Even Your Boo Get A Boo season 2 episode 12


Me: so how will I do it now, do i call her and tell her not to come again?

Jaga: no, that won’t be a good idea, i don’t think you have to besides what reason will you give. I suggest you leave earlier before she arrives, that way you can find any excuse to give her.

Me: i don hear you, na wetin I go do be dat. But this girl na problem oh.

Jaga: are you not the one creating the problem for yourself. I have told you what to do but you won’t listen. If you don’t do anything about Clara’s constant visits, it will really mess things up for you.

me: but it wont be an easy thing na, what if konji worry me, who go satisfy am na?

Jaga: Mtcheeeeeeeew, na konji go fire your mouth there.

Me: hahaha. With time far spent, i later left Jaga’s house and headed for home when I observed it was almost dusk.

My journey back home consumed two hours of my time trying to get a bus and by the time I got home i felt weak and was too tired to even pull off my clothes so I went to bed and slept immediately. I woke up the next morning feeling very hungry, i hadn’t taken any food the previous night except for the bottles of beer i filled my stomach.

I unable to bear the hunger pangs, i quickly went out to purchase bread and ate it all with tea. Not forgetting what I had planned in mind, i waited till it was almost noon before I dressed up and headed for Jenny’s house.

On getting to the gate, i decided not to knock because I wasn’t ready to answer unnecessary questions from the security officer. I phoned Jenny and told her I was at the gate, she then came out to meet me.

We hugged and greeted each other after which she led me into her house. She asked me to wait at the sitting room while she went to inform her father of my presence. Few minutes later, her dad came downstairs unaccompanied by Jenny.

Me: Good afternoon sir, i stood up to greet him.

Chief Williams: Good afternoon young man, please have your seat, he said and sat opposite me.

What is that your name again?

Me: my name is Daniel sir

Chief Williams: okay, i don’t think I need to introduce myself because am sure my daughter must have told you much about me.

Me: yes, you are right sir.

Chief Williams: Good. You may be wondering why I sent for you which i why I will want to go straight to the point.

Me: ok, go on sir, am listening.

Chief Williams: I am very much aware of your relationship with my daughter and am glad that after all this years of being single, she has finally settled down. Am very happy for the both of you.

Me: thank you sir.

Chief Williams: My daughter spoke with me of recent, informing me about your current state of not having a job, so I decided to offer you one. That way, by being a business partner, we can be very close and get to know more of each other, mostly especially in the business aspect. What do you think, are you okay with it?

Me: really? of course yes, am okay with it sir.

Chief Williams: Good. Am only doing this on behalf of my daughter as she requested even though it was against my wish. I have no choice but to oblige since she knows you more than i do. I will like to see your credentials so i can use it to link you up with a good firm.

Me: thank you so much, i just don’t know how to express my gratitude. I feel honoured and happy to be given this opportunity, thank you very much sir, am grateful.

Chief Williams: that is the best i can do for now, you see. Jennifer as my only daughter is so dear to me, her happiness is my major concern because I won’t want to see her sad which is why I don’t want to be disappointed by you. I won’t take it easy on you if my daughter’s joy is short lived, because i won’t mind throwing you in jail.

Me: sir???

to be continued