False Pretense Episode 32


Kite knew she was using Ise, she needed some sort of distraction, anything to take her mind off the turbulent feelings she was going through. Feelings of insecurity and inadequacy that were threatening to choke her, she needed to reaffirm herself that she was wanted, that she could be desired by someone.

Why hadn’t she been enough for Izu, why had he gone to Brenda? She’d never held anything back from him, she’d thought she’d been enough for him. She’d given him everything but it hadn’t been enough for him. These were the thoughts going through her mind as she hungrily kissed Ise, needing to feel secure, needing to feel wanted by someone, needing to feel loved.

They were in his room now, how they’d gotten there she couldn’t recall, she was buried into his King sized bed that felt feathery soft and warm against her back, the satin sheets so smooth against her skin.

His tall frame was over her, he had such a firm wonderful body. His mouth was on hers, kissing her senseless while his hands were working wonders on her inner thighs, working them up and down, he caressed her thighs so close to her crotch but not quite, teasing her and it was having the desired effect on her.

She wanted him badly, she wasn’t sure how much longer she could take it as the familiar pleasurable ache below her belly was getting really intense. Her hands found their way under his T shirt, roaming over his firm sinewy back, this guy definitely worked out for his body to feel this firm, he felt so good to touch.

He’d just began unbuttoning her shirt which was her only piece of clothing left, trailing kisses down her cheek to her neck, he also placed small love bites along the trail. Kite’s toes curled and she let out a moan as she felt giddy with pleasure.

Thinking she could stand another minute without him inside her, She pulled his shirt off making him pause his ministrations upon her body but as her hand reached for the waist band of his pyjama bottoms, he stopped.

“Kite!” He said sharply as he broke off contact with her.

“What?” She looked up at him with eyes heavy with arousal. Their eyes met and he searched her face looking for something she wasn’t sure about. She wondered what he saw because he let out a sigh and dropped down beside her. She frowned as she turned to him

“What’s wrong?”

“Everything. This.. this is very wrong.” He ran a hand through his closely cropped hair “What was I thinking?” He asked himself.

“I don’t get it,” she said

“it’s just sex.” He turned to her getting up on one elbow to look down at her. He gave her a wan smile as his other hand came out to gently smoothen her hair from her face, stroking her cheek in the process.

“Precisely my point.” He said.

“What do you mean?” She frowned.

“Kite, I’m not a ‘just sex’ kind of guy, not with you. I want more than just sex, and it seems you just want me physically, besides you’re not thinking straight at the moment and as much as you’re so tempting, I can’t take advantage of what you’re going through at the moment.” He began to sit up when she pulled him back. Climbing on top of him she said,

“No, I want this, I want you, I …I need you….I need..I need to feel wanted” she stuttered. He looked at her

“You are wanted, trust me I’m hard as a rock down there and it took all of my self control to come to a halt.” She must have looked like she still didn’t understand why he’d stopped because he continued, still caressing her face lightly “ I do want you Kite, just not like this. I want you to be in a right frame of mind when you come to me, you’re not thinking straight.” He said placing his hands on her hips and moving her aside as he got up.

“Where are you going?”

“The other room, you can have mine for tonight.” He picked his shirt about to move when she held him back again.

“No, please I don’t want to be alone tonight. I promise not to jump your bones or anything, I just need a friend beside me.” She said, when he started to shake his head she added, “please?” He sighed

“Okay.” He sat down on the edge of the bed about to pull on his shirt when she tugged it off from him. “hey!” He protested

“What? You don’t need the shirt.” She said “I like you shirtless.” He shook his head smiling at her

“You’re something else, you know?” She couldn’t help the smile that touched her lips as she replied him

“And you are such a gentle man, always doing the right thing.” She mocked

He got up and took a bow “ At your service, my lady.” He said just before he headed off in the direction of his walk in the closet, disappearing behind the door.

Kite relaxed back on the bed still in her half unbuttoned shirt and underwear, she wasn’t sure when her pants (Trousers) had come off. They’d been moving so fast, after she’d kissed him back in the living room, the rest of what happened had been a blur.

He was probably right that she wasn’t thinking straight at the moment, she was consumed by emotions, insecurity, doubt in herself and also anger.

She was so angry with Izu that she wanted to do something that would hurt him, hurt him just like how she was hurting. Izu was selfish, he’d never cared about her or he wouldn’t have done what he did. He’d given in to his desires without thinking about how hurt she would be when she found out. She needed to hurt him in return, he needed to feel what she was feeling.

Sleeping with Williams would do it, but she was sure that wasn’t happening, Ise was such a perfect gentleman. He had an iron clad self control and so much self restraint over everything, unlike Izu who had none.

She hissed as she nestled herself deeper into the soft sheets and pillows, the bed felt so cozy and warm, where did one get a mattress and sheets like this? She wondered knowing they must have cost a fortune.

