False Pretense Episode 24


Ise wasn’t sure. “You have to promise me it won’t affect your relationship with her, Izy is a lovely lady and I don’t want this coming between you two. Besides it happened a long time ago and we’ve both moved past it.”

“Yeah, yeah, I promise.” She waved her hand “Just get on with it.” Ise took a deep breath

“She cheated.”

“What?!” Jeje screeched and then clamped a hand over her mouth.

“Shhh!” Ise shushed.

“I’m sorry” she said “But why? Why would she have done that?” Ise shrugged

“she said I’d neglected her, someone else paid her some attention and she’d fallen for him until she’d realised he hadn’t even been serious with her. He’d just wanted a fling.”

“Did she tell you who he was, is it someone you know?”

“She never said.” He replied but he had a strong suspicion it was someone whom he knew.

“but do you think it’s someone you know?” Ise shrugged

“I really don’t know, Jeje but I do hope not because that would piss the hell out of me.”

“Wow,” she said “Wow, Izy cheated?” she said more to herself.

“Hey”, Ise cautioned .“ You do remember your promise, don’t you?”

“Yeah, but it might be hard seeing her like I used to. How bout that chick you came to Ola’s party with that other time?” Ise stiffened

“What about her?”

“Well, I’ve been meaning to ask you who she was. You just turned up at the party with her just like that, no explanations so I have a right to be curious don’t I? Mom was even like she spent the night.” He shrugged


“So…you spent the night together and you guys were having breakfast the next day, sounds quite cosy to me.”

“Nothing happened, she’s ….”

A friend?

Not exactly,

An employee?

Why would an employee spend the night at his house.

“She wasn’t doing too well that night so I brought her over.”

“That still doesn’t explain what she is to you, friend…girlfriend…lover…one night stand?”

“Who she is to me is not exactly your business, infact you ask too many questions Jeje, Can I just eat my supper in peace, please?” She rolled her eyes

“Okay, okay. Eat your supper, but this one you’re being so evasive sef, do you have something going on ‘codedly’ with her?”

“Jeje!” He warned.

“what?” She asked him “it’s true. Any way lets leave that one for a while. Has mom told you about Vicki?” He frowned, pausing as he was about taking another bite of food


“Yeah, Vicki Sholanke, the Sholanke’s daughter. She was here last weekend while you were away, she just resigned from her job at John Hopkins University, she’s starting her practice here in Abuja, her own hospital.”

“Okay…..so how does that concern me, or has mom initiated you into setting me up with daughters of her friends’?”

“Oh please, like I don’t have work to do? I mentioned her because the chick seems to be quite intelligent and pretty too. Mom invited her over to dinner with us again this Sunday.”

“So I heard.” He replied. He didn’t plan on being there, he had other things to do.

“You should meet her.” She told him He smiled and shook his head

“You’re sure mom didn’t put you up to this?”

“At all, I just thought the two of you might hit it off, she’s hot, as in hot!”

“ Whatever Jeje, I’ve heard you. You should come by the office sometime, Since you still have like six months before you resume business school, you should probably spend time there, let Kenny start showing you the ropes.”

“Yeah, I’ve been thinking about it but not Kenny please, that your friend hit’s on anything female.” Jeje and Kenny had never gotten along.

“Kenny would never hit on you, you’re my sister.” Jeje raised a brow

“You obviously don’t know your friend well enough, I just want to be out of his range before he starts getting ideas.”

“Okay, if you say so, I’ll have someone else show you around.”

“Fine, but Ise you really need to start dating soon,” She went back to the dating thing again. “you’re not getting any younger, you know?”

“ah ahn, what’s with the sudden interest in my love life, jeje?”

“I’m just saying.” She shrugged.

“Don’t worry yourself, when I find the perfect girl, I’ll announce her to you and mom. Are you happy now?” She smiled

“Okay o, I hope you find her in this lifetime.” She said cheekily and he raised a brow at her. She turned and picked up the TV remote which was next to her

“Wonder What’s on TV sef.”

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Kite knew Izu was keeping something from her, she knew him like the back of her hand and wondered why he even bothered hiding things from her. From the corners of her eyes, she could feel him watching her when he thought she didn’t notice. He watched her like that when he wanted to tell her something but couldn’t muster up the courage.

Back then in the university, hundred level before they’d become friends, he’d always watched her. Kind of creepy but she’d liked it, it had been obvious he’d wanted to talk to her but hadn’t been able to muster the courage to approach her. Like her, he could be shy sometimes and she liked the quality about him.

