Facebook Girl Episode 2


Source:  Anonymous

Just when I was thinking about how stupid I have been, my
memory started flashing back to how it all started……….
After sending her a friend request on
Facebook which she accepted, we started chatting which focused on academics and life in general. As time went on, we became so fond of each other that we confided in each other.
I remember her telling me about her relationship that just ended
with Mike due to emotional and physical abuse. She
told me how he didn’t love her, how he violently
demanded for sex, most especially anal
sex which she always rejected until one day
when he drugged her drink, making her
unconscious and had his way with her… I felt so sorry for her that I always kept her company during our chats. We even  exchanged pictures, voicenotes and
The feelings developed gradually until
the day I asked her out… It took her up to 2weeks to give me  a yes answer. After giving me a yes, we started
E-dating since we lived in different regions.
It was fun because we would chat almost every minute. I called her often which she didn’t always return but I never minded.
As at March,our intimacy had grown to the extent that we started engaging in
dirty chats. Charley, Nana Akua is a guru at it. She would tell me about her sexcapades with her ex, how she gives him blowjob and swallows the cum and how she can perform 56 different styles during sex. Infact, every night, I made sure my fone was charged so as to enjoy each  moment of the sexchat. After the chat, she would call me at
midnight for oral sex.
One night during our normal chat, she was like.. “baby, I’m getting wet too much these days, each time I feel like having you in me

Me: “The feelings is mutual baby, same thing here”

Nana Akua: pls can u do me an urgent favour?

Me: What favour is that dear?

Nana Akua:. Pls send pics of your erected d**k to me.

Me: *Suprised*. Woow! But on one condition

Nana Akua:. What’s the condition?

Me: You will send your own nude pics to me

Nana Akua:. Don’t worry dear, just be patient till we meet; I will give you a surprise package you will always remember for the rest of your life

Me:, Really? Tell me about it

Nana Akua:. You know what? I will suck you till you will cum 3 times in my mouth and I will swallow. I will give u the best doggie u have ever experienced and atleast 30 out of my 56 sex

Me: I can’t wait for that dear.

The chat ended with a nice oral sex till I slept off where I had this nasty dream of me and Nana Akua
I woke up from my “day-dreaming” and begun to
wonder what actually happened. I began to compare the Nana Akua who is always nasty on chats and always looked forward to us being together with the Nana Akua who barely spends 1 hour with me and will tell me that she is going to stay over at her cousin’s with whom she hadn’t spoken to me about earlier.. .
While I was still imagining,my phone rang and it was her.
I didn’t pick the calls cos I was so mad at myself considering the 3 bottles of Alomo I have bought, the preparations and the likes. I ignored more of her calls and decided to open my operamini and browse on Facebook to while away time.
As the Facebook homepage page opened. On the username, I saw her
email filled in it, and on the password. I saw 8 dots just as normal password code. Immediately I remembered that when she came to my house on the first day, she asked to use my fon because she had low battery. I also remembered  that she logged out before returning the fone to me. As I was wondering what could have happened, i recollected that there’s always a notification “do you want Opera to keep your password for this page?” usually
comes up. I assumed then that,she must have selected “YES” .
I gladly logged into her account and browsed through her messages. To my surprise, Nana Akua does the same flirt chat she did to me with like 4
other guys. The one that shocked me most was a guy on her message named “Swordman”. The guy
also lives in Kumasi according to their chats. She also told the guy that she wish to come to Kumasi to
visit him, but the guy said in the chat that he didn’t
have money to finance the transport of which Nana Akua replied that “don’t worry, I will sort that out myself”.
On seeing this, my head rang a bell. I felt a headache instantly. I took my time to read through all their conversations and I discovered that she does exchange nudes with the guy also ,they flirt to the extreme, and were also dating.
It was then I got the true image that Nana Akua is actually with another guy whom she claims to be her cousin. But again I remembered that she invited me to come there yesterday. I asked myself, “Can she be with another guy and still invite me over?”
I checked the time, it was now 8:43am so I callled Nana Akua and told her that I want to come visit her at her cousin’s place so she should give me the address. She replied that “I’m sorry, u can’t come, my cousin and I had a serious misunderstanding yesterday nite through to this morning. Infact, we haven’t spoken since last night so its not advisable for you to come..