Evening With Eva Season 1 Episode 3



Previously On Evening With Eva.

Damn, I was hungry. I tried to recollect what happened and how I got here. It was all fuzzy. I tasted the dry blood on the cut on my swollen lower lip. I silently cursed the Macho man who hit me.

I had to get out of here. With the tip of my fingers, I felt the tape used to tie my hands. Masking tape. I looked around for any shred of metal I could use to loosen myself. None. I tried to force the masking tape off me by pulling my hands apart. .

I put all the power and force I could get into the slaps. I was afraid I had blinded him. He screamed and held his face. I pushed the chair back and landed a huge kick to his balls.

He fell on the ground gasping for air. I made for the door but he held my leg. I turned and kicked his hand with all the might I could muster. He was still gasping for air. I got to the door, turned the handle and bolted.

No sound of a car or anything of the sort. I stopped to catch my breath. After a while I began walking slowly, tired and hungry. I was fatigued. I sat down on the floor beside the road, praying to get help. I began to cry again.

I heard the sound of a car coming from the direction I was heading.

“Please ma’am. I would be extremely indebted to you if you could please give me a ride anywhere out of here. If I can get a bus anywhere, I would be very grateful.” I begged



She looked at me as if assessing me and deciding whether to give me a lift or not. When it seemed like she was going to zoom off, I begged her with tears falling from my eyes.

“Please ma. I mean you no harm. Please” I begged.

“What happened to you? What are you doing here? And why are you looking so tattered?” she asked.

“It’s quite a story ma.” I replied, my tears refusing to stop.

My tears seemed to give her a change of heart. She nodded her head to the side of the passenger seat.

“Come in.” she said.

She opened the door and I got in. The refreshing AC, the comfort of the leather seat and the safety in the hands of a good Samaritan were all welcome developments.

We drove at some speed and when we passed the house I was held captive in, I glanced and looked inside. The Camry was still there. I was relieved. I relaxed.

“So what is your name?” the good Samaritan asked me after an eternity of silence. She spoke very good English. Gold earrings, gold bracelets and a gold necklace. She smelled of class. What did I expect? She was driving a Honda Civic 2012.

“My name is Sark ma.” I replied.

“Nice. I am Sophia.”

She felt good to be at the CEOs’ Awards dinner. Her boyfriend was Regional Manager at one of the top banks in the country and she felt so happy to be privileged to be a part of the event.

There were a lot of distinguished personalities from 12 different countries around the world. It was a dinner that admitted people strictly by invitation. She knew she looked stunning. Why wouldn’t she be? She had been preparing for weeks.

Kusi had told her a month ago about the very huge dinner and award night and that she would be going as his partner. She had carefully searched the internet and viewed catalogue after catalogue of dinner gowns.

She saw a design she liked on a show on Dstv and had her designer make something gorgeous for her. From the moment she walked into the hall in Oriental Hotel, she felt all eyes on her.

Kusi beamed a wide smile. He looked handsome in his Tuxedo as he strolled to his designated seat, hand in hand with his adorable girlfriend. He knew she was stunning. This could get him a raise, a recommendation or best of all a promotion.

She was dark skinned and very beautiful. She measured 5ft. 7inches without the heels. Now donning a 3-inch heeled shoe, she was almost the same height as Kusi.

They had been dating for almost 7 months and already looked the couple. She was busty and a little chubby with an ass that made heads turn, both male and female alike.

Kusi was in his mid30’s. Already climbing the ladder of successful banking business, he had very little worries. He saw this as an opportunity to invest, market, show his class and get to meet his superiors whose only contact with him had been via emails.

He also hoped he would have the courage to proceed with his plan. He wanted to propose. For her it was a night of pictures for updates on instagram and Facebook. It was a night to flaunt her beauty and her body. It was a night to make her boyfriend very proud.

She knew it was a long shot, but she did not mind being whisked away by one of the money bags present. She was amazed at the caliber of people she saw. She knew it was a big night. She did not envisage that it would be this big.

He followed her to her seat, pushed back her chair, waited for her to settle in and helped her tuck in before going to his seat opposite her. The table already decorated with assorted wines and drinks had his name and designation already written boldly on a fancy looking cardboard: MR Kusi Boakye– REGIONAL MANAGER SOUTH WEST Ghana.

