Ex -President J . J . Rawlings Angrily Tells Mahama to Remove His Photos from the Metro Buses


Last week, it emerged that the government of Ghana spent 3.6 million cedis (over a million dollar) just to put photos of ex-presidents including the incumbent on 116 buses—while the country has no electricity, majority of the people do not have access to clean drinking water and 20 million of the population do not have improved sanitation facilities.
While the invoice the government paid on showed that it cost 30,000 cedis for one bus to have been painted with the photos of these leaders, the labourers who did the work came out to say, the figures were shocking because for a bus, they were only paid 100 cedis.
Now, former-president Jerry John Rawlings, well known for his no-nonsense has said, the government of the day should quickly remove his photos from those buses as he does not want to be part of this total waste of national resource.
Speaking to Peace Fm in Accra, Rawlings said; “the NDC government has lost its mind. People do not have electricity, children are studying under tress with rain beating them each day. We need hospitals and good roads and then the government spends this huge amount just to colour buses with photos of leaders who do not approve of such nonsense?”
He continued, “I am totally disappointed in how things are being done in this country. I have written to the presidency, requesting those in charge to pull my images down or I will take them to court for unlawfully usage of my images.”