia. She’d seen them around at the office but hadn’t really spoken with either of them. They were really interesting girls whom Kite knew had also had privileged lives but they sure did know how to party.

They were presently dancing and getting down to Black Magic’s ‘Confam’ song, Kite laughed at the way Olly was doing the etighi dance style and decided to show her how it was really done, it was similar to the southsouth ‘Owugiri’ dance style and Kite was a pro at whining her waist. Her razz roots were to thank for her dance abilities; she had something over the rich kids. She was still dancing when she looked up and the smile on her face froze as her eyes fell on Izu who was standing by the bar, helping himself to a drink and watching her behind dark glasses. He smiled sardonically, and she knew trouble was brimming. How in the world had he found her out here? Was he now following her around? She had to attend to him quickly before someone caught on that he was a crasher

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