Even Your Boo Get A Boo season 2 episode 11


Me: Hello

Jenny:Daniel, i just checked on you at home, but you were not around.

Me: you came? I never knew, am at a friend’s place. But do you mind waiting for me, i will be there in few minutes time.

Jenny: no you don’t have to bother, am already on my way home.

Me: okay if you say so, please take good care of yourself.

Jenny: okay dear, and you too.

Me: sure.Daniel loves you, never stop and never will.

Jenny: she giggled, i do love you too.

Me: please give me a call when you get home and extend my greetings to your parents.

Jenny: yes I will. Oh that reminds me.

Me: what’s that?

Jenny: it’s about my Dad.

Me: your dad? hope everything is alright.

Jenny: yes, he wants to see you.

Me: see me? About wat?

Jenny: hmmmmmmm i don’t think I know why.

Me: Jenny please be serious, do you have any idea why he wants to see me.

Jenny: when will you be coming.

Me: i think tomorrow, yeah tomorrow noon.

Jenny: okay, i will inform him so he will be expecting you.

Me: but you still haven’t told me the reason why he wants to see me.

Jenny: don’t worry Daniel, you will know when you get there.

Me: okay then. We talked for some moments before we bid each other farewell and ended the phone call. I was still in jaga house. I stared at the last bottle of vodka which i had left and opened it. In no time, i began to fill my stomach with its content. I had stayed long in Jaga’s house and I wasn’t even concerned about it as long as I had company.

I had almost emptied the bottle when jaga came out of his room and sat on a chair opposite me, i never noticed when he left earlier.

Jaga: mr loverboy

Me: na wetin do you

Jaga: this name sweet oh, e be like say na this name i go dey call you.

Me: jaga, you no well at all

Jaga: hahaha. So how far na, what did she say.

Me: she said her father wants to see me.

Jaga: her papa wan see you, what for?

Me: that is what I don’t know, i asked her but she didn’t tell me, she only said I will know when I get there.

Jaga: are you serious?

Me: shey I dey lie before.

Jaga: e be like say na marriage introduction, you understand na.

Me: understand wetin? Which kind marriage introduction.

Jaga: don’t worry yourself. Am sure he has a good reason for wanting to see you.

Me: yeah, am sure about that.

Jaga: so when will you be going?

Me: tomorrow afternoon.

Jaga: which tomorrow? Have you forgotten that clara is also visiting you tomorrow.

Me: ewooo, that’s true oh. .

to be continued