Everyone Falls In Love Episode 4


As he walked out of the cemetery gate, he remembered the many times he had passed by the place when they were in school, and now his friend was buried there. It was all over. His body had been laid 6 feet deep, and it finally dawned on him that he would never see Tunde again. Guilt slowly crept in as he felt he could have done a lot more for his friend.

Anita had asked if he could drive her down to their alma mater, and they were heading towards his car now. They were initially walking together, but were displaced by the crowd leaving the cemetery. She had on a grey skirt suit and the scarf she had used to cover her head at the cemetery was now around her shoulder.

The end part of her jacket sat on her big behind. For some reason, he thought of Mercy Johnson. The skinny little girl his friend had been dying for in college was now unbelievably hot. She looked back at him; sunshades covering her eyes as she urged him along with a slight head movement. He walked up to catch up with her and they walked quietly to his car.

A lanky teenage boy was posing to take a picture by the black Mercedes Benz 280 SEL, and he stylishly bounced along when he noticed they were approaching the car. Anita looked at Andrew and smiled as she walked over to the passengers’ side of the classic.
“This wasn’t the car you drove yesterday.” She said as she fastened her seat belt.
“Umm! No.”
“Your MC job really pays I guess.”
“Well…I do other things.” He said as he navigated out of the tight corner he was parked in.
“Hmm! I’d love to know what those other things are. This banking job is killing me.”
“Maybe we can talk about that over a drink after…”
“No girlfriend to get to?” She said, cutting him off. Her voice was a higher pitch than her normal husky tone.
“Okay. I understand. Girlfriends?” She enquired and they both laughed.

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Andrew parked at an open space at the end of a dead-end road when they got into the University. The person Anita wanted to see was staying at the hostel just beside the parking lot. She called and found out the girl had gone out to eat, and would catch up with them in 5 minutes.
“What was Tunde into?” She asked in a low tone.
“I am guessing you guys were still close, right?” She said and turned sideways in her seat to face him.
“Yea, we were.” He said and paused to switch gears. “He…He actually was…You know him, always trying to do everything at the same thing.” He added and they both laughed.
“You know I feel really guilty.” She said after a moment of silence.
“He…Let’s just say Tunde was the man I should have married.” She said and looked away. “I loved him, but…you know…he just couldn’t get his s–t together.” She said and laughed a little. “So I went and married this stable guy my parents liked and…the marriage didn’t even last 4 years.” She added.
“Oh! I didn’t know…”
“Yep! I’ve been divorced for about three years now. Definitely not how I thought my life would turn out.”
“Any kids?”
“Nope. And I don’t even know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.” She said.

Her phone started to wring and she pulled it out of her bag. She spoke to the person on the other end for a few seconds before excusing herself out of the car. Anita walked over to a short and chubby lady with glasses on, standing in front of the hostel gate.

In the car, Craig David’s Walking Away song came on and memories came flashing back again. Andrew shook his head as the guilt feelings started to creep up. He slowly removed the gold cuff-links he had on, placed them in the glove compartment of the car, and rolled up his shirt sleeves.

From the side of his eye he saw Anita approaching with a big brown envelope in her hand. She got in, closed the door and placed the package at the backseat. She massaged her neck and then turned over to Andrew before saying, “Okay. Let’s go and get that drink you were talking about.”