Evening With Eva Final Season 3 Episode 15



Previously On Evening With Eva

Immediately the door opened and Ambrose came out, she kicked the table from under with her legs, sending the top of the table forwards in the air, hitting the General’s face. In a split second, she took out her .43 gold plated automatic pistol from her hip, turned and shot at Ambrose.

The single bullet caught him in the groin area. He screamed, fell down holding his balls. She turned immediately to face the General who had been hit by the top of the table. He crawled on his back, moving away from Sophia as she walked towards him, pointing her gun at him. He crawled backwards until he got to the wall and could not move anymore.

“Keep crawling!!!!!” Sophia screamed, shooting the wall just above his head.

The General kept still, blood dripping from his forehead down the side of his face.

“The agent Ambrose just killed was my pawn. I knew Ambrose was in here but I did not know exactly where. I was counting on you to want to use him against me. But deep down, I hoped that I was not in the same category as your other fallen Lieutenants.

I hoped I would be indispensable. I hoped that I was more than an agent to you, that no matter what your love for me would let you keep me. I served you. I killed for you. I loved you as a father! And this is what I get? You want me dead? Huh?” Sophia said slowly, firing another shot a few meters to his left.

The General just stared at her breathing slowly. He did not say a word.

“Answer me goddamitt!” Sophia said, pointing the gun at the General’s head.

Just then a voice said from the entrance of the main door.

“Drop the gun Sophia. He is not yours to kill.”

Sophia turned to see Sark standing by the door, an SPG rifle in his hands. He winked, smiled and nodded to her to move sideways.

She melted at the sight of Sark

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Sark waited for about three minutes after Sophia and her bodyguard had left Bee Hive before he opened his eyes slowly. The illumination of the room almost blinded him, as he had deliberately had his eyes shut for too long.

He got up slowly, turning to look at all the people in the room. He stretched his joints and twisted his upper body. His joints made cracking sounds as he twisted. He felt pity for the young lady who was still on the ground, her lifeless corpse decorating the mahogany floor.

He took out a tiny pen from his back pocket. It was a low voltage electrocuting neutralizer. He hit his chest with the pen, sending tiny but powerful electric waves through his body. The electric signals went straight to his heart, neutralizing the tracker that had been previously inserted by the colonel.

He took out his phone from the inner bosom pocket of his blazers and sent the Colonel a message. He moved to kwame’s table, put his hands under the long table and ran them to and fro while his eyes scanned the frightened BeeHive officers.

“This baby should be here somewhere.” Sark said to himself, stretching further beneath the table so that his hands could touch the edges.

“Ah ha!” he proclaimed as his hand hit something.

He pulled out an SPG riffle, corked it twice and smiled.

“May I have your attention please?” Sark said, tapping the table with the gun.

The officers in Bee Hive looked at him, many of them very scared. They had just watched two of their colleagues murdered in cold blood without reason and here another gun slinging maniac was calling their attention.

“Who works after Kwame here?” Sark asked, raising his voice so all could hear.

Nobody answered. No one was ready to die.

“I am not the bad guy. All I want to do is to take down this Corporation, so I suggest you start planning new exits, new jobs, and new safe havens. I need to know who works here after Kwame or what you just witnessed Sophia do would be child’s play.” he threatened, corking his gun threateningly.

A short man stepped forwards, very chubby, and wearing a pair of huge framed lenses. He stepped out of his chair but remained on the same spot. He was too scared to move.

“Please, don’t be afraid. Do come forward.” Sark urged him pleasantly.

The man walked slowly forward and stopped just a few meters in front of him. Sark approached him gun in hand and put an arm around his shoulders. He walked with him back to the table. Putting his hand into his tight right pant pocket, he brought out a flat microchip and handed it to the man.

“This is a virus. It erases every data from the corporation data and writes into the registry of the backup servers, stopping them from automatic data backup. It also cripples the firewalls so that they are weakened to fight against the intrusion. Can I count on you to carry this out perfectly?” Sark asked.

The man nodded weakly.

“What is your name?” Sark asked again sitting on the table and facing him.

“Patrick sir.” The man replied weakly.

“Patrick, I do not plan for any one of you to die here tonight.” Sark spoke slowly and deliberately. Then he raised his voice as he continued so that the whole room could hear his voice.

“Your life and the lives of those in this room depend on this one small favor that I ask of you. Would you please follow my instruction to the letter?” he asked conclusively.

“Yes I will.” Patrick answered meekly.

“Could you be more audible for the sake of the rest of your friends here?” Sark said.

“Yes I will!” Patrick said raising his voice.

“Good. Very good. I go in peace. Don’t make me find you Patrick.” Sark threatened, handing the chip to him.

Sark stepped out into the corridor and retraced his steps the same way Sophia came in. As he walked into the enclosure, he put his hand over the keypad and pressed the passcode to take him to the floor above him.

Just as the enclosure was about to move, he caught a glimpse of familiar figures in the corridor.

It was the Colonel and his beloved Eva. He quickly stopped the elevator from moving and got out of the elevator. Eva could not believe her eyes as she saw him come out from a hidden enclosure on the wall.

She ran towards him and jumped at him, hugging him tightly. She kissed him fully on the lips as he held her tight, kissing her back. She held on for a while kissing and hugging him tight. After what seemed like an eternity, she let him go.

“I feared you were dead!” She said, still holding his hands in hers.

“I am here sweetie. Flesh and blood.” he replied.

The Colonel approached him and shook him by the shoulder.

“Good to see you Bravo.” The Colonel said.

