False Pretense Episode 34


Ise was worried, he’d not seen or heard from Kite as he’d woken up that morning to an empty space beside him on the bed. She had left without a word and he’d been trying her number all morning but it had been unavailable. He hoped she was okay, he would have advised she took the day off work to settle down a bit.

He was presently on his private elevator on his way up to his office, it was almost noon now and had been ensconced in a meeting with a client all morning where he’d struggled to focus on the issues they’d been talking about.

It had felt good airing his heart out to her last night and sleeping with her by his side had been so wonderful, he couldn’t recall when last he’d had such a wonderful rest. He was keeping his fingers crossed and seriously hoping she would give a favourable answer to his proposal.

The elevator doors opened and Princess was waiting to give him his , messages and appointments for the day. He was only half listening, as he passed by Kite’s desk, noticing it was tidy like she hadn’t shown up all day.

“That’s all, Sir,” Princess was saying.

“Alright thanks.” He said

“Are you alright, Sir? You seem ….distracted.”

“Am good, thank.you.” He told her dismissively.

They were at his door now and he was about opening it when she called him back.

“Sir?” She said. He turned to look at her well for the first time that morning

“Yes Princess?” Their eyes met and she looked away.

“ummm, never mind Sir,” She said and turned to leave. He frowned

“Are you sure?” He asked calling her back. She nodded

“Yes, nothing really,” she said as she walked back to her office. ‘hmmmm’, now what had that been about? He thought but he couldn’t think about it for long, Kite was the real issue occupying his mind, where in the world had she disappeared to and why, for crying out loud, wasn’t she picking her phone? He really did hope she was fine, maybe she just needed some time alone to sort things out.

Walking to his desk he decided to shift those thoughts aside and focus on work instead but he’d not even sat down when he heard a knock on the door.

“Yeah?” He called, probably Princess, he thought but as the door opened he saw it was Kite who peeked in. His eyes widened in surprise.

“Hi.” She said uncertainly as she smiled that hundred watt smile that made his heart do jumping jacks, “ummm, can I come in?”

“Yeah, sure. I’ve been calling your line is switched off.” He told her, seeing that she seemed fine, not like he’d feared.

“yes,” She nodded, “I’m avoiding calls from you know who.” She replied as she approached his desk. He watched her, she seemed really okay on the outside.

“You left so quietly this morning and I just saw your desk cleared like you’d not come in today.”

“I’ve been at technical since I stepped in, the VILDE group project you wanted me to work on with the engineer, it’s almost concluded now and feedback from VILDE is good so far. He was filling me in on how it was going and since I wasn’t busy up here, I was with him for a while.” She explained then flashed him another bright smile “So, I guess you slept well, when I woke up, you were so deep into it I decided not to disturb you, so I crept out quietly.” She was now standing quite close to him, he smiled raising a hand to brush her cheek, he couldn’t help himself

“I can’t remember ever sleeping so well.” She put her hand on his, rubbing his hand gently

“Then maybe you should get a refund for your mattress and sheets because they are not doing their job right.” He chuckled as he shook his head at her wonderingly, she took a step closer to him, he was aware of the invisible energy between them. They were holding each others gazes.

“Thanks for last night,” She told him looking deep into his eyes. He shrugged

“Anytime.” He replied. He dropped his hand from her cheek but she held on to it, still holding his eyes

“I thought about your proposal.” He raised a brow, as his heart suddenly began racing

“Really?” She nodded as she smiled, her hand tightening on his hand, she took a step closer to him

“Yes.” She said He frowned “And?”

“Yes.” She said again.

“Yes, what?” She raised a brow

“You want me to sing it?” He laughed

“You could if you have a nice voice.”

“I have a better idea.” She said and before he could respond she grabbed on to the lapel of his suit pulling him toward her and planted her lips on his. Ise’s hands naturally found her waist pulling her to him as their lips met. She broke away smiling

“That should be enough for now.”

“hmmmm,” He groaned “That was too short, I’m not satisfied yet.” He told her pulling her closer again but she put her hands on his chest and pushed slightly.

“Slow down, Oliver twist, we are at work, you know?”

“Work can go to hell,” he said, still holding her to himself “ You finally decided you go with the winning team?” He joked. She laughed

“Yes, but slowly please. You know I’m still you know……reeling from my heart shattering relationship?”

“I promise, I’ll go slower than a snail.” He said drawing another laugh from her. “you’ll be moving in with me, right?”

“hmmm, Now I’m not sure about that, we just started this thing and then there’s your mom- who scares me and your sister, what in the world are people going to think?”

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“Kite, this is between me and you, I really don’t give a hoot what anyone thinks, I want you with me please, I want your presence around me , I just want to wake up and the first face I see should be yours, that’s the way you affect me for real.” He said and he thought he saw an uncertain look cross her face “Kite? Okay, if you’re not sure then let’s do it temporarily until you can find your own place? I promised not to rush you so lets do it your way, shall we?” She seemed to consider it

“Okay, I think that sounds much better, and separate rooms.” She stated.

