False Pretense Episode 31


She shrugged “Does it look like I give a damn where you get it from?” She asked back as she went to pick up her hand bag from the chair it had been sitting signalling she was ready to take her leave.

“Brenda,” Izu forced his voice to be calm

“Lets talk about this.”

“Too late sweetie, time for talking is past and before I forget, you have three weeks to get the money into my account.”

She began making her way to the door pausing by Kite who’d been quietly watching everything still too stunned to talk, she said to her “ Sweetie, men can be real ass wipes right?” This bitch was definitely crazy, Izu thought as he told her

“You’re not getting a cent from me, Brenda, nothing!” She laughed as she left

“You’ll be sorry then” she called out not even bothering to look back as she went out the door, closing it gently behind her. Izu turned to Kite, if looks could kill, he would have been a goner that very second. He walked toward her

“Kite,” He started, not sure what to say, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know how to tell you, I…” The resounding slap that landed on his cheek shut him up. ‘Ouch’, he did deserve it. She shook her head at him, the tears coming down her eyes as she searched for what to say but words didn’t come out, instead she turned and made her way to the door. He called her back

“Kite! Don’t go, please!” She paused, her hand on the door knob, she turned

“I’m such a fool Izuoma, I’m a fool because I love you, I’m the greatest fool on earth to think…. I don’t…”

“Kite , please,” He begged, seeing the hurt on her face “I’m sorry, I never meant for it to happen. I didn’t mean to hurt you.” She shook her head

“You didn’t mean what? did you think about that when you were sleeping with her? Or was it after?”

“Kite please, let me explain.” He begged

“I can’t hear this right now, I just want to kill you…I can’t….I can’t” with that she opened the door and left. Izu wanted to go after her but he knew it was best to give her some space to process things.

“Shit! Shit! Shit!” he yelled needing an outlet to release his own growing anger and frustration. Anger at himself at being so weak and stupid, Kite deserved better. This was on him, he’d brought it all on them dealing with Brenda, now he’d hurt her, the one person he loved the most. Would she ever find it in her heart to forgive him?


Ise Williams was back home, trying to do some work before he retired for the night but hadn’t been able to concentrate. His lunch with Vicki had been going really well until when they’d run into Izy who’d also been at the restaurant with a client of hers. Izy had pulled him aside and asked what he had brewing with Vicki and he’d told her they were just friends wondering what her concern was about.

Izy had then asked if he knew she’d been married twice already and both husbands had died? Both had been really wealthy and she’d been left with everything after their death.

This information had left him stunned for some minutes. Vicki had never mentioned that she’d ever been married, she’d left him with the impression that she’d never been married. He would have thought she would have talked about it since they’d talked a lot about themselves. It had left him wondering why she’d left such an important part of her life out of their conversation. She knew he was interested in her and he also got some interested vibes from her so why hadn’t she opened up about it?

He didn’t like it when people kept things from him, to him it was the same as lying. The intercom in his study rang and he picked it up.

“Yeah?” He said

“Sir, this is Mike from security. There’s someone at the gate by the name of Okiemute Omoh and she’s asked to see you.”

“Kite?” He said frowning, Kite was at his gate?


“Yes, please let her in.” He said

“Bring her down to my house.”

“Okay, Sir.” He glanced at the clock, it was a quarter to eleven, what was she doing out so late? He stepped out of the study, going down the hall to the front door where he waited until her car came down. It was the company car he’d had admin get for her, after going through her query the week before where she’d blamed the distance from her house to town ,riding buses that had to stop to pick people coupled with the hold up on the roads, he’d sent a message to the admin guys on getting her a company car fast. It was her entitlement being a P.A to the C.E.O. Just like the managers and senior directors in the company, she was entitled to a car and an allowance on housing, so maybe she could move out from wherever she was staying at the moment.

The moment she stepped out of the car, Ise saw that all wasn’t well. He hurriedly went to meet her. She didn’t look good and was still in the outfit she’d worn to work.

“Kite.” He called taking her arm and turning her to look at him “Kite, what is it? Is it your mother?” She’d been crying, her eyes were swollen and red. She shook her head

“it’s not my mother, my mother’s fine.” She managed, her voice barely a whisper. Okay, that was good then.

“Let’s go in.” Ise said, putting an arm around her shoulders, he assisted her into his house.

“I’m really sorry for barging in on you like this,” She began but he shushed her.

“Shhhh, it’s okay, I really don’t mind.” He said leading her into the living room, on to a sofa. “Do you need anything to drink….eat?” He offered but she shook her head.

“No thanks.” She said as she dabbed at her eyes with the handkerchief in her hands. He sat down beside her

“So, what’s the problem?” She shrugged

“it’s so stupid, I really shouldn’t involve you. I came here because I had no one else to go to and I really didn’t want to be alone….”

“Kite!” He stopped her “I don’t mind at all that you’re here, I care about you so it’s not a burden or anything, tell me what is wrong.”

“it’s my boyfriend,” she said as fresh tears came down her face “Can you imagine that for the six months he was away he was shacking up with another girl? Sleeping with her?” She shook her head “I feel like such a fool, being scared, wondering what had happened to him……to us, when all the while he’d been having the time of his life with someone else, then he comes back to me and I accept him back with open arms? I’m so bloody stupid!”