“Missed you too Davinci.” Sark replied.

“So what is the next step now?” The Colonel asked looking at the rifle in Sark’s hands.

“Sophia has gone up to the control room to meet Marcus. I am going to intercept them there. You will come with me, while Eva will stand guard here at BeeHive to make sure all goes as well as planned.”

The Colonel nodded while Eva hugged him tight again before letting him go. They left Eva in charge of Bee Hive as the rest of them went upstairs to meet the General.

As they approached the door, they heard gun shots. They immediately rested their backs on the wall by the door, waiting for the gun battle to subside.

Then Sark heard Sophia raise her voice. She was talking to the General. He tiptoed to the door and keyed in the passcode, the door opened noiselessly.

Sark peeped first to assess the situation. Sophia had his back to him as she lashed out words at the General. As she raised her gun at the General, Sark stepped in.

Eva was pacing on the floor of Bee Hive, making sure that all the agents were behaving and injecting the virus into the Corporation when she heard sound behind her. She turned quickly to find out what it was that suddenly made the sound but she was not quick enough.

Agent Kojo stood at the entrance of Bee Hive with a .23 semi-automatic pistol, smoke drifting upwards from the nozzle of the gun. Eva had ducked, rolled on the floor and fired a shot of her own catching Kojo in the neck.

Blood guzzled from the hole, flowing like a fountain. He fell on the floor slowly, trying to mumble incoherent words. Eva got up from the floor holding her stomach. Kojo had shot her. Blood flowed from the gunshot wound, painting her hand red.

She gasped for her as she staggered to the door, trying to exit. As she struggled with her feet walking past Kojo’s lifeless body, clutching her stomach and trying to breathe, one word repeatedly came out of her mouth, although barely audible:


“Drop the gun Sophia.” Sark repeated, raising the SPG threateningly at Sophia.

Sophia dropped the gun beside her and kicked it just a few meters away. The Colonel strolled in with confidence, walking past Sark and towards The General. Sophia was looking at Sark, her back to the General. She wished she could just disappear with him and forget this whole blood bath.

Suddenly, the General moved. He pulled out a jack knife from his boots and sprang up acrobatically from the floor. The Colonel aimed at him but did not shoot because Sophia was in the line of target.

The General held the knife to Sophia’s neck, pushing it gently against her soft fair skin. A little blood trickled from the contact.

“Drop the guns. Both of you, Now!” The General ordered.

None of them moved. Sark saw the look of fear and helplessness in Sophia’s eyes. He could not believe he felt something for Sophia after all. Sophia did not want to die.

“I said drop the guns motherfuckers!!!” The General screamed, pressing the knife further deep on to Sophia’s flesh. The blood was rushing faster now and Sophia had begun to squint. Sark could not take it anymore.

He bent carefully and dropped his rifle on the ground. He stood and raised his hands.

“Happy now?” Sark asked.

“Your turn!” The General screamed at the Colonel.

The Colonel did not care who died and who did not. He wanted Marcus dead. He raised his gun higher, targeting Marcus’ head.

The General knew that he could not win the battle. Sark saw the glint in his eyes. Everything happened like slow motion.

In one sudden move, the General slit Sophia’s throat with the knife, pushing her on the floor. As he bent to pick the gun Sophia dropped, the Colonel opened fire on him. Sark had already bent and picked his rifle. Standing on one knee,

Sark emptied his bullets on the General while the Colonel continued to shoot at him too. The General managed to stagger and get up, trying to shoot. They rained bullets on him, while he staggered.

His white starched shirt covered in blood. As he tried to pull the trigger of the gun, Sark gave a precise shot to the middle of his head.

His brains splattered across the room and he fell to the ground. His body was still shaking as Sark and the Colonel walked to him.

They rained the remaining of their bullets on him until his body stopped moving. Sark spat on him

He moved to Sophia and bent down. He held her hand and closed her eyelids. She looked so beautiful even in death. He wished things had ended differently.

Just then an alarm began to sound in the whole building.

“DEFCON4 activated. 50 seconds till self-destruct.” A computerized voice said.

“What the hell is that?” Sark asked.

“Marcus had programmed GhostCorp to end with his death. This building self-destructs once his heart stops beating. We need to move. Now.” The Colonel explained as the got out of the room.

They got to the Bee Hive floor and saw a trail of blood. The followed it and turned the corridor to see Eva coughing blood and breathing heavily.

“This is not happening! Baby, I am here. I love you. Stay with me. Come on. Stay with me.” Sark said, lifting Eva and resting her on his arms while he knelt.

“Saaa..aa…rrr..p..o..ng” Eva said with labored breathing.

“I looo….ooovveee……” She said but coughed out more blood.

“20 seconds to self-destruct.” The Computer said

“We need to leave Sark. There’s no time.” The Colonel said.

Sark lifted Eva, carrying her in his arms like a wedding bride. They hurried out of the premises with Sark repeated assuring Eva and tears in his eyes, even though her eyes were closed:

“I love you baby. Stay with me. Stay with me. Stay with me.”


Reading this update again, I got goose bumps

Damn! Can’t believe this. I swear to you guys, I shed a tear while I read the final words.


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  1. Oooh so did Eva die..
    Ooh she cant die like that.. nt when sark has eleminated sophia from their lives. Oooh eva dnt die…. ope to see u in part 2..

  2. Oooh so did Eva die..
    Ooh she cant die like that.. nt when sark has eleminated sophia from their lives. Oooh eva dnt die…. ope to see u in part 2..