“Why?” He protested.

“Moving slowly, remember?”

“mmm,” He grunted

“I’m beginning to rethink this slowly thing.”

“Too late.” She replied “I have to get back to work now.”

“Okay, just give me a kiss before you leave.” He told her pulling her to him again, enjoying the fragrance she was wearing so immensely.

“I should add no kisses in the office to that list.” She said but not pulling away.

“That won’t work.”

He said going in for another kiss when his door opened and Princess came in with Jeje and Vicky following behind. There was a second’s pause as their eyes all registered one another’s presence. Jeje and Vicky were the ones more hit with surprise.

What happened to knockin? Ise wondered suspecting Princess had done this on purpose. He let Kite from his embrace but still made sure to hold on to her hand for everyone’s viewing, he needed them to see that he had nothing to hide.

“I’ll see you later, Kitty.” He told her and she nodded, her complexion having turned slightly red with embarrassment, he then turned on Princess with a serious look

“Has knocking been abolished, Princess?”

“I’m sorry, Sir.” She apologised not meeting his eyes,

“I thought you were alone since you just came in.” Ise couldn’t tell if she was lying or not so he just let it slide, waving her out of the office before he turned to his sister and Victoria

“Hi, to what do I owe this impromptu visit?” He pointed them to the seats facing him as he took his own seat, wondering wat Vicki was doing there that afternoon.

“Ummm…Jeje can you give Ise and I sometime alone?” Vicki asked his sister.

“uh, Ye…..Yeah, it’s okay….. I’m really here to see Tolly- I mean Tola in finance.” She stuttered as she took her leave hurriedly, all but running out of the office as if she’d sensed the growing tension in the room.

“Well, well,” She started as she took a seat opposite him “ I would never have pictured you as someone who frolicked with staff?” She said giving him some kind of look that Ise guessed was meant to make him feel guilty. Guilty about what? He wondered, all they’d had was a lunch together, it wasn’t like he’d proposed to her so why was she acting like he owed her an apology.

“How can I help you, Vicki? I wasn’t aware you were coming in to see me?”

“I need to make an appointment before coming to see you?” She asked back

“It will be better you do that next time.” He said sternly, he didn’t know what she thought she was to him but whatever it was, he had to set her straight. She gasped

“Oh, so I’ve been shifted into the business zone now?”

“What do you mean?”

“I thought we were getting somewhere, especially after lunch yesterday? I had so much fun and I thought you did too?”

“Yeah, I was until I found out you held back the part where you’d been married twice already?” he fired and it got her quiet, as realisation dawned on her.

“I..” She sat back in her seat as she thought of what to say “I didn’t tell you because it’s not exactly conversation for a first date.”

Oh please! That’s not true, you deliberately held it back, I wonder why anyway, if you don’t have anything to hide?” He asked.

“I don’t.” She replied.

“You know what, let’s not bother going there, that’s a closed deal now.” He said firmly not wanting to be dragged into irrelevant issues “Lets move on to better things, namely the hospital project, I went over the proposal and business plan, I’m considering investing but I’ll need to have a discussion with the board first, they’ll be the ones to sign off on it. Is that good?”

He asked as he watched her expression. She was pissed and she didn’t hide it. Jeez! Just because of one lunch date, did she think she owned him or what? She shrugged like it didn’t matter to her if the board agreed or not.

“I came here to see if we could do lunch today but you obviously are very busy rolling in the hay with your employees.” She told him getting up, shaking her head as she got up “Maybe I misread you; I took you as someone who would be a lot more responsible.” He got up after her, if she wanted to be like this and leave, it was fine with him, he didn’t owe her an explanation

“At least I didn’t lie.”

“I never lied to you about anything.”

“You lied by omission.”

“I told you that’s not a first date-“

“Says who, Vicki? I told you about my failed engagement; maybe around that time you could have let me know something about yours too? I even introduced you two when we ran into her, I had nothing to hide and clearly I’ve moved past that relationship but maybe you haven’t and it’s best we leave it at that. If you want to be friends, I’m cool with it. “

“You can shove your friendship some where else, Williams! I don’t need this.” She said as she walked out of his office. Ise raised a brow, what was with some women these days, he wasn’t interested, was it now by force? Apart from the fact that she’d held information from him, he didn’t plan on being with a woman who’d been in two marriages where both men had ended up dead. That was so eerie. His phone buzzed and he answered as he sat down, putting it on speaker.

“Yeeup, Princess?”

“ Yoav Efrait from TANOIL, TelAviv on the line, Sir.” He raised a brow, back to business now, he thought shoving the women problems behind “Patch him through, thanks.”

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