“Hey, you’re not stupid.” He told her “he’s the one who’s stupid for doing that to you. How did you find out?”

“I’d gone home early to surprise him when I saw the girl in the house with him, she was the one who let the cat out of the bag. I was so angry and confused I had to leave the house and go somewhere. I can’t even go back to my friends because of him, they warned me not to be with him, that he’d only hurt me but I didn’t listen. I can’t go back to them, if they even accept me back, they would be like I told you so and I really am not up for that.”

“And what about me, you think I won’t also tell you I told you so?” He asked her. He also had a right to be angry with her, she’d ditched him for this guy.

“Yours won’t be as annoying as theirs.” She told him managing a watery smile. He sighed, not in the mood to smile but was glad she was feeling a bit better

“So what are you gong to do now?” She shrugged

“I’m not sure yet. I hate him so much, I can’t stay with him, I have to move out of his place but I don’t know where to go.” Ise suddenly got a crazy idea

“You could move in with me.” He offered. Kite’s eyes widened, She opened her mouth as if to speak but she closed it before trying again

“You’re joking right?”

“No, I’m not. What’s wrong with moving in with me?”

“Aside from you being my direct boss, umm, let me see,” She started sarcastically “This is your family estate where your mom and sister stay, what will you tell them? How do you think I’ll be looked at by your family and in the office?” She asked and then answered for him “I’ll be looked at as a slut!”

“Hey, hey, language please. Don’t ever say that word, you know it’s not like that.” He told her.

“Not to the others, it will look like I’m sleeping with the boss for special favours, and how about your new girlfriend?” He frowned, he wasn’t aware he had a new girlfriend.

“My new girlfriend?” he asked her.

“Yes, the beauty queen at the office today.”

“Oh, Vicki, she’s not my girlfriend.” He told her, well, she’d been a potential girlfriend but he’d cancelled her when he’d found out about her two previous marriages.

“It didn’t look that way.” She told him. He noticed she wasn’t crying anymore

“She’s not my girlfriend.” He stated again “and I don’t care what anyone thinks, Kite. Not my mom or sis or even anybody at the office, I live my life for me and no one else, if they have a problem with you then they should take it up with me.” He told her looking into those sexy catty eyes of hers.

“But still…” She tried to protest again.

“But nothing, if you really have no where to go, my house is here for you, infact, I insist that you move in with me.”

“Thank you.” She managed lightly “But I don’t think it’s proper, especially as you used to have feelings for me.”

“Used to? Who said they were gone?” he asked her and her eyes darted back at him before hastily looking away, she suddenly couldn’t look at him because he’d said he had feelings for her. Why was she so scared or shy of him when feelings were in the picture?

“Why did you pick him over me, Kite? Why did you go back to someone who left you for six months?” Placing his hand under her chin, he tipped her face up gently to look into her eyes “Why?” He asked again softly. “When I’m here ready to lay the world at your feet if you’ll just let me.”

“Mr. Williams…” She started.

“Ise.” He corrected.

“Ise,” she managed “ I picked him because I thought I knew him, he meant the world to me, we are sort of the same, we’ve been together for like..forever, and he had a good reason for leaving.”

“To shack up with another girl?” he asked and realisation dawned on her “You are making excuses for him.”

“I know.” She said lowering her eyes. Then she looked back up at him “So who’s the beauty queen anyway?” He had to smile

“Are you jealous?”

She made a face “no, why would I be? I’m just asking.”

“She’s a neighbour and friend.”

“Whom you cancelled your appointments to be with?”

“Okay, okay, I had a thing for her for like five minutes, why do you care anyway? You rejected my advances, didn’t you? I was trying to move on, or isn’t that what you wanted?” He asked her back. She shrugged

“ Yes but…just a few days back, you were kissing me, telling me about your feelings for me and then next thing…a few days later you’re parading some other woman and cancelling all your appointments…..”

Ise gave into temptation and took her lips in his, welcoming the familiar softness and feel against his. She sighed as her hands came up to his arms again, tightening and pulling him closer, she kissed him back with so much vehemence that he had to pull back, a bit surprised at her eagerness.

“Why did you pull away?” She asked breathlessly

“I’m not sure we should be doing this as you are so emotional right now.” He said.

“it’s okay, I’ve wanted to do that for a while now.” She told him, looking down at her hands, that shyness overcoming her again.

“ You’ve been meaning to kiss me?” He asked, this was news to him. She shrugged but didn’t say anything . “Okay, you know what? let’s get you settled into your room, it’s quite late and I’m sure you’re tired.” He said getting up, she followed but instead of moving, she took his hand and pulled him to herself. Placing her hands behind his neck she pulled him down to her, meeting him in another heart wrenching kiss. He didn’t have the strength or will power to pull away this time so he savoured the moment.

Her arms going around his neck while his hands went to her hips and pulled her close to him, she felt so good against him.

“Take me to your room.” She whispered against his lips. Ise was weak, he knew he shouldn’t accept and tried one last time to resist

“Are you sure?” In reply, she slipped her tongue through his slightly parted lips and that was all the confirmation he needed.

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