Evening With Eva Season 2 Episode 9



Previously On Evening With Eva…. .

“Good Evening my lady.” Sark greeted, flashing his most amazing smile.

“Evening” Eva replied

“May I sit down?” Sark asked.

“By all means.” Eva answered with a little smile.

Sark positioned himself beside her, settling his frame inside the chair adjacent her.

“You look very familiar. I think I have met you somewhere before” Sark said.

Eva giggled.

“Are you for real? Don’t tell me that’s the best pick up line you’ve got, handsome.” Eva said.

“My name is Frank. My friends call me Frankie.” Sark finished stretching his hand across the table.

“I am Rebecca. You can call me Becky.” Eva said, taking Sark’s hand.

“It’s a pleasure to be acquainted with you Beckilicious” Sark said, releasing her hand.

Eva put her free hand on her mouth as Sark flattered her.

“The pleasure is entirely mine, handsome.” Eva replied..

“Can I have your number please?” He pleaded.

“Sure. Not a problem.” Eva replied taking the phone and putting her number.

“Thank you very much. I hope we can continue this conversation sometime soon?” Sark asked getting up.

“Absolutely. Call me” Eva said and winked.

“I sure will.” Sark said and walked away from her.

She got up and went towards the bathroom determined to get to the bottom of whatever Sark was planning.



Ahmed could not believe what he had just heard. It seemed like he was in a dream. He pinched himself to ascertain if truly he had heard right. His uncle’s crest fallen face said it all. But how was this possible? He had lived with The Colonel since he was four years old. He thought he knew everything. This did not feel right.

“But how can this be? I have a sister? Please explain to me Uncle.” Ahmed pleaded.

The Colonel sighed. He let out a gust of air through his mouth, heaving heavily.

“Son, there is something I ought to have told you. My plan was to wait till you finished Military school and then I would tell you everything. Unfortunately, I went undercover and did not get to see you again. I had Eva when I was twenty five. Her mother, my fiancée got pregnant and desperately wanted to keep the baby.

I had already enrolled in the battalion that was to fight in the West African War and would not be there to support her. I begged for Mary to reconsider. She said she would have the baby and wait till I came back. I was just a recruit but was placed in the 16B Squadron, responsible for back up attacks on the enemy.

After the war ended, I came home with only one thing in my mind; reuniting with Mary and the baby. It was an effort in futility. I searched for months, looking everywhere, calling friends, asking families. I searched for her on the internet to no avail. After three years of search, I concluded that they were either dead or missing. However, I met Mary five years ago when I was still undercover.

She was working as a chef for the head of a rival gang. We reconnected. As desperately as I wanted it, I could not risk getting too close to her. I sent her money regularly and got her a new accommodation.

I visited her only twice. I did not want her in danger. In one of those visits, I saw pictures of Eva. I desperately wanted to talk to her but she was in school outside the country. I haven’t spoken to Mary in two years.” The Colonel finished.

“Wow. This is huge.” Ahmed replied getting up.

He went to the wall where he had his newspaper clippings. He studied the different headlines. Taking a red marker, he drew circles on different perfectly carried out murders.






As he did, he turned to his Uncle who was looking very downcast.

“Uncle, I am beginning to feel that Eva carried out these murders.” Ahmed finished.

“Why do you say so?” The Colonel asked walking up to Ahmed

“I just have a strong urge that she is. These men all had one thing in common. They had no history of heart disease, addiction to any foreign substances. I checked the records of the Ambassador to the USA. He changed his flight plans at the last minute. He was supposed to travel a day later. And guess who his personal adviser was? A certain beautiful lady who was redeployed two days after his death.” Ahmed finished.

“This still is not conclusive son.” The Colonel replied.

“I have a plan uncle. I know how much you love Eva and don’t want her dead. There has to be a motive behind the murders. The more I think about it uncle, the more convinced I am. She definitely is not working alone. Uncle, I need your help now more than ever before.

Let’s get to her before someone else does. We can help her. I can’t do this alone. I need you Uncle. Are you with me?” Ahmed said, facing the Colonel and shaking his shoulders.

The Colonel looked up at Ahmed with a changed countenance. His sadness was gone. His unhappiness disappeared. This was the Colonel Ahmed knew.

“I am determined as an agent of the law to do everything in my power against crime and negative forces within and without. Eva may be my daughter. She is also an enemy of the state and has to be stopped. We leave for Kumasi at dusk.” The Colonel finished with a tone of finality and walked to the bedroom.