They were seated in the middle of the hall, close enough to see the activities happening on stage. She smiled at him. He smiled back and held her hand across the table. She was so happy to mean this much to him to be brought here. He wanted so much to pop the question to her right there and then. He felt the ring casing in his pant pocket.

“Soon,” he said to himself tapping the pocket with his free hand.

OUTSIDE Oriental Hotel, the venue of the party was a parked dark Nissan Armanda jeep. Shina was in front in the passenger seat. There was a white earphone in his left ear which he held in place with his left hand. Iyke and Francis were at the back smoking.

Francis wound down his side of the glass and threw away the butt of his finished cigarette. He wound up and closed his eyes. Iyke hit him playfully with his elbow. He dipped his hand into the insides of his faded brown leather jacket and brought out a silenced .45 revolver. He smiled wickedly as he brandished it before Francis.

“Baba, relax. As long as this baby dey here, no shaking.” Iyke boasted.

“Shhhh!!!!” Shina said from the front suddenly looking sharp and continued. “Brenda is going in.” he finished.

All three men were suddenly very sharp and alert. The two at the back were looking at Shina and watching his facial reaction. If he felt or heard anything he did not show it. He was the best at masking how he felt, no matter how good or bad. That was why The Ghosts hired him.

INSIDE, an announcement was made for everyone to order appetizers. Kusi and his girlfriend picked up the menu in front of them and chose their appetizers. There was an attendant for every table. When they had made their decision, Kusi signaled the waitress. When she was close to them, he looked at her name tag. BRENDA

“Brenda, could you please get item 17 for my beautiful princess and item 3 for me?” Kusi asked smiling.

“Fantastic choice sir” she said scribbling on her pad. “I’ll be just a minute please.” She finished and left.

She got into the kitchen area and presented the piece of paper where she had written the couple’s order to the chef. She quickly went to the side of the room and whispered into the collar of her suit.

“I’m going in.”

Three minutes later Brenda came back with a tray containing the ordered meal. She placed Kusi’s in front of him and then the girl’s. She opened the red wine and poured two wine glasses half full. She straightened up.

“Is there anything else you may need sir?” she asked smiling at both Kusi and his girlfriend.

“No, thank you Brenda.” he replied.

“Your fiancée is really beautiful sir. Lovely gown too.” Brenda said smiling wider.

“Oh yes she is. Eva is the queen of my heart.” Kusi said.

“Have a good evening sir and ma’am. And please feel free to call me if there is anything I can get you.” Brenda finished.

“Thank you Brenda.” Eva said.

As Brenda made to turn around, she deliberately used the tray to hit the wine bottle such that it spilled on Eva’s dress. She made it look like an accident. She had rehearsed this move for days. She was a pro. A few eyes turned to look at their direction. But the gazes did not last for long.

“Oh my God! I am so sorry. Please forgive me. Please, let me get u a napkin.” Brenda said begging and apologizing as the liquid made a little stain on her dress.

Eva looked horrified. Kusi was worried but calm. She quickly composed herself and accessed the damage. It was not much. Nothing a little dab could not clean up.

She asked for the rest room. Brenda pointed at the ladies, apologizing as she directed. As Eva got up, Kusi tried to get up too but she gave him the “I’ll be fine my love” look.

“Please excuse me baby, I will be right back.” She said to Kusi smiling.

Brenda led the way as they took a door to their left, went behind the hall and entered a corridor to the rest room. Just about the same time, a fair skinned lady with glasses got up from her chair in the hall, kissed her boyfriend lightly on the cheeks and headed in the same direction as Eva. As she stepped out of the hall, she tapped her collar and spoke softly into the collar,

“I’m making my move.” She walked towards the ladies.

Brenda was still begging Eva. Eva was getting irritated and asked her to leave, saying that it was okay. She could handle herself, she told Brenda. Brenda apologized again and left the washroom. As she left she passed by the fair skinned lady in glasses and winked at her. The lady in glasses just nodded. She did not smile back.

The wash,room was deserted, just Eva.

The lady in glasses took out a glass container and sprayed the contents on her handkerchief.

She opened the bathroom door and went in.