“As much as I love looking at you in your matching underwear, I think you should have this.” He threw her a shirt that landed on her face. She’d not seen it coming and when she had, it had been too late to dodge

“Hey!” She said as she removed it off her face, he chuckled lightly as he approached the bed still shirtless.

“Sorry, my bad.” He told her. Sitting up, she removed her shirt, threw it to the floor, then pulled on the shirt.


“Welcome.” He was sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Are you feeling a bit better now?” He asked. She shrugged noncommittally

“ a bit maybe but I would feel even better if we continued where we left off.” She tried again but he laughed and shook his head

“ that’s not happening trust me, when you’ve had time to simmer down a bit you’ll be glad we didn’t.” he said as he lay down at the other end of the bed, picking up a remote control, he pointed it up and the lights dimmed. She found herself moving closer to him, she snuggled into his warmth, his hand automatically went around her back to pull her close to him, her head on his chest.

“I’m glad you came to me tonight.” He told her “ but you know this doesn’t change our work relationship, right? I’m still going to yell at you when I’m pissed and maybe even make you run into the bathroom” He joked and she burst into laughter.

“No way! You are never getting me to cry again.”

“You sure about that? I can be very mean when I want to be.”

“Very.” She she agreed as a yawn escaped her “But you’ll never get me to cry, I was just caught unawares that day.” He rubbed her back

“You’re tired, you need to sleep, no more chit chat. Good night.”

“Yes boss,” She replied drawing another chuckle from him.

“ But before I drift off, can I know something?”


“ What got you attracted to me?” She asked him, she needed to know why he was so into her.

“ You.” He stated

“ Me?” She asked with a frown

“Yeah, everything about you.” He started. “ Remember the first time we met? In that jewelry store?” She nodded “I was so attracted to your beauty, I was stunned, mesmerised, for a few minutes but after I managed to get over it, I wanted to know who you were, there was just something about you that had registered in me. I was looking forward to knowing you more until it turned out you were a thief and had played me.”

“Hey,” She protested “ Not exactly a thief! The word is so harsh, I prefer con artist.”

“ Thief.” He continued “ When I found out you’d played a fast one on me I couldn’t belive it. You looked too good to be a thief but I still thought you were sexy anyway.” He said and she smiled.

“ Only a billionaire can loose a million naira worth of jewelry and think the person who’d stolen it was sexy.”

“But you were sexy, what else can I say? Anyway,” he continued “ I thought I’d lost you until I saw you at that restaurant where you were being arrested that evening and I knew I had to seize the opportunity to get my stuff back and I have to say, I admired your stubborn, fearless attitude. You were being arrested and you didn’t even blink an eye, how come?” She shrugged.

“I knew I would get out of it one way or another, I have a pretty face, I know how to use my looks to it’s full potential. I knew they’d feel bad handing a pretty girl like me to the police over such a little amount, I knew I could beg my way out of it by concocting a sob story or worst case, I would give them their money but then you came on the scene and I didn’t need to beg anymore. I was more scared of you anyway,” she confessed

“ I didn’t really know you and I’d stolen something worth a million bucks off you and for a second there, especially with your menacing bodyguard, I was scared what you were going to do so I had to play to your game until I saw my way out.”

“ It still baffles me how in the world you got away from Sal?” He asked. She smiled

“ I’m not going to tell you that, I don’t give out my tricks, besides you’re not done yet, so could you go on with your story” He shook his head

“ loosing you the second time, I thought you were gone for good and I was not happy at all because of my phone you’d stolen off me again and wallet. One minute I was being mesmerised by your eyes and the next I found my things were off me, really smooth but not funny at all.”

“I returned it.” She said

“Oh please, the only reason you returned it was because you needed me to get you out of another situation.”

“Yeah.. but I still returned it anyway.” He continued

“ I thought I could make you return everything by seizing your stuff, then you followed me to Olamide’s party and then caused a scene and I knew it was time to let you go. You couldn’t be tamed and you wouldn’t give me back anything you didn’t want to.”

“The girl asked for it, with her fake American accent.” Kite said spitefully, remembering the nasty girl whose weave she’d pulled. Ise chuckled

“It wasn’t fake, you’re just jealous.”

“Oh please, I can fake it even better.”

“Alright, fake it , let me hear you.” He urged her

“another time, just get on with your story.” She told him but she knew she could definitely fake it better.

“Okay, so I decided to give your stuff back hoping to get you off my back for good, I did like you a bit but I was beginning to think you were really far gone and there was no hope for you so it would be better to just let you go but then, that wasn’t going to happen. You got the phone call and news about your mother and that was when I saw the real you.

Every other thing I’d seen before had just been a façade, you were really fragile and not as tough as you liked to look, I felt bad too, because I could relate with your pain. I Knew what it felt like to have a sick parent, I saw how the news hit you and had to help out. “He paused for a second before adding “This might seem stupid to you but I also came to the realisation that maybe fate was trying to throw us together.”

“You believe in fate?” She asked as she looked up at him.

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