False Pretense Episode 25


Princess was ready for that trashy girl. She’d be sorry who she’d messed with yesterday. Pouring the drink on her and then lying so expertly about it to Ise, well Princess was better prepared for her now. She’d taken some time to make out a well laid plan on how she was going to tackle the girl. Did she really think she could come into her turf, attack her and then get away just like that? There was no way that was happening.

The girl thought she was tough but she would show her who was tougher. She now saw her for what she was, a lying, low life tramp who had something going on with Ise. He’d totally taken her side the day before saying there were no witnesses to back either of their stories when she was sure he knew the girl had been lying. Her intercom rang, it was reception

“Yeah?” she answered

“Mrs Williams is on her way up along with Jeje Williams.” Tessy said

“Okay.” She replied and cut the call, immediately pressing the button linking Ise’s office with hers.

“Yes, Princess?” He asked.

“ Your mother and sister are coming up, sir.” He hesitated at first and then said

“Okay, is Kite on seat?”

“No Sir.”

“Okay, do have her see me when she gets back, I have some reports I want her to work on for me.” Princess raised a brow hoping he really wanted her to work on reports and didn’t have some other things in mind. Anyway< she could always listen in to their conversation just to be sure .

“Yes Sir,” she replied. Taking her finger off the button she lay back on her chair, she was also waiting for the tramp to show up.


Kite hurried back to her office wondering if Williams had noticed her long absence but she doubted it. Princess was the one who answered directly to anything he needed, kite was more like a back up to Princess, she was handed down jobs Princess couldn’t handle at the moment. Anyway she had a legit reason for being away from her desk for so long so she had a great excuse if she was asked.

On her way in after leaving Izu, she’d bumped into Adeniyi who’d asked her to assist the new P.A who had needed to get familiar with some things. Being away from her seat for a while was the least of her issues with the boss, she was supposed to be thinking how she would explain kissing her boyfriend in the parking lot. She didn’t even know if she did owe him an explanation or not, she’d been on break, wasn’t she allowed to do whatever on break?

She stiffled the urge to groan as she recalled vividly their gazes jamming after her brief lip locking session with Izu. Of all times, why had he chosen that particular time to walk past the car? ‘Fate! You really knew how to be a super b’itch sometimes.’ She thought to herself.

Getting off the elevator on the very last floor where she had her office, she walked briskly back to her desk ready to get back into work. The b’itch P.A was on her desk seemingly busy behind her P.C, Kite ignored her as she usually did and was about logging on to her computer when she noticed the brown envelope lying on the desk.

“What’s this?’ She didn’t remember keeping it there, picking it up, she went through it; there was a letter inside which she opened and scanned. ‘ Whoa!’ She frowned reading the heading again, letter of query? “What the ….?” She murmured as she read it’s contents again and double checked that it was addressed to her. It was! Her name was there in black print, she was being queried for arriving late two days in a row, was this a joke? She’d only been a few minutes late on both occasions. This was a cheap attempt by Princess to make her look bad.

She got up from her seat and approached Princess’s desk, she would be damned if she was going to answer this query, let alone have it in her file.

“What’s this?” Kite asked her, dropping the piece of paper on her desk. The offending lady didn’t even look up from her PC as she addressed her.

“I’m sure you can read, can’t you?”

“This is crap!” Kite waved the paper in her face “I’m not replying this and there’s no way it’s going on my file, okay? Your cheap attempts are painting me black will not work. Late coming, that’s bullsh’t, I arrive earlier than you do.”

“My dear, if you don’t reply it I’m going to have to report you to Mr. Williams.” Princess was looking at her now with a smirk on her face that Kite was holding herself back from slapping off, this girl didn’t learn, did she? If she kept testing her this way, she was going to get a serious beating from her one of these days.

“You know what?” Kite asked her

“I’ll save you the time and effort. Can I see him now?”

“Sure, he even asked for you.” Kite was pissed. That Lady knew the exact buttons to press to get her really pissed off, imaging slapping her with a query for coming in not more than ten minutes late on two occasions? She was definitely not right in the head and Kite was going to tell Williams she wasn’t working under her for another minute.

How could she work under someone who was constantly trying to make her look bad all the time, she didn’t need this, she would request for a transfer. In her anger she wasn’t thinking and instead of knocking, she walked into Ise’s office. The sight that greeted her there got her stopping in her tracks. He had visitors. She paused and her eyes scanned the room, three pairs of eyes staring back at her. His mother, the woman he recognised as his mother and a young lady who really looked like he did, his sister probably.

“Sorry, I wasn’t aware you had visitors.” She mumbled as she stepped back and shut the door behind her. ‘B’itch!’ Kite screamed mentally, she’d sent her in knowing he had visitors? Now Kite was sure the girl was definitely not right in the head.

********* ‘

What the hell?’ Ise thought as he watched the door close behind Kite. Why in the world had she barged into his office like that, he hoped it wasn’t another fight between she and Princess, he was so done with acting like a referee between those two, they had to reach some sort of agreement on how to work together.

“Who was that?” His mother turned on him

“What…umm, she’s the new assistant to my P.A.” He replied her.

“Wasn’t she the one who was at the house that other morning?” She asked again.

Yeah, he was afraid she would remember that, the woman was too sharp, she never forgot anything.

“The one you were having breakfast with?” She explained and Ise nodded.

“Yes mom, she is.”

“What is she doing here?” She asked.

“I just said it, she’s the …….?”

“When did you start needing an assistant for your P.A? Ise?” She asked him giving him an incredulous look “ Are you sleeping with her?”

