“Why are you crying?”, my mum’s voice
interrupted my thoughts
“Am not crying”, I replied coming back to
my senses
It was just then I noticed the tears trickling
down my cheeks.
She sat down on the sofa as I sat up on the
bed supporting myself with my pillow.
“You still haven’t heard any news about
Basheer?”, she asked
As I have complained to her how I haven’t
heard from him since morning. I kept silent
for a while before adding;
“No, I just got a call from a doctor. He was
involved in a car accident on his way”, I
said with tears in my eyes
“Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un”, she
“How bad is it”?, she continued
“I don’t know, but the doctor said he
needed my help and I have to go to the
hospital as soon as possible”, I answered
amidst tears.
“Everithing will be fine, I am sure its not
that bad”, she said hugging me,trying to
console me.
“Its already late now, why don’t you go to
sleep so that you can wake up early to go
to the hospital”, she added.
I managed to take my shower and slipped
into my nightie after my mum left. I felt
better as I la!d down to sleep.
How bad is it? Would he be alright soon?
How much pain is he in now? Those were
the thoughts that came running in my mind
as I tried to sleep
But sleep was nowhere to be found………
The Pinnacle Hospital is a private hospital
situated at No. 18 Masallacin Murtala Road
off Zoo road in the heart of Kano city. It
was a bright morning and I noticed there
was traffic as I drove along BUK road as
workers were trying to get to their
workplaces while parents were trying to get
their kids to School, Commercial drivers
were already at work.
The hustle and bustle along the way with
impatient drivers honking their horns didn’t
take my mind off thinking about the
previous day.
I couldn’t sleep well last night and my eyes
were red as a result of crying. I was deep in
thoughts as I recalled my conversation with
Dr. Imran Shuraim.
“Why did he say Basheer needed my help”, I
asked myself.
“You will find out soon”, a voice inside me
“Hey…..move”, shouted an impatient driver
bringing me back to my senses.
I noticed the light has turned to green and I
was the only one yet to move. I wiped away
tears from my eyes as I changed the gear
to drive, released the handbrakes and drove
It was 8:45am when I parked my Honda
Civic (Thank you daddy) in one of the
empty parking spaces at The Pinnacle
Hospital. I was nervous or rather tense as I
walked up to the main building of the
The only building in the hospital served for
offices, wards and laboratories. It was a
two-storey building painted beautifully and
decorated with flowers of different species.
It was indeed a beautiful sight.
I walked through the main door and over to
the receptionist.