For the first time in three decades, The Colonel hurled himself face down on his bed and cried like a baby.

Eva walked slowly towards the bathroom. She walked past the Brigadier who was now with only one man. As she turned right to enter the bathroom, she bumped into Sark.

“Sorry” They both said at the same time.

Eva chuckled while Sark just smiled. She looked so beautiful. Sark made a mental note to ask her on a date.

“I’m sorry princess. I have to leave now. I’m in a bit of a hurry” he said, side stepping her and making to leave.

As he walked past, Eva caught him by the hand and pulled him backwards towards her. She shoved him towards the wall, pinning him by the shoulders. She was strong. Sark did not fight back. He was initially shocked at the brute strength this seemingly gentle and frail lady had. He smiled as she pinned him to the wall, getting his tux a little rumpled.

“I saw what you did with the Brigadier a few minutes ago. Who do you work for?” she whispered into his ears.

“You are strong sweetheart, but not strong enough. Watch your step my lady.” Sark replied.

Eva looked confused. She wondered what he meant by asking her to watch her step. She had him where she wanted him, yet he was acting very calm. She wondered what he was up to.

In a matter of seconds, Sark clasped his hands and put them in between Eva’s spread arms which she used to pin him. He opened his clasped hands with such force, hitting Eva’s hands off his shoulders. Before she could react, he bent low and with his right leg hit her heels in a swift back slide motion. She fell to the ground on her back on the clean, tiled floor.

She had a surprised look on a face.

With a mock grin, Sark said

“I told you to watch your step my lady. I’ll see you soon.” He finished and made to leave.

However, Eva was not done. Placing her hands on the floor behind her head, she forced her weight onto her hands and got back on her feet acrobatically in a quick flip forward motion. She made to grab Sark by the back of his collar. He saw her just in time and moved quickly to the left. Eva’s hand caught the air.

He faced her, his face now looking very serious. He was beginning to get irritated at this girl. He had a job to do. He did not want to hurt her. But she was leaving him with no choice at all. She wasn’t happy at how he had just made her look like a rookie. She was not going to let him leave. She needed him to at least explain to her.

She moved two steps closer. She launched a punch with her right arm to his belly. He gently palmed the punch away. At the same time she threw him an upper cut with her left. He saw it quickly enough and blocked it with his huge right palm, trapping the punch in his palm. She struggled to get her hand out of his but he held tight with a smile.

She tried to hit his face with her free left palm but he blocked that too, trapping the hand under his armpit. She winced and moved two steps forward, launching a head butt. Sark did not see that coming and the impact made him stagger backwards, freeing her hands and holding his head. He felt a little bump on his forehead. He was now really angry.

She came closer and launched a high kick with her right leg at his chest. He moved away just in time, her wedged shoe denting the padded wall. She went after him in the small corridor to the bathroom, throwing punches and kicks.

He defended himself superbly, blocking her every punch and predicting her every move. All he wanted was to wear her down and possibly get her to tire out. From the look of things, she was not ready to give up.

Just them he heard Austin say,

“Target heading to execution area. Advance now sir. Do you copy?”

With huffs and puffs in replies to Eva’s punches and kicks, Sark asked,

“How much time have I got Robin? I’m held up by a little lady here in the loo.”

“If you leave now, you have five minutes sir.” Austin replied.

“Thank you Robin.” Sark finished.

He now spoke to Eva,

“I am really enjoying this my lady, but I am afraid I have to leave now.”

As Eva attacked again with a high kick, Sark was already anticipating it. He had been studying the patterns of her punches and kicks, observing that she launched a right kick after four successive punches. So as she kicked high, he went low, splitting on his legs.

He caught her flailing leg, and hit a punch under her thigh. She yelped. He quickly went to her as she limped, took her hands and turned them behind her back. She let out a soft cry.

He whispered to her ears,

“Sorry my lady, but I really have to go. Sleep tight.”

He found the artery on her neck and squeezed it gently. She passed out.

He dragged her gently into one of the male cubicles, closed the toilet seat and had her sit on the floor. He put her arm on the toilet seat, acting as a pillow for her head on the closed toilet seat. He closed the cubicle and went to the mirror.

He adjusted his clothes as he looked at the mirror. His forehead had a small bump.

“How much more time do I have Austin?” He spoke softly, putting his hand in his ear.

“Three minutes sir. Target is mobile in the execution area.” Austin replied.

“Copy that. I’m enroute.” Sark finished.

He closed the bathroom door and headed for the VVIP suite.

