Evening With Eva Season 3 Episode 7



Previously On Evening With Eva….

“I would never give excuses sir. I am just saying that we have studied the Colonel. He wants revenge. He is blinded by his current bloodlust. We can use it to our advantage. If we wait him out, pretend to be unaware of him and his vices, he would be forced to act.
Then we would nail him. We have the upper hand sir. We need to gather our resources, stock pile our strategies and expect an attack. Then we’ll counter in such a way he never saw coming.” Sophia explained sitting down and crossing her legs, staring straight into her Guardian’s eyes.

“Let me know when Ambrose comes to. If he has nothing concrete to present, you will have to kill him. Use him as bait, smoke him, anything. He is now a liability. You have twenty hours to find the missing love birds.” The General said and walked out of the room.

He did not wait for a reply. Sophia had none to give. She had plans of her own.

As the General shut the door behind him, she got up and headed for Ambrose’s room.



Two weeks had passed. Sophia had been keeping tabs on the activities of GhostCorp. The General had ordered her to oversee affairs till he got back from sabbatical.

She worked tirelessly, looking for clues and tracking every bit of intel she got from BeeHive. The Colonel seemed to be in no hurry. It had been sixteen days and he had not made a move yet. He had not left his supposed hideout. She could wait him out. She had all the time in the world.

It was Sark and Eva that concerned her. They had been highly trained. They had risen through the ranks faster than anyone in the history of the Corporation. They most disturbing issue was the fact that they already knew too much.

Sophia stepped into her room after spending the whole day in the fortress, tightening the security, updating the firewalls and creating new anonymous drifters.

Exhausted after a tedious day, she didn’t bother with the usual routine bath and Jacuzzi. She just kicked off her loafers and lay on the bed face down. Just then her phone rang. She grudgingly went to her bag on the bedside table and took out the phone. She opened the message that came in. It was from Bee Hive.

“Targets found.”

The location of Sark and Eva had been identified. That was the best news she had heard in a while. She got up at the speed of light and went back to the fortress. She entered the mission room and waited for the door to shut behind her.

The room was very dark. She brought her palm to her face. She could not see a thing. She waited a few seconds, straining her sharp ears and listening for any foreign sounds.

At this time her eyes had acclimatized to the darkness and she could now see the outline of her fingers. When she was satisfied that she was alone, she snapped her fingers and said audibly:

“It’s a lovely day.”

“Password accepted. Welcome Agent S.” An electronic voice replied.

The huge room came to life. The previously dimmed lights gradually came on. There were three huge 60-inch touch screen computers on each wall.

Sophia folded her arms across her chest and moved to the screen to her left.

“What do we have Kojo?” Sophia asked.

A small box appeared at the top corner of the screen showing a video of Kojo in his tiny office. There were cans of soda scattered across his table. The remaining part of the screen changed, now showing a map.

“Good evening ma’am. Sorry to drag you out at this time.” Kojo replied smiling.

“Save the pleasantries and cut to the chase. What do you have for me?” Sophia said curtly.

“Eva got careless. We intercepted an online payment she made for a ticket to the premier of a movie at the Galleria. She used her mother’s maiden name during the transaction and a Master Card that she had not used in four years.

Our Saturn-Extreme 145 satellite got the hit and intercepted the server, declining her request. She tried several times giving us the needed time to scrutinize details and complete tracking. On the fifth try, we were able to get her location.” Kojo replied.

“Where is she?” Sophia asked.

“Our coordinates indicate that she is on the outskirts of the Region Ahodwo to be precise. However, I have a strong feeling that she is not alone.” Kojo replied.

“Leave the feeling to me agent. Anything else I need to know?” Sophia asked.

“Asides the information on the movie premiere, I have nothing new to tell ma’am” .

“Tell me about the Premiere.” Sophia said.

“Please look to the screen behind you.”.

Sophia obeyed and turned. On the screen there were images of the Galleria and the Cinema section of the building. Kojo showed her the exits, the viewing rooms, the reception and the red carpet area.

He suggested possible vantage posts and also explained the possible movement of people in the cinema. They went through it a few times together. When Sophia had memorized it all, she asked Kojo about the possibility of an assault while she’s mobile.

“I had thought about that option too but it is too complicated. We do not know how much help she has and how many people she would be with. I strongly suggest we move cautiously and approach with tact.” Kojo advised.

Sophia thought about it for a few minutes and agreed with him. It would be foolish to act hastily without knowing what the odds were. She nodded.

“Thank you Kojo. Good Job. I will contact you with the details as soon as I am done.” She said.

Kojo’s image disappeared and the screen went white. Sophia tapped the screen twice and a touchpad appeared. She had to reconfigure and change the codes, passwords and settings as she had just used them.

She made sure that there was always a different code for each day and always tweaked the settings. When she was done, she shut down the computers manually and left the mission room.

The Colonel was seriously studying a tracking device he held on his left hand while Eva sat beside him, trying to get tickets for the movie premiere. Sark sat across the room, checking the .45 automatic pistol he loved to carry around. He cleaned the cartridges with a white rag, watching the Colonel closely.

“The card is not working. The portal is rejecting it.” Eva said to the Colonel complaining.

“The portal is not rejecting it. Someone from GhostCorp has intercepted the signal and is now tracking your card.” The Colonel said.

“Damn! I need to stop now!” Eva panicked.

“No girl. Don’t stop. That is the plan. We need to let them think we have been careless. Let them track you. I am monitoring the intercepting signals from here too. If they get to you, we get to them. Keep going Eva.” The Colonel said with authority.

Eva looked back at Sark seeking for reassurance. Sark laughed and nodded at her. She tried again and again until she was allowed to get it.

Just then the device in the Colonel’s hand beeped.

“They’ve got us. But we got them first.” The Colonel said.

Days back when they attended the premier of a movie at Royal Lamerta Hotel. They were attending as a couple and were all smiles as they got interviewed on the red carpet.

As the Video Jockey interviewed Eva who was holding on to Sark’s arm, Sophia walked in to the Galleria. She was dressed in a beautiful red short sleeved gown which accentuated her curves. She wore light make up and her beautiful face shone in the illumination of the room. However, she was not alone.

There were a few agents in the room in strategic positions and a handful outside the building. Sophia wore a gold necklace with a golden Versace head pendant. It was not just a pendant. It was a tiny but powerful indoor camera. The agents in a black ford van six buildings away from the hotel

To be continue