Evening With Eva Season 3 Episode 14



Previously On Evening With Eva..

“The dot is not blinking anymore!!!” Eva cried, handling the iphone to the Colonel.

The Colonel reduced speed, taking the iphone from her. The dot signifying Sark’s location on the GPS was no longer blinking.

It could only mean one thing. The Colonel put the device off and back on again. This could not be happening.

“Be Calm Diana.” The Colonel said.

Eva was ready to explode. A mixture of feelings welled up inside her. She watched the Iphone with eagle eyes, hoping that the red dot would come on any minute as the Colonel launched the GPS application. They waited. Three minutes. Five. Nothing.

“Shit! Shit!! Shit!!!” Eva said hitting the dashboard with her fists.

“We need to hurry. He may still be alive. Suck it in Eva. You need a clear head.” The Colonel barked. He increased speed to 120km/hr, trying not to think about what may have happened to Sark.

Eva nodded and bit her lower lip. Different mixtures of emotions were threatening to burst from her insides out.

She tried to hold herself together. It was not really working but she just had to.

A few seconds later, a message came in on the phone. The Colonel opened it.

“DaVinci, I’m going solo. Hurry. I need you.”

It was Sark.

“Your boyfriend is alive” The Colonel said, passing the phone to her.

The Colonel could see her countenance lifted. Even though he was also relieved and delighted, he kept a straight face.



They got to Bee Hive but parked about twenty meters away from the main building. They walked quickly to the gate, with Eva watching their back. The Colonel took out a small palm torch from his back pocket. The torch was a password decryptor. It had a small screen at the neck which cracks the password once the rays hit the keys.

He pointed the torch at the password panel at the gate and saw the keys that Sophia had pressed.

4 9 6 1 6.

He pressed them and the gate opened.

They walked inside the compound, with Eva walking with her back to the Colonel, facing the gate, with the silenced twin Silver ballers in each hand by her cheeks. She was watching every spot, every angle, just in case there were in for an ambush.

They got to the door leading into the building and the Colonel used his password decryptor again. As they were about to enter, Eva stopped the Colonel pointed to a spot on their far right. The spot had a reddish liquid on the tiled floor.

“Blood” Eva whispered.

They walked slowly and stealthily to the point and the Colonel bent to access the situation. Just then they heard footsteps. The Colonel backed up on the wall and carefully turned so that only a fraction of his left eye could see who was approaching.

It was one of the guards that took Sark from the movies. Eva was crouched besides him. In eight or nine steps, the agent would get to them. He turned only his head and whispered to Eva who had got up and was not standing close behind him.

“Agent. 6 steps till he gets to us. I’m going to jump him. If I fail, weaken him.” The Colonel said.

Eva nodded.

The Colonel began the count down with his fingers, showing it to Eva.


After he counted the last number, the Colonel stepped away from the wall and into the path of the agent. The agent was shocked and surprised. Before he could find time to react, the Colonel gave two quick jabs. He gave one punch to the agent’s right lower rib cracking a bone, and then the other punch to his Solar plexus. The agent gasped for air, staggering back.

Just then the radio with the agent cackled to life.

“Mario, where the hell are you? What is taking you so long? The madam wants you immediately. Come in, over.” came a male voice from the other end.

The Colonel didn’t hesitate. He went behind the agent and snapped his neck from behind, letting him fall in a heap. He dipped his hands into the agent’s pockets, looking for anything that might be helpful.

He found a bunch of keys, an access card and the key to a G-Wagon. He took the items he found and side stepped away from the corpse. He moved towards Eva.

“Let’s go. We need to hurry” Eva said.

The Colonel nodded, walking briskly away from the scene and quickly through the door. He brought out the special UV glasses that were inside his mafia suit and handed one to Eva.

“Put this on. We should see Sark’s markers from here.” The Colonel said walking ahead of her and wearing his own pair of UV glasses.

The Colonel looked left and right on the floor they were on and his eyes caught Sark’s imprint on the door of the elevator.

“Here. Follow me.” The Colonel commanded.

They walked into the elevator and the Colonel found Sark’s imprint on the panel beside the third floor button. Eva saw it too.

“Bless you Sark.” Eva whispered with an expectant and eager look in her eyes.

The Colonel pressed the button to take them to the third floor, and then turned to look at Eva. He was very worried about her. He knew that she was capable as a field agent and could very well take care of herself.

But right now a bit of fear gripped him. He suddenly doubted if she could handle herself given the emotional conditions surrounding this operation. He needed her to think clearly, have a straight and calm head.

He had told her countless times. He could not snap at her now that they were very close. He heaved a very long and heavy sigh. Eva looked at him.

