Estranged Episode 10


Rick would not allow Ana do anything when she got back from the hospital.

Somehow he realized that Ana hadn’t mentioned anything about what happened before the accident. He thought it would be natural for her to make a remark to imply that if he had just taken her to her workplace that day she wouldn’t have had an accident, but surprisingly she said nothing about it. She virtually became quiet and reserved after the accident.
Friends and family got in touch as well to find out from Rick how Ana was doing.

Rick observed that Ana hadn’t called him by his pet name since the accident. She also wasn’t being responsive to physical intimacy, but he just felt like being patient with her.

One morning after he prepared and set the table for breakfast, he observed after they had said a word of prayer that Ana was making her beverage with warm water – something she never does.

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“Wow… Bae… It looks like the accident’s really changed a lot about you…. I don’t remember the last time I saw you make your milo with warm water” he observed.

“Uhh.uhmm…well” she stammered whiles trying to put on a smile too.

Rick just smiled. He however got surprised again when he realized that Ana had added sugar to his porridge.

“Bae…..” He tried to smile. “I never use sugar. Forgotten? I use honey always”

“Oo…I’m really sorry. I really am… Please let me get you another!”

Rick really was surprised because Ana would always be the one to remind him to use pure honey instead of sugar. His wife was acting strange, and he didn’t understand why.

“Don’t worry…. You don’t call me by my pet name again Ana…. Are you fighting with me or something?”

Ana got more confused
“Uh…uhm? Hey… Let me clear this and get another bowl of porridge for you okay?” With that she just run to the kitchen.

Just when he was still trying to understand Ana’s new behavior he received a call from his sister.

To be continue next weekend