“Start the ignition!” Shina barked at the man at the wheels. He obeyed immediately. The engine roared to life, making a very silent and barely audible humming sound. Iyke and Francis watched Shina closely, desperately trying to know what stage of the plan they were at.

Shina was not scared of the two criminals despite their menacing look, especially Iyke. Iyke had a deep scar that ran from his forehead through the middle of his eyes and stopped just by his left nostril.

A scar he had gotten while in a brawl with a ‘friend’ who owed him money. His friend had come at him with a matchet. He had just his hands. That was how he got the scar. He served four years in jail because of that incident. He was lucky. His friend wasn’t. His friend currently lived in a permanent wing in a federal hospital.

He was paralyzed from the neck down. Iyke was a brute. He did not fear anything or anyone. People shook and trembled at the sight of him. Even Francis secretly feared him. And when he got angry every one took to their heels.

But not Shina. he detested him. he could finish him with just a phone call. In a way, Iyke knew he did not intimidate her. He did not know what kind of strings he pulled. He was always keeping his distance from him.

Somehow, THE GHOSTS had a way of putting up the perfect team for an operation. Shina was the head for this mission. A smooth, calculating man, never under pressure and always with back up plans A – Z, no matter the situation.

Francis was the very handsome and sexy serial killer. He loved to kill pretty women for fun. He was never caught. When he was accosted by The Ghosts he had no choice. They could give him away. They offered him good money, a good home and a family. And they were letting him kill once in a while.
He was satisfied. Iyke the brute. The kind of thug you need when the situation gets tough and needs a deal of rough handling. No one does it better than Iyke.

Iyke was getting irritated at Shina’s silence.

“Oga, wetin dey happen na? You just keep us for silent since. Which ones na? Abeg wetin be scores? How e dey go? Time don reach to arrange the baggas?” He barked.

Shina just smiled. A kind of smile that could annoy the meekest of men.

“Move to the pick-up point. Now!” he said to the driver raising his voice with his left hand still pressed to his ear.

He looked at the two men at the back, then said,

“Beauty has got the girl. We are moving in to pick them up. We expect no incidence. This should be as easy as dipping a hot knife through butter. But if anything comes up you know what to do. Iyke, stay alert. Francis, you have your orders.”

Francis was relaxing with his hands across his chest and his eyes closed. His back was resting firmly on the seat and when Shina spoke he just nodded, his eyes were still closed.

Iyke was almost falling off the edge of his seat in his eagerness to pick up every word Shina spoke. The jeep moved slowly and turned right towards the waterside. It turned again, reversed and re-parked facing the traffic light. They were looking directly at four points by Sheraton with the back door exit of Oriental Hotels to their left.

They waited.

Beauty, the pretty woman in glasses opened the washroom door and entered. She moved to the last cubicle, entered and gently folded the handkerchief into place. She listened carefully as Eva stepped out of her own cubicle and approached the central mirror, admiring herself and adjudging the extent of cleanup she had done. She felt contented. She looked into her purse.

Beauty stepped out quietly and approached Eva from behind. She took four quick steps. Eva brought her head up from the bag and noticed someone in the mirror coming at her. She saw her too late.

Beauty placed the handkerchief on Eva’s nose, making her inhale every bit of the handkerchief. There was very little struggle. Beauty dragged her into the cubicle she was in. She felt Eva’s pulse. Normal. Things were going according to plan.

She brought out a tiny whitish substance and put it into Eva’s nostrils. She jerked as though she had just come out of a nightmare. Eva regained consciousness. She was weak.

“Who…who…who are you? What do you want?” Eva said, looking at Beauty. She was very afraid.

“Do you want to die, dearie?” Beauty asked rhetorically, her face totally hard.

“No ma. Please I don’t.” Eva begged.

“Then listen to me very carefully. Do you understand me?” She asked.

Eva nodded.

“Do exactly as I say and no harm will come to you or your uncle. We also know your mother lives and goes to church by 6pm on Fridays. Your younger brother attends KNUST. He stays in Unity Hall, Room B212. We know everything about you Eva Kwarteng.

We just need you to help us with some information. Thereafter you would be free to go. If you make any funny moves, we will poison Kusi. We have people everywhere and we are invisible.

You would be released in the morning. Try any funny moves and the death of every person you love and cherish would be on your head. Can you live with that? Do you want that?” Beauty asked threateningly.

