False Pretense Episode 35


Kenny looked up from his laptop as Princess barged into his office looking really angry and frustrated. He frowned at her but still noticed the cleavage revealing shirt and clingy pencil skirt she wore. Her face told another tale entirely, she was hardly ever smiling but this was something else.

“Hey P-babe. What’s got your panties in a bunch?” He asked smiling at his own joke.

“Could you be serious for once in your life, kehinde?” Princess asked him

“I’m serious, you’re looking like someone stole or misplaced your pack of condoms or something.” Princess gave up with kenny and dropped into the seat opposite his

“it’s this new chick, Kite abi Kitty…the chick is harder than I estimated. she’s got Ise all over her, I don’t know the jazz she’s using. You should have seen them smooching in his office this afternoon.”

“You walked in on them smooching?” Kenny’s eyes were open with surprise. He would never have thought Ise had it in him to engage in anything other than work in the office. This was a first. She shrugged,

“I had a feeling I would catch them in a compromising position, so when Jeje came in with some other lady I’m sure is also into him, I took them into the office without knocking. You should have seen the shock on all our faces when we walked in.” Kenny burst into laughter

“and what did Ise say?” She shrugged

“he acted cool, like he wasn’t doing anything wrong, even held her hand in our presence and gave her a smile as she left. Kenny, it’s worse than I thought, he might actually be serious with this chick. As in Izy’s kind of serious. We have to act fast!”

“Whoa, whoa, Kenny sat up, what do you mean we?”

“Me and you ofcourse.” She said pointing at the both of them

“No, no, count me out, you’re on your own on this one, P-babe.” He told her.

“Come on K-K, you owe me a lot of favours and you know.” Kenny rolled his eyes, she was right.

“Why even bother, I’m sure it’s a fling, she’s hot but they have nothing in common. Besides his mom will never agree to it. So don’t work yourself up over nothing.” Princess shook her head

“I’m telling you this thing looks serious, besides you know how hard headed he can be, he doesn’t listen to anyone, not his mom or his father. When he’s got something he wants to do, he follows it through damning consequences.” Kenny had to agree, Ise rolled with his gut instincts.

“So what do you propose I do?”

“Take her out, like we did Izy.” Kenny shook his head as he remembered vividly his last encounter with the chick at Ola’s party.

“No way, that one is not as naïve as Izy. It won’t work.”

“How do you know, have you tried her already?” Princess asked him narrowing her eyes. Kenny didn’t feel like narrating his embarrassing encounter with the chick to Princess so he said

“just take my word for it. I know her type, they are not swayed so easily.”

“Wow, I never thought a day would come that even the grand commander of federal republic of Nigeria on sexual matters would shy away from a female. Wow, this day should go down in history.” She mocked. Kenny pursed his lips

“yeah, says the chick who’s been getting her boss to notice her for four years now without success. You should just give up already, I’m here for you or don’t I rock your world whenever we get down?”

“Oh please Kenny, you’re just booty call, you know that. I need something serious and with someone who matters, and that’s something Ise can give me.” Kenny shook his head

“I wonder why you won’t give it up already, if he hasn’t noticed you in four years, honey, he never will!”

“Spare me your counselling session, kenny, please! Let’s get back to why I’m here. Are you going to help, if you’re not just let me know.”

“Hmmmm, P-babe, I really do not want to get caught up in your girl fight issues-”

“Ohhh? You want me to go to Ise with the activities you are up to behind his back? The embe….”

“Shhhhh!” Kenny hushed her up quickly, ” reduce your voice will you? Do you want someone to hear? Look! Don’t act like I don’t give you your share! You’re in deep with me, if you rat me out, we’ll both go down together. That’s a promise!”

“Okay, okay,” Princess raised her hands trying to calm him down “let’s not go too far, I just need your help, okay?” Kenny sighed giving in, he had no choice here

“alright, let’s brainstorm and see if we can come up with something.

