Facebook Girl


Early February.

I met Nana Akua on Facebook as a
mutual friend to one of my friends. Nana Akua is a student of University of Ghana, Legon. One thing led to
another; we started chatting on Whatsapp and early
March, we started E-dating.
3weeks ago, we discussed on how we would meet each other in person. She suggested travelling to meet
me in Kumasi  only if I can foot the bill for her transport since as a Legonite, she is fully based in Accra.
I was so happy that I
started imagining how her visit will be;
the romance, fun, love-making, among others.
On the 14th of
April, I paid GHc 100 into her account as  her transport from school to my place in Kumasi.
She called me to let me know she had gotten the money and the travelling preparation began.
On that fateful day, I cleaned up my room, bought foodstuffs and
bought a new pack of  different CDs. When she called me after alighting at Kejetia, I told her to charter a cab  to my residence which she did. At about 5pm, she finally arrived; I ushered her in, gave her soft drinks
and we started chating.
At exactly 6pm, she shocked
me by telling me she has a cousin  in Kumasi also and that’s where she will be staying throughout her visit so I should pass by anytime to see her at her
cousin’s place the following day.
I was so sad but I faked a smile and walked her off to board a cab.

When i entered my room after walking her off to the taxi rank,I asked myself “ will my GHc100 go
to waste?”.
I didn’t go to visit her the next day and lied that I was sick with the mindset that she would come to my place instead.  Surprisingly, all sh did was to call me and ask after my health.
That nite, I couldn’t sleep.  All I did was think of my stupidity. I forcefully slept off after putting my mobile phone in silence mode.
At about 6am in the morning, I woke up to see a text from Nana Akua which read: “Baby, you know I will be leaving today, what time should I
come for my return transport
Hmmmmm, my head started aching and
#ToBeContinued #WatchOutForEpisode2