“Good morning”, I greeted her with a smile
“Good morning”, the female receptionist
behind the desk answered looking up at me.
“You are welcome, and what can I do for
you, ma’am?”, she continued
“Am here to see Dr. Imran Shuraim”
“Okay, are you a patient?”
“No, just tell him Miss Na’imah is here”, I
“Wait while I inform him”, she said picking
up the intercom on her desk pressing a
I stood while she spoke on the phone with
the Doctor as I assumed.
“He said you should wait for a few minutes,
you can sit on one of those while you wait”,
she said, pointing to a set of seats behind
I looked around as I sat, the hospital was a
bit busy with patients trying to book for
appointments and others waiting to be
attended to by their consultants.
There were about two others seated with me
on neighbouring seats. Everyone was silent.
Busy with our thoughts, I guessed.
A few minutes later, Dr. Imran called for me,
she directed me to his office and off I went.
The office was upstairs.
I knocked on the door and walked into an
air-conditioned room with a large desk
behind which a heavily-built man was
seated, two chairs facing each other, a sink
at one end and an area secluded with a
curtain which I guessed was used to attend
to patients who needed privacy.
Dr. Imran was fair, heavily-built and good-
looking. He looked up as I entered smiling
“Good morning and please sit”, he greeted
“Good morning”, I replied as I sat on one of
the chairs
facing him.
He stared at his desk which contained some
well-arranged files and other medical
instruments before looking up at me.
“Miss Na’imah, I think we should see your
patient first”, he said
“Yes”, I replied, nodding in agreement.
He stood up, led the way and we went out
of the office.
I was eager and at the same time nervous.
I couldn’t imagine how I would see my
dearest friend, this will be the first time am
I am seeing him in so much pains. Actually
all I could say was God please let me be
able to bear this. We walked down the
stairs and through a long corrider before
stopping at a door. This was it!!!
My heart was beating very much faster than
Dr. Imran pushed through the door and
entered, I followed suit.
Basheer was lying unconscious on the bed,
his head was bandaged and so was his
right leg.
There was also a drip attached to his right
hand. He looked terrible.
“I checked on him this morning and he is
yet to regain consciousness”, Dr. Imran
said, feeling Basheer’s pulse
I couldn’t say a word, I just stood there
staring at Basheer like a zombie. I moved to
him and sat by his side, held his hands in
mine and kept staring.
“Oh Allah, please spare his life for me, let
him be okay”, I prayed silently in my mind
“He will be alright by Allah’s grace, but
before then why don’t we go back to my
office, there are things we need to sort out”,
Dr. Imran said looking at me.
I didn’t reply but rather stood up, he
undertsood my gesture as he led the way
and we went out of the ward.


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