Estranged Episode 9


Rick felt responsible for her accident. He thought to himself that if he had just taken her to her workplace that day, she might not have had an accident.

He however realized the confusion on Ana’s face and the fear in her eyes.

He asked the nurse about it when he was leaving and got to the nurses’ station.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure it’s just because she’s recovering after so many days now. Just give her some time. Everything will be fine.” The nurse said.

Some weeks later Ana was fine and was good to go home. The nurse on duty called Rick since Ana was being discharged that day. As the nurse was stepping out to the washroom Ana’s doctor also got in.

Later when the nurse was getting back she heard Ana and the doctor talk:

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Doctor: how come we never figured it out? That’s strange… Very strange

Ana: I was scared! Please, help me!

Doctor: Hmm. This is… I’m surprised! Why didn’t we get to find this out? Then we must invite your husband concerning this soon, Ana!

Ana: No! Please no!

Doctor: Ana he has to know. After all you are going to be in the same house with him!

Ana: No please. He mustn’t know. Please. At least not now

Later when Ana realized that the nurse had returned, she signaled the doctor and they changed the subject of discussion, but the nurse wondered what exactly they were talking about.

Later in the day Rick came for Ana. As they were leaving, the nurse exchanged glances with Ana. The nurse had gotten to read the discharge notes by the doctor, and she got to know what Ana had discussed with the doctor that she seemed not to even want her husband know about.

To be continued