Eva shook her head again.

Beauty had made her point.

She continued, “Now you will follow me and make a very sickly face. I will do all the talking. Don’t say a word. Where is your phone?”

“It’s here ma.” Eva said very frightened.

“When I tell you, you will call Kusi and tell him you had to go. Your mum called and she is very sick. He won’t be too bothered. We have handled everything.” Beauty finished.

“Okay ma.”

“Good.” “I have got the package. Meet me at the pickup spot in five.” Beauty said to her collar.

“Let’s go.” She commanded.

They went through the back, passed a corridor and took a left. She held Eva’s hand as they moved through a maze of corridors and doors. Finally they got to the emergency exit. There was a police with a rifle. Shiiitt!!!

This was not planned. Beauty wanted to turn back but there was no time to. The man had already seen them and she could not risk raising an alarm. She decided to risk it. She approached the police officer.

“Please Oga, my sister is pregnant. And she is feeling dizzy. She needs fresh air. She might faint any moment from now. We were in the washroom and we lost our way trying to get outside to get fresh air. That is the only way she would be better.” Beauty begged.

The police officer scrutinized them. They looked exceptionally dressed. He looked at Eva’s stomach. There was no bulge. Eva was supporting herself on Beauty’s arm participating in the drama.

“Where are you coming from!” he said eyeing both of them.

“We are from the CEO’s party in the hall. Please sir, help us.” Beauty begged.

Just then Eva contorted her face and vomited on the floor close to the man’s feet. Beauty patted her and looked at the man. The man dropped his rifle and began to open the very difficult emergency exit.

Beauty took the gun and hit him on the head with the butt. He passed out falling on the ground. Eva was shocked. Beauty smiled at her.

Beauty spoke to her collar again.

“I encountered some hindrance. He won’t be out for long. I need evacuation now! I’m at the zone.”

Shina signaled Iyke and he was out in a flash. Iyke jogged to the door and inserted a duplicate key into the lock. He opened the door from outside and the two women stepped out. As Iyke was shutting the door the police groaned.

He was regaining consciousness. Iyke dragged him out and locked the door. He collected the handkerchief from beauty and emptied the contents of her bottle onto the handkerchief. He gagged the police man who was writhing and shaking his legs.

Iyke’s arm was around his throat while his other palm forcefully pressed the cloth on his nose. After a while, all became still. Iyke locked the door and threw the police man body into the water.

They moved to the car and all three got inside.

“Drive.” Shina directed.

They drove in silence. As they approached Civic Center, Shina nodded at Beauty. Beauty got out Eva’s phone and told her to call Kusi as planned. It took a while for him to pick. He explained that he was talking with his superiors and asked where she was.

She explained that she was currently in a cab going to see her mother at Kofour Hospital. She had suffered another attack. He felt bad. His proposal had to wait. He did not pressure her to coming back. His superiors were looking at him. He asked her to be safe and that he would be with her soon. He did not plan to be.

They got to the traffic light at law school and took their right into a rough road where fish mongers sold during the day. They parked and every one came down except the driver.

“The car was becoming too heavy. We need one less passenger. Francis, you know what to do.” Shina said. He nodded to Francis.

Francis smiled. He brought out his .23 automatic. It was a silenced pistol. He aimed at Beauty and took her with one clean shot. He got her in the chest. She fell to the ground lifeless. Eva was shocked. Iyke had a grin. Iyke made to take her jewelry. Shina stopped him.

“She was an undercover spy. A double agent. What a waste.” He spat on her body. Iyke deposited her body in the water and watched it float.

He came back to join Shina and the rest in the car. Francis was caressing his pistol that had just carried out the hit and smiling to himself. He would jerk off tonight, thinking about the dead body of beauty. He was happy.

Shina removed the earphone from his left ear and said to no one in particular

“Let’s go home”

To be continue after 100 share



  1. Nice story however, there are some mistakes somewhere that should be corrected. Pronouns ”he” and ”she” were both used for Shina so I somehow got confused along the way if it was a she or he. Also getting to the end of this episode it read ‘”Iyke made to took her jewelry'” which I think should have been ”take instead of ”took” apart from that thumbs up I’m enjoying it.