“Mom!” That was from both him and Jeje who’d been quietly watching them.

“Yes? I’m guessing that’s the only reason you’ll be keeping her this close to you or probably why you gave her the job in the first place!”

“Mom, I do not appreciate being talked to this way. it’s insulting to both myself and her, she’s good at her job and even if I’m having ….” How did one say sex to one’s own mother “relations of any kind, it really is none of your business. I’m an adult and I can make my own decisions, thank goodness for that.” He got up from his seat signalling that their meeting was over.

“You might be an adult, Ise but I’m still your mother and I’ll still let you know when you are doing something wrong. She’s not your class, you have so many wonderful options but you go for….that? A nobody, who’s most definitely after money and….”

“Alright mom, that’s enough. You don’t know her, you’ve only seen her on two occasions and you’re already talking like this? That lady for your information is very intelligent and doesn’t deserve your harsh words. How can you condemn a lady you’ve not even had one conversation with? That she’s a gold digger because she doesn’t come from one of your wealthy friend’s families? I’m appalled at your logic, mother. I think it’s time you left, mom before this gets any worse than it already has.” His mother wanted to reply him but Jeje came in.

“Mother, I think so too.” She said getting up “We really should go.” His mother held his defying gaze for a few seconds before breaking it off to pick up her handbag and without another word she got up and left, Jeje following behind giving him a little wave as they left.

He dropped back on his seat wondering what in the world had just happened. He’d had a real, serious fight with his mom although brief over a girl he wasn’t even dating. It was like the appearance of the girl always sent sparks flying in every direction.

He was really taken aback by the way his mother had attacked him. Attacked him and her, she was so far from the truth, Kite was none of the things she’d branded her as being. You didn’t judge a person by the amount they had in their bank account but he guessed his mother did. She, who of all people really shouldn’t but he guessed she didn’t remember her roots anymore.

Anyway what did he care, it wasn’t like he was dating the girl besides he’d seen her and her boyfriend in passionate embrace, the two needed to get a room and address their desires there not on his parking lot. He couldn’t deny that he hadn’t felt a stab of jealousy, that was his punishment for stopping to look at people making out, he should have just walked on when he’d seen the love birds at it but he’d looked instead and when they broke their kiss he’d been shocked as he’d registered her face. He really needed a girl fast, he decided. This girl was just like a curse following him every damn where he went.

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Izu opened the door to see the love of his life, looking beautiful but really tired. “Sweety, you okay?” he asked concerned and then he looked at her closely “Have you been crying?”

“Nope, but almost there.” She replied him as she stepped into the apartment.

“I’m just so bloody tired.”

“You should have let me pick you up.”

“No, a colleague of mine was going this way, there was no need.” She dropped her handbag and dropped on a sofa “My boss is annoying as hell and that P.A is starting to get to me.” She took off her shoes, flung her legs over the the arm rest and relaxed back into the seat.

He smiled as he watched her make herself very at home, this was what he loved most about her, how easy and relaxed they were with each other.

“Why you smiling?” She asked him frowning. He shrugged as he came closer to her

“You.” She frowned

“What about me?”

“You’re just beautiful.” He said as he gave her a kiss on the lips, she responded before pushing him back

“I’m telling you about my hellish day and you’re kissing me? Behave yourself Izu.” He laughed

“Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.”

“Well, you better until I’m done with my story.”

“Okay, what happened with your boss this time? Was it our kiss in the afternoon?”

“Funny enough , he didn’t even mention it. He gave me another lecture on the reason why knocking was invented.”

“What? I’m sorry, you so lost me.”

“Okay lemme start from the beginning.” She said telling him all about the query from the P.A, her anger and then barging in on him to see his mother and sister. His mother giving her a bad eye on her way out and then him calling her and his P.A in and another round of dressing down. Saying it was seriously disrespectful to barge into people’s offices, then he’d also addressed she and the P.A’s feuding issues commanding them to work together without any more reports from any of them.

He’d not listened to what she’d had to say about the query and had told her to reply it, sending a copy to him and the P.A via email as well as printing a copy that would go into her file. Then he’d handed her a dozen reports he wanted attended to and sent to his mail box first thing in the morning.

“Wow, sounds like a trying day.” He said, kneeling beside her and massaging her shoulders.

“it’s official, I hate my boss and his P.A. from hell.” She said as she moved her neck forward to give more space to work on. An idea suddenly came to him

“You should quit and come work with me.” He said.

“Very funny.”

“I’m dead serious.” He said matter of factly

“You don’t even have an office yet.”

“But I can.”

“How.” She turned to face him.

“Your boss.”

“What about him?” She frowned. He shrugged

“We play one on him, get enough cash and set up…”

“Stop it, stop it, Izu! Just stop it! Why are you going down this lane again? I thought we were done and done with it? Izu how dare you come up with that suggestion?”

“I just thought since you hated him like your former boss, we could…”

“My present boss is nothing like that man, Izu. You know what he’s done for me, my mom and all. I told you, he’s not really that bad just has a bad mouth and a way of getting to me with his words but even if he was that bad, I would never agree to playing him. Izu, please let me know, are you out for real?” She was looking at him so intently.

He missed the games, the easy money but none of it was worth it if he couldn’t be with her

“Yes, I’m out.” She released a shaky breath as she pulled him into a hug

“Good, because I really don’t want to have to leave you Izu, you know I do love you. I don’t want anything coming in between us, not money, nothing.”

“Yeah.” He said an image of Brenda flashing through his mind, if Kite found out he’d slept with Brenda, they would be so done.

“Nothing will come between us.”

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