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” *****

Izu was still very angry. Angry at himself, Kite but most especially Brenda! She’d brought this on him. She wanted to play games did she, well he would join her to play. He’d done a lot of thinking after Kite had left and he knew he had to fight back. Who was Brenda to come call the shots on him? He’d just parked in front of the house he guessed Brenda was staying in gwarimpa. It was a detached duplex, he wondered who she was staying with in the huge place, possibly one of her chairmen.

The time was ten p.m, he was sure she’d be in. He dialled her number.

“Izu. Do you have my money ready?” She asked as she picked up his call.

“Even better,” he replied “I’m at your gate.”

“My gate?” The surprise was apparent in her voice.

“Yeah, the address you texted me sometime back.” He told her.

“Oh? Why?” She asked. He rolled his eyes, tempted to tell her it was because he felt like staring at the building but said calmly instead

“I came to see you.”

“Izu, there’s no point, there’s nothing you can say, I’m not…”

“I have another proposal for you.” He told her and she kept quiet “can you come out?” He heard her sigh

“sure, but it better be good!”

“You’ll love it.” He said hanging up.

A few minutes later, the gate was being opened. He got out of the car, locking it with the security lock as he walked to the gate. Brenda appeared behind it in jean cutoffs and a low necked tank, showing off the tatoo on the top of her left breast. Her hands were crossed under her generously endowed burst which his eyes were lustfully drawn to. He didn’t feel guilty looking at her that way, he had no obligations to Kite anymore and Brenda was a wh’ore so there was nothing wrong if he ogled her.

“You’ve wasted your time coming here.” She told him

“You’ve not heard my proposal yet.” He replied.

“Does that Mother Theresa girlfriend of yours know you are here?” She asked as she led him into the house.

“What girlfriend?” He asked. They’d gotten into the house now and before she could reply, he pulled her back into him.

“Izu.” She was surprised at first, she resisted a little but half heartedly. Izu knew how he affected her, besides the girl was easy. He began nuzzling the curve of her neck as one hand cupped one of her soft full breasts. He felt himself going hard down in his jeans.

“So, your girlfriend dumps you and you come running back to me?” She asked. “I really don’t like being second place to your dear girlfriend.”

“Stop acting like you’re not elated that I’m here right now…doing this to you.” He nibbled on her ear lobe and felt her smile.

“I’m happy,” she told him “but you’re still going to get me my thirty million bucks.” She told him as she turned around and wrapped her hands around his neck. “You hurt me real deep going back to Kite like that after all I did for you.” He tried his best to look repentant as he looked down at her

“I thought she was the one I really wanted to be with, turns out I was wrong. She’s no different from any other who’re out there.”

“What did she do?”

“Jumped into bed with her boss, the guy is a billionaire or something..anyway, lets not go there, I’m here because I want us to be partners.” Brenda’s eyebrows shot up

“What do you mean?”

“I want to turn all this on Kite, her new boyfriend is a billionaire, I make her get the money from him and we split it.” Brenda took her hands off his neck

“No, no, no. I want my thirty million.”

“Oh, be realistic Bee, you don’t really think I could give you five million, talk more of thirty. Look, if you don’t accept my deal, I still get the thirty million, I disappear and trust me honey, you won’t ever find me no matter how hard you look. So what do you say?” She smiled as she thought about it, wrapping her arms around his neck again

“So, you and I, partners? Not a bad idea, how far is this partnership going, by the way?” He had to smile knowing he had her attention now,

“How far do you want it to go?” She smiled at him

“You are so bloody sexy, I would give up a billionaire to be with you.”

‘yea, right!’ Izu thought to himself

“Like the one that owns this place?” She smiled,

“You like it? Belongs to one ‘Honourable’ I know. He’s letting me borrow it, it’s awesome, isn’t it?” Izu nodded still staring at her, girls like Brenda never learnt, he’d used her before, how was she sure he wasn’t using her again.

“How awesome is the bedroom?” He asked. She laughed as she took his hand

“Come and see for yourself.”

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