Big Izu that got shy when he wanted to talk to her. In the end, she’d approached him and she still recalled how he’d stammered as he’d tried answering her questions. They’d become friends and he’d overcome his shyness of her after a while and then they’d fallen for each other.

She loved him, sincerely but it seemed he doubted it or didn’t know just how much she did. He didn’t need to hide anything from her. Whatever the problem was she would be glad to hear it and even offer help if he needed it.

It was her turn to watch him as he drove her back to the office. They’d been spending quite a lot of time together, he’d picked her up last night after work and they’d had dinner. Afterwhich she’d gone with him to his new apartment in Wuye, she’d asked how he’d been able to afford such a place.

Abuja houses were really expensive and this apartment looked like it would have cost a lot to rent. He was presently dealing in supplying and installing security equipment like biometric doors, CCTV cameras and others in private residences and corporate organisations. Business was doing really well and she was happy for him, for them, they could finally leave their former way of living behind and focus on legitimate things.

She was currently making a sizable income from this job and with his earnings she was sure they would be fine, maybe get married? She smiled, well he had to propose first but before all that she had to know what exactly he was keeping from her.

“Izu?” She called.

“Yes hon?” He replied not taking his eyes off the road.

“Are you okay?” She asked and he glanced at her.

“What do you mean?”

“You’ve been somehow pre occupied lately, you’re not exactly yourself. Are you in any trouble again?”

“No , I’m not in any trouble.” He snapped at her. Jeez! She’d asked an innocent question, there was no reason for him to take that tone with her.

“Hey, I just asked a simple question, why are you getting worked up?”

“I’m getting worked up because you seems to think I love getting into trouble, why would you even think I was in trouble again? Do you think I can’t stay away from trouble? That I miss trouble?”

“Hey, I’m just asking a question because I care about you Izu, stop putting words in my mouth and reading things I did not even insinuate.”

“You need to have more faith in me Kite.” He told her taking another glance at her.

“I want to, Izu, you can’t blame me, not after what happened last –“

“Are we back to that Kite, really? Haven’t we moved past that already? I did it for your protection remember?”

“I know but I don’t want a repeat and that’s why I’m asking now.”

“Really Kite, sometimes you annoy the crap out of me. I’m not in trouble, okay? Infact I’m doing really well so all I need is for you to be happy that we’ve found each other again and revel in that fact, okay?” He said condescendingly.

“Don’t talk to me like I’m a kid, Izuoma . I know you’ve been preoccupied lately and you know I know you like the back of my palm, you can keep it from me, fine! But don’t you dare put me in a position like you did the last time because I tell you, no amount of begging would make me forgive you.” She told him matter of factly. He drove through the gates of the company and parked in the parking lot, both of them fuming.

‘what in the world had just happened? Kite had asked her boyfriend whom she loved with all her heart a simple question and it had blown up this way. Still sulking she opened the door and made a move to get down when he held her hand back. She looked at his hand holding hers then up at his face. He looked repentant but she didn’t care, he’d over reacted and he needed to apologise.

“What?” she asked him

“I’m sorry.”

“Sorry about what?”

“the way I talked to you. I’m sorry. You know I’m not proud about the way I left you the last time? I promise you I’m doing all I can so that it doesn’t repeat it’self. I just need you to have some faith in me.”

“Alright”, she nodded accepting his apology. He squeezed her hand he was still holding in his and then let it go.

“Till this evening then?”

“Sure “ she replied with a slight smile as she suddenly sat forward, put her hand around his neck and pull him forward to meet her. She kissed him, softly and lightly on the lips. Nothing too much, just a small kiss reassuring him that she was here for him whenever he needed her. Pulling away, she saw the smile on his face. She was also smiling when she looked and saw Ise standing in front of their car, eyes behind dark police shades.

He paused for all of two seconds which seemed like a lifetime to her, his mouth set in stone before moving on. ‘Damnit!’ She thought, Now he would dress her down for kissing her boyfriend in his parking lot or whatever.

“Wasn’t that your boss?” Izu asked.

“Yes it was, I have to go.” She began getting out when he held her back again.

“I’ve missed you Kite.” He told her “as in missed you.”

“Izu…” she knew the kind of miss he was talking about, it had to do with sex “One step at a time remember?” He sighed and nodded.

“But please don’t make me wait for too long.”

“It all depends on your own good behaviour, I really have to run now Izu, we’ll see tonight?”

“yeah.” He released her hand. She got down and hurriedly made her way into the building not sure what awaited her in there.

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