“Dad, I will be fine. I have everything going on well right now. Trust me.” Eva said, pointing her forefinger at her head as if to say she’s thinking straight.

The Colonel smiled. Just then there was a short elevator sound to tell them that they had reached their destination.

“This is it Diana. Let’s do this.” The Colonel said, bringing out his silenced .45 automatic caliber pistol.

Eva took out the silenced twin Silver ballers from her hips, one in each hand and waited.

The elevator opened.

The General paced the room, eager and waiting. How could Sophia decide to betray him like this? Where did she get the audacity to? Was she working for someone? Did she know something that he didn’t?

Different questions ran through his head as he waited for her to arrive. He had taken her in when she was just a kid. Trained her, schooled her, and made her what she was. And now she wanted the Corporation for herself?

“No! It cannot be!” The General exclaimed smashing the glass of water in his hands against the wall.

The steel door opened inwards and Sophia walked in, accompanied by the agent who was acting as her guard.

“Why am I not surprised? You even have the access codes to this room. And is he necessary?” The General asked, nodding at the agent but maintaining eye contact with Sophia.

Sophia ignored his question and moved to her left to the part of the room that had a small round table and two chairs. It was the lounging area of the office where you could relax, have a drink and even take a nap. After she had settled well and poured herself a cup of juice, she said to the General,

“Would you care to join me please?”

It was more of a demand than a request. She had the General by the balls and they both knew it. He could decide to take her out, but that would be detrimental. He needed to know what was really happening.

He needed to know why she was going rogue. Was she working for someone? Did she want money? All these questions needed answers. The answers he got would shape his decision. He walked grudgingly to the lounging area and sat opposite Sophia.

He had an unreadable look on his face. It was a look that Sophia had seen uncountable times, that it did not mean anything to her anymore. She just smiled.

“A cup of juice, General?” Sophia asked.

The General just stared at her, trying to read her mind. He was trying to connect with her resolve, trying to get some form of emotional weakness, any form of spiritual connection. He was very good at it and had used it on her a lot when she was still his loyal lieutenant. It was not working this time.

“Does he have to be here?” The General asked her.

“Is that important? He is here just in case you try anything funny. I have never trusted you Marcus.” She said, finishing the orange juice in her cup.

“I knew you never have. I was not counting on that.” The General replied.

“You wanted me here. Did you summon me for small talk? Or you would like to really get to the point. I have things to attend to.” Sophia threatened.

The General was fast losing his grip. He was no longer in control. He needed to take control but how? He did not want Sophia dead, at least not yet. He could finish her in seconds. He thought for a few seconds.

Maybe he had to. She was proving really difficult. She had to go. But the guard she brought in was going to complicate issues. He could not kill two professionals at once. He decided he was going to warn Sophia.

There was a small button inside his right shoe by his big toe. He squeezed the big toe against the button, sending a signal to Ambrose who was hiding in the store, inside the room they were in. The store was directly to the left of the Sophia. The door opened and Ambrose came out, gun in hand. It all happened in seconds.

Ambrose shot at the guard, releasing four bullets as he came out confidently from the room he was hiding. The bullets hit the guard on the chest, belly and face. The guard fell sideways, hitting his head on the brick wall. Sophia was very well aware of her surroundings.

Immediately the door opened and Ambrose came out, she kicked the table from under with her legs, sending the top of the table forwards in the air, hitting the General’s face. In a split second, she took out her .43 gold plated automatic pistol from her hip, turned and shot at Ambrose.

The single bullet caught him in the groin area. He screamed, fell down holding his balls. She turned immediately to face the General who had been hit by the top of the table. He crawled on his back, moving away from Sophia as she walked towards him, pointing her gun at him. He crawled backwards until he got to the wall and could not move anymore.

“Keep crawling!!!!!” Sophia screamed, shooting the wall just above his head.

The General kept still, blood dripping from his forehead down the side of his face.

“The agent Ambrose just killed was my pawn. I knew Ambrose was in here but I did not know exactly where. I was counting on you to want to use him against me. But deep down, I hoped that I was not in the same category as your other fallen Lieutenants.

I hoped I would be indispensable. I hoped that I was more than an agent to you, that no matter what your love for me would let you keep me. I served you. I killed for you. I loved you as a father! And this is what I get? You want me dead? Huh?” Sophia said slowly, firing another shot a few meters to his left.

The General just stared at her breathing slowly. He did not say a word.

“Answer me goddamitt!” Sophia said, pointing the gun at the General’s head.

Just then a voice said from the entrance of the main door.

“Drop the gun Sophia. He is not yours to kill.”

Sophia turned to see Sark standing by the door, an SPG rifle in his hands. He winked, smiled and nodded to her to move sideways.

She melted at the sight of Sark

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