Tawo was obsessed with finding the Colonel. He saw himself as the smartest man in this part of the world. He did not think that anyone could beat his level of intelligence. However, the Colonel was proving him wrong. He was the only person in his entire career that Tawo had a hard time tracking and finding. He hated to admit it. But deep down he knew the Colonel was good. Very good. And that fueled his desire to get him at all costs.

Three years and counting, Tawo never lost his desire to bring down The Colonel. His father, the General had warned him to stay off the Colonel’s track. He despised his father. Hated his guts. He never listened to his father. He was always delinquent. He kept tabs on Eva even though the mission was entire Sophia’s. He did not care. His ultimate aim was to find the Colonel. And he was not going to rest until he did.

Tawo was streaming the online security footage of Eva’s last mission when he got blocked out suddenly. He had been overridden by another access from an unknown node. He tried to trace the access codes from the new intruder but he got blocked by the firewalls of the new hacker.

Tawo loved a challenge. He smiled. It would take the smartest intruder approximately three minutes to get access into the security footage. However, he had recently developed a new algorithm to hack into any security surveillance in 90 seconds. He had enough time to trace the intruder.

He got up and duplicated the screen from his notebook to the large screen on the wall. The screen was black with a single cursor blinking. He touched a button at the edge of the screen and a keypad appeared on the screen. He began to type code after code, writing his newly developed algorithm and inserting the coordinates of the intruding transmission.

Sixty three seconds later he got a hit. The screen displayed the coordinates of the intruder’s location and the ip address after bouncing off different routers and virtual LANs

Luckily, Tawo found another surveillance camera in the building where the transmission was coming from. He still had 40 seconds. That was enough time for him to do what he had to do. He redirected the camera to face the gate’s exit. Then he waited patiently.

Two hours later, he saw Ahmed and the Colonel leave the compound. His joy knew no bounds.

Sark walked towards the VVIP slowly, surveying the door’s entrance. There was only one escort at the door. The door to the VVIP was hidden inside a short corridor, with another door opposite it. It was the janitor’s room and was meant to be Sark’s escape route. He walked into the small corridor and went right, making for the Janitor’s room. He looked drunk.

“Hey. You are not allowed in here. Please go back into the hall” The escort said in his very thick twi accent.

“I need to use the toilet.” Sark spoke in a very slurred voice.

Sark tried to force the janitor’s door open. He spoke incoherently as he turned the door knob, acting drunk. The Escort left the door he was guarding, and came towards him. Sark waited for the escort to get within reach. As the escort grabbed Sark’s left arm, he turned very quickly and landed a very heavy and precise punch on the escort’s throat. The escort tried to swallow saliva. Before he could regain himself, Sark was behind him. He snapped the escort’s neck. He fell in a heap.

Sark entered the VVIP suite, closing the door behind him gently. He heard moans of pleasure from the master bedroom and intervals of soft grunts.

He checked the two remaining rooms. There was no one else asides the Brigadier and the woman giving him so much pleasure.

He went back outside, dragged the escort into the room and shut the door again quietly. He got out his handkerchief and took the escort’s pistol from his jacket making sure that his hands did not touch the gun.

He picked a throw pillow and went to the bedroom door. He listened and waited.

“Ahhh…yeeaahhh..i’m coooommiiiing” the girl said.

“Me too. Hmmmphhh. Argghhh..grrrrr” The brigadier replied

That was the cue that Sark was waiting for.

He entered the bedroom noiselessly and stood behind the brigadier who was moving his hips in very quick motion in and out of the lady who was on all fours on the bed.

He put the throw pillow at the back of the Brigadier’s head and pulled the trigger. There was no sound. Blood splattered on the girls back as pieces of cotton scattered all over the room.

He pushed the Brigadier’s lifeless body away from the girl’s body as she turned, curling up on the bed with her hands embracing her knees.

She saw the emotionless, cold blooded killer look in his eyes. He did not look like someone who would show mercy. The Brigadier’s blood tricked down her shoulder and chest. She pleaded with Sark to spare her life.

Just then he remembered Sophia’s first lesson.

“Be Ruthless. Be very very ruthless. Be as gentle as a dove and as dangerous as a shark.”

The lifeless body of Thomas flashed before his eyes. He remembered dismembering his limbs and head.

There could be no witnesses. No compassion. She was collateral damage. She had to be taken out.

“Don’t worry. I won’t hurt you. Just close your eyes.” Sark said.

For some strange reason she obeyed.

That was her last moment on the face of the earth lol

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